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AZMEX EXTRA2 19-3-13


Comments: The AP (Douglas) area has been relative quiet for about
couple years now. After, it is said, business interests from
Sinaloa and locals reached agreements. Operational control of the
border accomplished? Also it is said that one of the more divisive
personalities in the area left town on a flight to the DF, and as far
as we know has never been heard from again. Have heard that there
have been several recent roadside disciplinary actions between the
Nogales and El Sasabe area.

Then we have this from one of the families just north of AP, known
also as Douglas, AZ. But then what do they know?
"They have increased BP head count to over 600 just at the D station
alone. What has been happening is an increase of persons south of D
coming across and taking stuff that does not belong to them and
taking the stuff south to sell or use. In this process they cause a
lot of damage. The local guys are very busy taking reports."

US gun laws could aid Mexico, officials say
11 hours ago • Perla Trevizo Arizona Daily Star

Some officials from both sides of the border say stricter gun laws in
the U.S. can help curb violence in Mexico.

Having fewer firearms coming into Mexico will benefit everyone,
including the United States, said Alfonso Novoa, chief of police in
Agua Prieta, Sonora.

"More gun control will help us in every type of crime, from vehicle
theft to homicides," he said. "Even our own cops get killed with
these same weapons."

He said the city, which is among the safest along the border, takes a
preventive approach by participating in gun buyback programs and
rewarding schools for collecting toy firearms.

As many as 120,000 people have been violently killed since 2006 in
Mexico, and about half of them were organized-style homicides that
often involved the use of high-powered firearms imported illegally
from the United States, according to a study from the University of
San Diego's Trans-Border Institute and the Igarape Institute, a
research center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Recent mass shootings in the United States have prompted lawmakers to
take a look at gun laws.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would ban
military-style firearms, restrict the size of ammunition clips and
require universal background checks on gun sales.

U.S. Rep. Ron Barber, D-Ariz., co-sponsored a bill that would make
firearms trafficking a federal crime and would impose stronger
penalties for "straw purchasers," who buy guns for people who can't
legally own them.

Tucson is considering a law mandating residents report within 48
hours any lost or stolen gun to the Tucson Police Department.

Charles Heller, host of Liberty Watch Radio, said he had several guns
stolen and wouldn't be surprised if the guns ended up in Mexico.

It's a "flawed" notion to think gun laws in the United States will
help curb the violence in Mexico, said Heller, co-founder of the
Arizona Citizens Defense League, a gun-rights group.

"There's no reason you should punish the innocent for the acts of the
guilty," he said.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada, who supports more gun control
and background checks, said, "It's very easy for the drug cartels to
have access to (assault) weapons under current laws."

It's not known exactly how many firearms are smuggled into Mexico
from the United States each year, but Nogales, Sonora, municipal
President Ramón Guzmán said it's a lot easier to purchase firearms in
the United States than it is in Mexico.

The Mexican military estimates that less than 1 percent of firearms
in Mexico are legally registered and 90 percent of firearms are used
for criminal purposes.

The likelihood that many of the guns seized by Chief Novoa's officers
come from the United States is very high, he said, due to the city's
proximity to the United States.

About 87 percent of firearms seized by Mexican authorities and traced
in the last five years originated in the United States, a Government
Accountability Office report found in 2009.

Many of the firearms come from gun shops and shows in Southwest
border states.

"More gun control will help us in every type of crime, from vehicle
theft to homicides. Even our own cops get killed with these same
Alfonso Novoa, chief of police in Agua Prieta, Sonora

Note: Down by the Mexico City area, grenade launcher, frag, five AK
clones, and 2 AR platforms and ten dead.

Detallan armas incautadas tras enfrentamiento en Edomex
Se trata de 7 armas largas, una granada y un lanzagranadas; informan
que al patrullar la zona limítrofe de Otzoloapan y Valle, el convoy
de la BOM fue agredida a balazos
Otzoloapan, Méx. | Martes 19 de marzo de 2013
Notimex | El Universal

La Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) informó que luego del
enfrentamiento entre integrantes de la Base de Operaciones Mixtas
(BOM) y un grupo armado, fueron incautadas siete armas largas, una
granada y un lanzagranadas.

En un comunicado, la dependencia detalló que en el lugar fueron
aseguradas siete armas largas, de las cuales cinco son fusiles AK-47
y dos fusiles AR-15, 13 cargadores para fusiles de asalto y un
elevado número de cartuchos.

Mencionó que personal de la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional
(Sedena) y de la SSC sostuvieron un enfrentamiento contra miembros de
un grupo delictivo, lo que dejó un saldo de 10 personas muertas.

Precisó que al momento de realizar un patrullaje en la zona serrana
de Pinal del Marquesado, en la zona limítrofe de los municipios de
Otzoloapan y Valle de Bravo, el convoy de la BOM al ingresar a una
brecha fue agredida a disparos por los tripulantes de una camioneta
Ford tipo Tritón.

Al repeler el tiroteo, personal militar y de la Policía Estatal, que
conforman la Base de Operaciones Mixtas, abatieron a los 10
tripulantes del vehículo agresor y aseguraron las armas mencionadas.

El comunicado anotó que en el enfrentamiento, el convoy integrado por
personal militar y Policial fue agredido con una granada de
fragmentación, sin que se reporten agentes ni personal militar

Asimismo, en el lugar se incautó un lanzagranadas y una granada de
fragmentación, mismos que dará fe el Ministerio Público de la
Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado, quien continuará con las
investigaciones correspondientes.


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