Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Note: the tidal wave will include a lot more pharmaceuticals also

The Tidal Wave Has Begun

With all the news about cutbacks in Border Patrol agent positions,
lack of coverage at the border, and the idiotic release of hundreds
or thousands of criminal illegal aliens from prison, we have already
begun to see unusually large groups of illegal aliens entering the
United States in some parts of the country. This is what happens when
you play political games with the nation's security. Phone calls are
made, media reports are everywhere, everyone knows that we have far
fewer agents to protect the border and that our "leaders" are
releasing criminals from prison, and the rush is on. Anyone remember
the crush of Brazilians from a few years back that were chasing
Border Patrol agents down to turn themselves in for their instant

We will continue to have large groups of illegal aliens chasing
Border Patrol agents down so they can be "arrested", knowing they
will be set free and given temporary permission to remain here in the
United States (no jail space to keep them locked up until their cases
are adjudicated). Once they are set free with a "promise to
appear" (wink, wink) 99% of them will disappear and never be heard
from again unless they commit some heinous crime. Then, years down
the road we will have a new group of politicians and activists
screaming about how we need to "bring these people out of the
shadows" by giving them amnesty. This is how the merry-go-round
works. Proven time and time again over the span of many decades.

Thank you Secretary Napolitano. Thank you for endangering us. Thank
you for cutting our pay 40% to prove a political point. Thank you for
making our job even more meaningless. Thank you for releasing
thousands of criminal illegal aliens that we risked our lives to
arrest and put in jail. Thank you for all your lies about how
"secure" the border is so that you can prop up another amnesty
program. Thank you for cutting off our uniform allowances. Your
support is really breathtaking. We just don't know how much more we
can handle.

Updated Mar 5, 2013 - 2:25 pm
Nearly 1K pounds of marijuana seized from van in Glendale
By Associated Press
Originally published: Mar 5, 2013 - 2:00 pm

A photo of the interior of the drop house is shown. (Maricopa County
Sheriff's Office)
PHOENIX -- Maricopa County authorities said they've arrested a man
and seized a van containing nearly 1,000 pounds of marijuana.

County Sheriff's office said the marijuana has an estimated street
value of about $500,000.

MCSO detectives assigned to the drug suppression task force saw a van
weighted down with dozens of plastic wrapped bundles and set up
surveillance on the vehicle Monday.

They followed 31-year-old Nunez Efrain to an address in Glendale,
where he pulled the van into a garage and closed the door.

"[We found] boxes, bundle wrapping, saran wrap, heavy scales, which
indicate this home was being used as a stash house," said Joaquin
Enriquez with MCSO.

He was later seen driving from the residence and was pulled over.

Officers said they noted a strong odor of marijuana and discovered
the van was carrying 39 individual bundles of plastic-wrapped
marijuana bales.

Sheriff's officials said Efrain is being held on suspicion of
multiple felony drug charges.

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