Monday, April 23, 2012



Note: Besides increased activity in drug and human smuggling, uptick
in killings last few days on AZMEX border.

Besides the Nogales story, another chase and shootout in AP. Over
100 7.62x39 empties at this scene. Subject said to be very dead.

Note: Besides M16, one of weapons may have been Mex. Army G3

Posted April 23, 2012, 1:50 a.m.
Take down armed gunmen
They were arrested five suspected assassins in fact.
A man rescued in mixed operation of the police in the colony Nuevo
Nogales and also seized by the Army were two cars and cartridges
Hiram G. Machi
Nogales, Sonora - New Day

The rescue of a kidnapped person yesterday, five gunmen arrested,
several guns, jackets, uniforms, tactical ammunition, magazines and
two vehicles is the result of a joint operation between local police
forces, state and federal, as well as the Army a "safe house" of the
colony New Nogales.
The rescue is Flavio Egurrola Arturo Sanchez, a native of Ciudad
Obregon, who had been "raised" in the vicinity of California
fractionation When caught the kidnappers fled in a Chevrolet
Silverado pickup truck late model towards that sector.
They arrested five subjects to carry guns and bulletproof vests and
inside the vehicle was located a man bound hand who said they were
taking him against his will.
Those arrested were identified as Jesus Urquijo Julian Banuelos, aka
"ism", 23-year-old native of Nogales, residing in building number 3-
A, Department 103, the housing complex Canoas, Irving Roberto
Santiago Aguilar, 24 , a native of Junction, Sonora and homeless in
this city, which records a current order of rearrest for robbery with
violence issued in 2007 by the Third Court of Assizes in Cajeme and
Abraham Torres Jose Gaxiola, 20 , a native of Los Mochis, Sinaloa,
established local street sunset unspecified number of colony Sunset,
Gabriel Hernandez Vazquez, nicknamed "The Gigio", 40, and Jesus
Alonso Serrano Rodriguez, 28 years, both from Empalme, Sonora and
homeless in this city.

They confiscated five assault rifles including M16 and goat horn, and
three handguns, dozens of magazines, hundreds of bullets, boots,
tactical uniforms, bulletproof vests and two drive units, gray sedan
vehicle, the Mitsubishi Galant, as well as Chevrolet Silverado pick-
up type of gray, Sonora plates, late model resulting both reported as

Note: another week in Sinaloa

Murdered 28 people in third week
So far this year have been committed 450 crimes

During the third week of April a total of 28 people were killed in
the state with which total 85 in this month.
Statistics of the Attorney General of the State and newspaper
archives show that in this year have committed 450 crimes and 2 000
450 358 since the beginning of the Government of Mario López Valdez.
The week ended a woman was killed by strangulation in the Division
Villas del Rio in Culiacan.
Two days after her partner was arrested as the suspect of killing her
with the lace of one of his sneakers.
The violent days of the week was on Friday when nine people killed in
six municipalities.
That day in Navolato killed a farm laborer with AK-47 and AR-15 when
he was at home.
In Ahome, individuals traveling on a motorcycle opened fire on a
resident of Los Mochis, who fell dead in the garage of his home.
In the mountains of Sinaloa town two brothers and another man were
found shot to death.
At night in Culiacan killed a man in Colonia Guadalupe, one in the
colony Rodriguera Hill and another in the sector Rafael Buelna.
On a dirt road from the receivership of Pericos, Mocorito, they found
a body wrapped in a blanket.
Finally, two people were stoned to death in El Rosario.
During the week ended in killing nine people Culiacan, Sinaloa de
Leyva four in Mazatlan four in Salvador Alvarado two in San Ignacio
two, and Mocorito, Angostura, Ahome, Navolato Badiraguato and one in
each municipality in the Rosary two.

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