Monday, March 4, 2013



Done Deal

There was no last minute deal to avoid the sequester. Notices will be
coming in the next several days advising us about the Agency's intent
to put us on furlough. Decertification of AUO will be coming as well.

Local 2544 officers have met with Congressman Ron Barber, Senator
John McCain, Governor Jan Brewer and Delaware Senator Tom Carper in
the last two weeks to express our views and concerns. We recently met
with NBPC officers, and we have continued to relay the concerns
presented to us by our Local members, but there is an NBPC election
on Sunday and we don't know what changes in leadership will take
place after that election. We will know by late Sunday afternoon who
the new NBPC officers will be.

We continue to see President Obama blaming the Republicans and
Republicans blaming Obama. Nothing in DC ever seems to change. Recent
boneheaded missteps by DHS Secretary Napolitano like releasing
hundreds of criminal illegal aliens is making DHS leadership look
more and more foolish every day. Some of the things they do are
simply mind boggling. Endangering American citizens to prove a stupid
political point is inexcusable. And they continue to argue that we
are the ones who are overpaid.

Meanwhile, we will continue to aggressively pursue information and a
resolution to this issue.

An article signaling the end of hope for a deal on the sequester is
linked here.

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Note: From Rio Doce, interesting little poll

¿Cuál de las siguientes instituciones tiene más credibilidad para ti?

Ninguno (55%, 62 Votos)
Universidades (27%, 30 Votos)
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IFE (4%, 5 Votos)
Policías (1%, 1 Votos)
Gobiernos (0%, 0 Votos)
Partidos políticos (0%, 0 Votos)
Votantes totales: 112

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