Wednesday, March 13, 2013


As these go out to a very diverse list of readers, some of course are
more interested in particular topics than others.
Below is a rough guideline to topics contained in a AZMEX email.
UPDATES will continue to be the "catch all" .
Will also add a content line at the top to see how that works.
As open and other source information continues to dry up, there will
be less "documentation" but more leaks and "little bird" content.

AZMEX POLICY govt. policy exposed, announced, discussed

AZMEX EXTRA primarily relating to firearms & self defense issues

AZMEX UPDATE general stuff including smuggling and corruption

AZMEX SPECIAL noteworthy things, background

AZMEX ACTIVITY a look at activity as it happened

AZMEX LOCAL primarily of interest to us locals

AZMEX I3 Illegal immigration

AZMEX F&F EXTRA relating to ATF's running weapons to drug gangs


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