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Calderón will travel to America to Summit of North American Leaders
At the summit the two presidents and the prime minister will exchange
views on priority issues of global and hemispheric agendas
Posted: 01/04/2012 11:36

Mexico City. President Felipe Calderón will travel Sunday to
Washington, United States, to participate in the Leaders' Summit
North America, which is also part of his U.S. counterpart, Barack
Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Federal Executive will be accompanied by his wife, Margarita
Zavala and a delegation composed of the Secretaries of Foreign
Affairs Patricia Espinosa, Economy, Bruno Ferrari Garcia de Alba, and
the head of the Attorney General's Office, Marisela Morales Ibanez.

In the U.S. capital, the two presidents and the prime minister
discussed cooperation against the common challenges in security, from
a shared responsibility.

This meeting was originally scheduled for November 2011 in Honolulu,
Hawaii, United States, but of late President Calderon Hinojosa has
postponed its participation under the plane crash that killed then-
interior secretary, Jose Francisco Blake Mora.

The leaders of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada will review the progress
of the trilateral agenda and set priorities for the coming months, at
the same time try to give more impetus to the regional economic
agenda, which is fundamental to strengthening the competitiveness of
the three countries.

At the summit, to be held on Monday, Felipe Calderon, Stephen Harper
and Barack Obama exchange views on priority issues of global and
hemispheric agendas, in light of the Presidency of Mexico in the
Group of Twenty (G-20 ) and in the context of the Summit of the
Americas to be held on 14 and 15 April in Colombia.

According to the President of Mexico, President Calderón will take
the opportunity to refer to the country gives priority to join the
negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Strategic, for the purpose of
strengthening trade and raise the competitiveness of region.

The objectives of Mexico's Summit North American Leaders is
developing the agenda with a strategic focus on issues of regional
competitiveness, security, clean energy, environment and climate
change, health cooperation and dialogue on major issues of
hemispheric and global agendas.

The Leaders' Summit North America is the principal mechanism for
consultation in the region and provides Mexico, USA and Canada at a
regular forum for trilateral meeting at the highest level, and
reflects the strong historical, political, economic , social and
cultural relations between the three countries.

In his meetings, the presidents of Mexico and the United States and
Canadian Prime Minister addresses some of the most important for the
development and welfare of the region.

The Presidency of the Republic reported that such summits to assess
progress and update the priorities in the short and medium term,
given that the trilateral cooperation takes place permanently.

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