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$$$ CBP Bureaucrats $$$
If you want to know where a huge chunk of the CBP payroll money is
going, take a look at the chart linked below. The top 1,000 non-law
enforcement CBP bureaucrats making up to nearly $1/4 million per
year. Some of them (Alan Bersin and maybe a few others) have recently
departed. Not one of these people will be furloughed and not one of
them will take a pay cut.

And amongst the worst hypocrites are people like BIANCA WARNER, who
has the gall to say we are "overpaid" while she collects huge
paychecks. She may work for CBP, but she won't be making one arrest,
working one midnight shift on the border or doing anything more
dangerous than deciding where to go for lunch.

Real "leaders" would be cutting their own pay first to set the
example and going from there. They make sure they are fully protected
though. Many of them have no respect for the green shirts doing the
real work, no matter how many times they pat us on the back and tell
us what a great job we are doing. Watch what they do, not what they say.

Top 1,000 CBP salaries listed here. Note that BIANCA "Border Patrol
agents are overpaid" WARNER ranks number 31 in all of CBP.

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Note one of several, some dressed in camo, found deceased in the
area recently. Fashion critics? Coyotes being disciplined as
suspected by some?

Published March 17, 2013, 1:55 AM
Body found near the border
The body of a person was found dead near the border in El Sasabe,
Was gunned down, still not identified
Alfonso Campos-RUBIO
Saric - New Day

Victim of at least three shots and whiplash by strong blow to the
head, found killed a stranger from 35 to 40, whose remains were found
around eight o'clock Friday night in a hut in Agua Nueva, a few
meters from the international , reported in the PEIS.
Police spokesman Sonora State Investigative added that this is a
dark, robust, wearing faded gray pants, brown striped shirt, yellow
belt and ostrich leather cap with camouflage design and a yellow shoe
According to early reviews, the now deceased had been dead ten to
twelve hours, taken to the funeral home and to the autopsy

Note: of interest to gunnies. a Bohmische Waffenfabrik 27, calibre
7.65 mm (.32 acp) old time pistol, could have interesting story
behind it. Unfortunately no s/n. Found in Navolato, Sin.

Atrapan a navolatense con un arma de fuego
Por portar una pistola escuadra fajada a la altura de su cintura,
misma que indicó utilizaba como defensa ya que contaba con enemigos

Por portar una pistola escuadra fajada a la altura de su cintura,
misma que indicó utilizaba como defensa ya que contaba con enemigos,
un sujeto vecino de Navolato fue desarmado y sometido por elementos
de la Policía Estatal Preventiva.

El empistolado se identificó como Michel Alejandro Medina Ramos,
quien cuenta con 25 años de edad, y tiene su domicilio en calle
Sonora casi esquina con Nayarit, en la colonia La Popular, del
municipio cañero.

Según los estatales, este tipo fue ubicado cerca de su vivienda, al
momento en que los uniformados realizaban patrullajes de rutina en la
zona y le marcaron el alto a fin de realizarle una revisión de rutina.

Al esculcarlo, le encontraron una pistola marca Bohmische
Waffenfabrik 27, calibre 7.65 milímetros, con su cargador abastecido
con 4 tiros, misma que dijo que la utilizaba para su seguridad personal.

Debido a esto, el armado fue trasladado junto con la escuadra, ante
el Agente del Ministerio Público de la Federación, quien se hizo
cargo de su situación jurídica.

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