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Note: Will try to cover July presidential election in Mexico more.
To those of us on the border, it could be as important as election in
U.S. A key question, should the PRI regain the presidency, will the
drug cartels be satisfied to be junior partners again? Or will they
be equal partners, or even the partnership be reversed?

A very interesting defection here. Sicila pretty much on target
about PRI. Wrong, of course, about far left candidate AMLO (Lopez
Obrador) Who is trying to get a meeting with him according to media

Several recent polls have EPN in first, with AMLO and then JVM far
behind. Average = 50%, 28% & 25%. Not good, but looks like people
starting to pay attention. Northern Mexico led the way in the
defeat of the PRI 12 years ago.

Milenio poll for today has: EPN 46%, JVM 28%, AMLO 25% and GQT

Sunday April 22, 2012
Sicily. The worst.

The return of the PRI to the presidency, with Enrique Peña Nieto,
would be the worst thing that could happen to Mexico, it would return
the worst practices they ruled for 70 years, said the poet Javier
Sicilia, leader of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity.

The PRI is the worst of all candidates seeking to succeed Felipe
Calderon Hinojosa he said at the start of the National Gathering for
Peace with Justice and Dignity, which ends Sunday.

Peña Nieto (EPN) does not even know we exist, not interested in
talking to us, is a return to the worst if the country is returning
PRI to power, is the return of Salinas, return to the disregard of
the citizens, the return to legalization of crime in its broadest
sense, he said.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), however, is the best, the best
face, but unfortunately not a matter of people, is a matter of
structures and those who believe that structure and invented it ...
coming from the colonial times, but is called the PRI, and Peña
Nieto represents that.

Josefina Vazquez Mota (JVM), he continued, is a good woman, an honest
woman, the problem is the structure, because they protect their own
criminals, patrimonial structures are what does this mean?: Using the
assets of the nation and the nation itself for personal gain, that's
the big problem. I wish it were a matter of people, the problem is a
matter of structures.

But as good people do not act accordingly to transform state
structures, because we will not get out, who comes will be the choice
of shame, but it will be worse with Peña Nieto, anyone will be a
disaster, but Peña Nieto will be worse, he concluded.

He called voting for the lesser evil, but reiterated that their vote
will be blank because the parties and candidates are ignoring the
victims of the war against organized crime.

The father of Juan Francisco the young Sicilia found finalized with
six others in a car on March 28, 2011 - said he expected the death of
more than 60,000 people left by the war on crime, Felipe Calderon
will at the end of his term with a great sense of guilt (...), that
you desire: a coincidence of heartache for their irresponsibility and
a request for forgiveness can heal his soul and conscience.

In the match for peace involving social organizations, human rights,
victims of violence and their families. The meeting takes place at
the Joan of Arc school in this city.

The government of Felipe Calderón and Members were asked to fulfill
their promise to pass the law for victims of the war on organized
crime in order to operate the procurement of services to victims.

This is not to promote a national security law that serves only to
cause pain and death, they said, because it seems that both the
president and legislators only have imagination for violence.

La Jornada

Note: A campaign sample

Posted April 22, 2012, 1:48 a.m.
Delivered Sonora to Josefina

The candidate for President of the Republic Josefina Vazquez Mota was
accompanied by the state governor Guillermo Padres Elias

About 30 thousand people endorsed the PAN candidate will be the next
President of Mexico
Ciudad Obregon, Sonora - New Day

Sonora gave Josefina Vazquez Mota, who made history in Cajeme to
collect about 30,000 people in his tour of this county, where she
made clear that the time has come from the state to endorse the first
of July, the Presidency of the Republic for the National Action
Party. (PAN)

And, she said, can not be allowed to return those who want to return
and with the support of all in Sonora that will not happen.

"That's what I came to Sonora, because Sonora is a land of brave
people, because Sonora has written pages of freedom and democracy and
we can say with certainty to feel their souls, to feel their breath,
as he was going to tell me, Josefina, Sonora is yours, because I'm
from Sonora, I am for Sonora and of course we will achieve this
victory together, the president of Mexico to serve the citizens. "

So the flagship PAN was clear and committed to first of all, once she
assumes the presidency, there will be a Mexico without impunity,
corruption, where the jurisdiction is over all politicians without
exception, more support for people more scholarships, more
kindergartens and of course, to give the place it deserves to
education and that is why she offered her full support for
Educational Transformation led by Governor Guillermo Padres.

"We will achieve coverage for the state high school for all young
people in 2018 and we will support the Governor father to build more
universities, more technology, we will do together, I want you to
have full-time school from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for children to attend
school and learn effectively and make it different, we will also
encourage reading. "

Similarly and using the stage in Cajeme representing the PAN
standard bearer promised that once and for all open and run the
fiscal area.
And because Sonora has given life to their fields to Mexico and other
countries, said she would work to arrive on time and without
intermediate supports it, to make these lands most productive in the

"I come before you, not a sign in front of a notary, because even
those who sign in front of notary does not want to say that meeting,
I come by this different for a Mexico ] where re-assert the word,
that Mexico where the word is promised, and is satisfied, because I
want different Mexico today I come to Sonora, Ciudad Obregon to give
you my word that is word of a woman, I will keep our promise to
Sonora. "

For his part, Governor Guillermo Padres made it clear that he has no
doubt Sonora anyone who is a land of PAN and in 2000 and won the
state Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón in 2006, now will win for
Josefina Vazquez Mota.

And the PAN said Sonora will defend these triumphs and achievements
since the PAN government came 12 years ago can now enjoy Sonorans and
all Mexicans.

"More roads, more housing and we will defend and we will not let
nobody take what we won for our children and for Sonora, we will win
because the PAN is going better, here in Sonora since joining the PAN
we have for our children free uniforms, school fees zero, free
transport and thanks to the governments of National Action Party. "

Padres Elias said that for these reasons and more, the Sonoran we
must defend our land and Mexico and right now we are called to
respond to the country as we face an imminent risk in the country
since 70 years of bad governments want to return to Mexico .

"70 years of corruption, plunder, 70 years of devaluations, lies and
backwardness to Mexico. I want to say because if they kidding who now
tell us who represent the worst of the PRI of the past, hiding, skin
down this wolf in sheep clothing and say, we learned, as we change,
when someone walks like a duck, does like a duck, you are a duck, are
the same thieves always, it is not changed. "

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