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Note: Could this be a preview of a power struggle with the narcos
should PRI regain the presidency?

PRI deputy killed in Guerrero, was godson of Acosta Chaparro
APRIL 28, 2012 ·

CHILPANCINGO, Gro. (Approved). - The deputy deputy and coordinator of
the PRI in the Northern Zone, Horacio Ceballos Barquin, was executed
this evening by a commando that broke into his home located near the
city of Taxco de Alarcón.

Barquin Ceballos was political operative of former Governor Ruben
Figueroa Alcocer and godson of the General linked to the narcos and
who was recently executed in Mexico City, Mario Arturo Acosta
Chaparro, official reports indicate.

The fact was reported at 18:00 hours in the community of Arroyo place
located five minutes from the city of Taxco, where a group of men
armed with pistols and assault rifles riddled the PRI politician.

On site, the ministerial authorities found dozens of different
weapons cases and information has been handled so tight by state

Currently, Barquin Ceballos served as deputy to local deputy Manuel
Saidi Prats, political party member of the governor Angel Aguirre and
who resigned from the bench of the PRI to join the PRD Parliamentary

But, Barquin was appointed coordinator of the PRI in North and linked
to the political group of former Governor Ruben Figueroa Alcocer.

Just on 20 April, the ruling PRI executed this afternoon wrote in his
Facebook account, the following comment: REST IN PEACE THE GENERAL.
Mario Arturo Acosta Chaparro, WHO was shot this afternoon., I JOIN

Note: Like Sinaloa, things don't seem to be all that settled in
Sonora either. The two following are from the region around Saric
has had some major shoot outs over last few years. A main route up
to AZMEX border.

confrontation in the region of El Saric
By: Rafael Pineda León

A confrontation between gunmen recorded early Friday at the El Saric
to balance left several people dead who died in the shootout,
unofficial sources reveal.

The shots were heard shortly after midnight when they arrived several
vehicles with armed men to the villages near the township of Saric in
search of a character who led the band known as "gilos" who was
presumably "lifted" by the armed group, and taking the people with him.

On Friday morning the rumors of the possible execution of Arnoldo del
Cid Buelna, aka "the gilo" or "M4" spread like wildfire among the
residents, as well as the gunmen who was with him when it happened.

Drop load after chase

CABORCA. - Just over 140 kilograms of marijuana were seized by
members of the Federal Preventive Police (PFP), after being abandoned
by a drug gang who escaped after a chase.

In total there were 15 packets, with the aforementioned weight, the
insured, then they did a tour of the road monitoring Altar, Saric and
33 kilometer marked him stopped a pickup Ford, F150 line, white four-
door, same as he ignored the order and fled, the evening of Wednesday.

Sinaloa continues to percolate. As has been the case for hundreds of
years, govt. control of this area ( the sierras of Chih., Dgo, and
Sin.) is tenuous at best. Seems as El Chapo may be having same problem.

In Choix, Sinaloa killed 12 army and gunmen in the face
Details Category: POLICE COM_
Written by Martin Alberto Mendoza

Among the fallen are a soldier and a policeman seized 3 false
hummer patrol vehicles false PEP and PF said and six rifles

Bloody balance of 12 dead, including a soldier, a policeman and 10
suspected gunmen and five wounded by bullets, was thrown out of
balance gun battles that took place yesterday in the mountainous area
of ​​the Municipality of Choix, on the edge with the State of

In the skirmishes also took place three units seized "cloned" a
hummer similar to those used by the Mexican Army, and two distinctive
vans State Preventive Police and the Federal Police.

The events were triggered from two in the morning and continued for
part of yesterday morning, when it was announced that at a point
between the communities of San Simon and Potrero de los Fierro,
located in the receivership of the Pichol , was recorded a bloody
shootout between rival criminal groups.

A group of military and local police went to the scene to
investigate, since the first versions indicated that there were "many

However, they were met with bullets. The police and military forces
repelled the attack and for some time remained in the fray, while
support from other forces arrived.


The incident provoked a great mobilization of police forces.
Virtually all municipal police force of Choix, as well as military,
with support from the BOMU and prevention of El Fuerte, was deployed
to the region of bloody conflict.

It was established first death of a soldier who was co-pilot in a
helicopter of the Armed Forces and was attacked by gunmen in the
area. Despite attempts to save him with a country doctor, the
military element could not survive. It is a sergeant who had 24 years
of age.

At that first confrontation was also killed a police officer named
Hector Municipal Germain Millan Ruiz, 44, residing in the town of El
Babu, within walking distance of Choix, and the four suspects whose
identity had not been established.

A policeman was injured and four members of the militia, but did not
specify details about the severity of their injuries.

During the confrontation was not captured people. Only six long
firearms and three vehicles, apparently cloned from the police forces.


Operations to support the military and police who rushed to the scene
of the alleged clash between rival groups began immediately.

The deployment was intense with continued mobilization of ground and
air units to move personnel to the scene, a distance of about three
hours away by land from the Municipality of Choix.

The coming and going of helicopters with armed men "to the teeth" at
the military base of Choix was incessant.

The hoses for the supply of fuel remained lying on the edge of the
track all day.

The police and military wounded and dead were taken to Choix by this
route. The sergeant killed by bullets, arrived dead at the Hospital
de la Sierra, while there also received first aid their wounded
comrades and preventative agent.

The aircraft had several bullet holes and blood stains on the fuselage.


During the afternoon there was another confrontation between the
military and gunmen that left a bloody killing six suspected
criminals dead.

The incident occurred in the Yecorato area, as established by
official sources.

Unofficially, rumors spread around that the total death toll would
have been considerably higher.

Some figures were mentioned even fifty casualties in the bloody
events that kept in suspense throughout the day to the inhabitants of
the Municipality of Choix, watching every moment to the sky to
observe the coming and going of helicopters.

In fact, in the early hours of the morning talk was the dead were 40.
Then the number dropped. Said that 30, 35, etcetera.

In police forces was handled also the possibility that everything is
treated in a trick of criminal groups for the movement of police and
military forces to the area alleged to conflict, in order to ambush
and kill them.

There were even people who said he "saw" dozens of deaths in
communities nestled in the areas bordering the State of Chihuahua,
but were not confirmed at any time by the authorities.

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