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Note: Supposed to be election in 30 days. Ex-pats have told us that
Maduro is worse than Chavez. We will soon see.
Also to be seen is if policy of de-stabilization, arming and
facilitating certain factions in other countries will continue.
A whole lot or Russian weapons have found their way to Venezuela.
Not to forget the alleged involvement of Chavez regime in drug
trafficking, thought be be for agenda purposes.

Death of Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela
The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez died this afternoon, said
Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan Vice President through a press conference

05/03/2013 15:56

Venezuela accuses 'enemies' of causing disease Chavez
Dome meets Venezuelan health emergency by Chavez
Hugo Chavez's health has worsened, reports Venezuelan government


CARACAS, March 5. - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, died Tuesday at
age 58 after a year and half battle against cancer that prevented him
from taking his fourth consecutive term and extend to nearly two
decades his socialist government.

"At 4:25 pm on March 5 President Hugo Chavez Frias died," said Vice
President Nicolás Maduro visibly moved.

"The respect and peace must go hand in hand. We call all our
countrymen to be vigilant of peace, respect of commander Hugo
Chavez, his prayers, his projects, "said Vice President Maduro.

Earlier, at noon, made ​​announcements over the public media
which criticized the Venezuelan right for advancing a destabilizing
situation in the country and reported that two U.S. officials will be
expelled from the country because of its relationship with these

The death of the retired military officer who took office in 1999
with the aim of leading to Venezuela on the path of socialism, opened
a period of uncertainty in the divided nation of 29 million people
with some of the world's largest reserves of oil.

The Constitution stipulates that new elections should be convened
within 30 days. Maduro was designated political heir by Chavez.

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