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Published: 04/16/2012 6:55 By: Agencies
Reveals 'Laundering' crime 10 billion U.S. dollars.
The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) identified in the
Mexican financial system recorded a surplus of 10 billion dollars by
the end of the fiscal year, which allegedly come from illegal

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) identified in the
Mexican financial system recorded a surplus of 10 billion dollars by
the end of the fiscal year, which allegedly come from illegal

Treasury figures in the paper reveals the Centre for Social Research
and Public Opinion (CESOP) of the House of Representatives called:
"'Washed' money: Indicators and binational activities."

In the legislature, details, reviews the bill issued by the Federal
Law on the Prevention and Identification of operations with illegal
proceeds and terrorist financing.

According to the report of the Chamber of Deputies, it is estimated
that the distribution of "laundering" of money, according to the
criminal activity was 41% drug trafficking 33%, 20%, 6% piracy and

The document said that CESOP according to Schneider and Enste, Shadow
Economies and Corruption All Over the World: New Estimates for 145
Countries 2007, the distribution of criminal proceeds, according to
the type of economy in Mexico, 76% goes to the formal economy and 24%
to the informal.

The study indicates that according to estimates of "laundering"
money, the World Bank indicates that the flow through the borders of
the crime, corruption and tax evasion is between one trillion and 1.6

Note: seems to be no end to the supply nor demand.

E.P. Border Patrol agents seize $1.5 million in narcotics
Written by Staff
Monday, 16 April 2012 17:25

EAGLE PASS - Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Agents seized more than
1,000 pounds of marijuana and nearly one and a half pounds of heroin
worth nearly $1.5 million dollars, during recent enforcement activities.

Monday, April 2, Eagle Pass South Station agents observed three
subjects illegally crossing the Rio Grande River into the United
States carrying large bundles. When agents identified themselves, the
three subjects dropped their cargo and absconded back to Mexico. A
thorough search of the area led agents to the discovery of 82.85
pounds of marijuana worth $66,280. The narcotics were turned over to
the Drug Enforcement Administration. Friday, April 6, agents working
in an area ranch observed two subjects run from the brush and enter a
vehicle parked along the highway. The agents performed a vehicle stop
and searched the immediate area, leading to the discovery of four
large duffel bags. The bags contained more than 249 pounds of
marijuana worth $199,500. The case was turned over to Immigration and
Customs Enforcement. Also on Friday, agents working at a traffic
checkpoint referred a commercial travel van and its occupants for a
secondary inspection. After further inspection agents found 1.478
pounds of black tar heroin worth $614,848 concealed in the clothing
of one of the occupants. The case was turned over to the DEA.

Saturday, April 7, Eagle Pass Station agents working near the Rio
Grande River seized 110.3 pounds of abandoned marijuana worth
$88,240. The marijuana was turned over to the DEA.

Tuesday, April 10, Eagle Pass South Station agents working roving
patrol observed a 1995 Chevrolet truck parked on the side of the
highway and several subjects attempting to load it with large
bundles. As agents approached, the subjects absconded to Mexico and
the truck began to drive away. Agents stopped the truck and searched
the area where the truck had been seen on the side of the highway.
Six feed sacks containing 247.9 pounds of marijuana worth $198,320
were found and the case was turned over to the DEA.

Also on Tuesday, Eagle Pass Station agents patrolling near the Rio
Grande River observed footprints leading north from the river. Agents
arrested three subjects and seized more than 133 pounds of marijuana
worth approximately $106,800. The case was turned over to Immigration
and Customs Enforcement. Wednesday, April 11, agents working with the
assistance of a CBP Office of Air and Marine helicopter, seized three
abandoned duffel bags containing 250.9 pounds of marijuana worth
$200,720. The contraband was turned over to the DEA.

Note: Sinaloa update

Killed 24 people in April second week
So far the government have killed Malova 2 000 343 people

During the second week of April a total of 24 people were killed in
Sinaloa, with now totaling 425 violent deaths so far in 2012.
Statistics of the Attorney General of State and file reports indicate
that since the beginning of the
Mario López Valdez administration there have committed 2,343 crimes.
The week ended mourned the medical profession as a physician of the
Mexican Social Security Institute in
Mazatlan was killed. The murder occurred on Monday night at the time
the doctor arrived at his home and a guy driving in a bicycle shot
him with a gun several times.
On Monday night in upstate escalated violence, arise the murder of
four people.
That day, around 19:00 pm in Sinaloa town killed two people who
herded cattle.
At the edge of 23:30 hours in the town's Veranito in the same town,
located a cooler containing a
maimed body.
The victim's name was written on a message left with another body was
also maimed, the same
that was found Sunday in Icesave. On Wednesday night in Culiacan
killed a pregnant woman and a man at times just coming into a home,
of Colonia Miguel Hidalgo.
Two children and two adults were injured by gunfire.
That same day in Cologne Barrancos a suspect killed during a
confrontation with an agent
Municipal Police, after he allegedly robbed a pharmacy in the
Jardines del Valle.
Also during the night in the northern exit of the city, a familiar
course of Victor Emilio Cazares, identified as lieutenant of Joaquin
"El Chapo Guzman", died during an alleged shootout with federal
police agents.
Of the crimes reported last week, in 6 homicides were committed
Culiacan, Sinaloa de Leyva 4 in Mazatlan 2, Escuinapa Guasave Ahome
Choix and two in each locality, while in El Fuerte and Los Mochis
there was one.

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