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Note:  First two mostly local interest, body count continues to rise around Sonoyta, Son. across the border from Lukeville, AZ.  Third on self defense policy.  

Man found executed in Sonoyta
Written by Grupo AM


Sonoyta , Sonora on March 3, 2014 . -
Agents of the State Police (PEI) inquire about the facts which killed one person male , who has not yet been identified and whose body was found around 17:00 pm yesterday about 570 meters east of the ejido López Mateos and 45 meters to the south of the Dividing line with the United States.

The victim , who had estimated that between 25 and 30 years old , was dark-skinned , fair complexion , measuring about 1.65 meters tall, black hair, dressed in blue jeans and white polo shirt.

The deceased featured several injuries caused by gun fire .

From the facts attested the Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction who ordered the lifting and transporting the body by the measures of law.


subject with ' goat horn ' was captured in Saric (Son) 
Details Published on Sunday, 02 March 2014
Written by Editor / El Diario 

Elements of the State Police Public Safety Police Single Command in the region of Rio Altar in coordination with personnel of the Mexican Army managed to arrest a man in possession of 8 kilos of drugs and firearms.

Result of the operation that is performed in the vicinity of the town of Saric where the arrest was achieved was identified as Silvestre Antonio Guerrero Franco 34 years old, who was armed at the time of his arrest.
The incident took place when personnel of the Third System Motorized Cavalry belonging to the 45th Military Zone and state police making up the Unified Command Police intercepted a vehicle on the dirt road leading to the Ejido Cerro Prieto in Sáric Township .
Within the  white Cheyenne pickup that there were several people, who realizing the operation ran toward the mountain so they were chased making one stop .
Franco Guerrero was arrested immediately , finding tucked in at the waist a pistol , .380 with eight rounds of ammunition , and a portable radio, Motorola brand .
Later in inspecting the vehicle they seized a  AK- 47 rifle , 7.62x39 caliber with a magazine supplied with 23 rounds of ammunition .
They also secured a pouch , two drum magazines  one empty and the other with 20 rounds of ammunition apparently to AK- 47 .
Also inside the car ensured a rectangular parcel containing approximately 8 kilograms of green marijuana 
Silvestre Antonio Guerrero Franco was arrested immediately , so they proceeded to securing drugs and firearms to make them available to the appropriate authority.


Note:   U.S. govt. like many others, not sympathetic to armed citizens and self defense.  As usual, rifles in hands of citizens are "assault rifles" but PDW, "personal defense weapons" when in hands of govt. employees.   mostly computer english

The link to DOS report, very long.


Self-defense militias – or civilian armed groups that claimed to fight crime – proliferated rapidly. According to the CNDH, civilian militias operated in 15 states and 101 municipalities throughout the country. These groups were concentrated in the southwestern states of Michoacan and Guerrero and emerged most frequently in small towns without a local police force and with a growing crime problem. Some groups called themselves "community police" and others "self-defense groups." Federal and state authorities responded to the expansion of self-defense militias with conflicting statements and mixed reactions, ranging from law enforcement operations to disarm and arrest militia members to state efforts that sought to incorporate them into the law enforcement framework. The federal government issued clear condemnations of the militias. In a statement released on January 28, the CNDH said that self-defense militias were not justified, but that position subsequently was softened. The CNDH received multiple complaints from individuals alleging human rights abuses by members of the militia groups, including arbitrary detention and illegal raids.

In Michoacan dozens of self-defense groups emerged in rural communities along the mountainous western edge of the state. Armed with assault rifles and, in some cases, armoured vehicles, the groups claimed to defend their communities against kidnapping, extortion, and other violent crime perpetrated by drug traffickers. Security experts and press commentators cited difficulties in determining which of these groups were fighting crime and which were front groups for organized crime.

end excerpt  

U.S. concerned by the AUC (Self Defense Movement) 
Report highlights the existence of clusters of this type in at least 15 states of the Mexican Republic

WASHINGTON ( UNIV ) . _ United States echoed for the first time in its annual report on human rights around the world, the " proliferation concern " of self-defense groups have denounced non-governmental organizations defending human rights in a total of 15 states of Mexico , with special reference to cases of Guerrero and Michoacan.

" Federal and state authorities have responded to the expansion of self-defense militias contradictory statements and various reactions , ranging from operations to disarm and arrest members of these militias , to incorporate within the framework of the law as part of its efforts against organized crime, " the report said.

In a 47-page report , the State Department made ​​an assessment of the first year of Enrique Peña Nieto as President of Mexico , in a context dominated by the unfinished fight against drug cartels , but also an atmosphere of insecurity, violence , impunity and corruption in different parts of the country.

Mention to the worrisome proliferation of self-defense in at least 101 municipalities in the country was seen as a positive development by defenders of human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch (HRW ) .

However , regretted that such reports will highlight the apparent divorce of policies that are still observed between the State Department and the White House when it comes to dealing with the Government of Mexico .

" I think the report on the extent of the self- reflecting in terms reliable growth of this phenomenon and the vacillating and contradictory attitude of the Mexican president , is unobjectionable ," he said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch .

"But what 's frustrating is the existence of a schizophrenic policy of the United States to Mexico . Already that while the State Department echoed concerns is the emergence of this group of self-defense , on the other hand White House and President Obama continue to declare that the leadership of

Mexico ( in security ) when he meets with President Enrique Peña Nieto.

" For us it is difficult to reconcile a report like that issued the State Department , with a glaring omission from the White House on these concerns ," said Vivanco .

In the report, the United States also again reiterate its concern at the continued violation of the human rights
committed by  "security forces " in Mexico that have escaped the "control of civil authority" and which resulted in executions, torture and enforced disappearances.

Overall, in the chapter on Mexico the State Department to turns its gaze back to the atmosphere of insecurity and violence that continues to restrict freedom of expression.

And for the first time , refers to the reforms undertaken by the government of Peña Nieto to end monopolies and foster an environment of greater transparency and competition in the telecommunications area .



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