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Note: For locals and gunnies, things not even over in AP
Two more connected guys from Sinaloa with AK clones and a lot of ammo
What we have seen over past few years is the average home boy wannabe might have a pistol or rifle with 3 or 4 rounds.

Arrested with guns , magazines and tactical vests
Details Published on Monday March 24, 2014 ,
Written by Editor / The Journal
Agua Prieta.

José Salvador Heredia Guerrero and Jesus David Acosta Ochoa are also identified as murderers .
Two subjects who presumably participated in the events of March 16 were arrested by the State Police Investigator, which at time of arrest were in possession of two rifles and a handgun, magazines and two tactical vests .
José Salvador Heredia Guerrero, 24 years old , and Jesus David Acosta Ochoa , 28 years old, both originally from Culiacan , Sinaloa and residing in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood, in the town of Agua Prieta.

It was March 16 , around 13:40 pm, when elements of knowledge that PEI had of Pizano Toscano , who had 20 years of age, had been injured by a projectile from a firearm in colony Nueva which had been transferred to a hospital in this city.
Researchers agents moved to that hospital , where they were able to interview the victim, who said that the incident occurred when he walked down the calle 17 avenida 6, being at that moment he felt a blow to the chest , failing to see who injured him. Toscano Pizano said that people who were on the spot in a particular transferred to the premises of the Red Cross and there vehicle was taken to the hospital. Hours later Isai Pizano ceased to exist while receiving medical attention.

By conducting a series of investigations , the agents were able to establish that PEI on the facts, the deceased was accompanied by Guerrero Heredia and Acosta Ochoa when injured and it was they who took him aboard a vehicle Cutlass , golden color , 1996 model to the Red Cross facilities .
So based on intelligence work were able to locate them , being yesterday around 17:00 hours when stopped at the time that circulated around calle 28, and Avenida 16, in the colony.

They were found in possession of two firearms caliber 7.62 x 39 mm , one of them with a drum magazine supplied with 68 rounds of ammunition , and the other assault rifle he was carrying a magazine supplied with 30 cartridges . Also, inspecting the vehicle found within it a .9 mm caliber pistol cartridges supplied with 15 rounds , two tactical vests black, each carrying three magazines for a AK- 47 , being a total 180 rounds of ammunition they had in those magazines.

The detainees, weapons, boots , cartridges and vehicle were turned over to the Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction In his ministerial statement said subjects noted that last March 16 were in the car in the company of Pizano Toscano and directed to sell .9 mm caliber pistol . they were secured. They added that to be maneuvering the gun, it went off injuring them are the now deceased , so immediately transferred to the Red Cross and then left the scene .

The Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction shall turn to the two subjects to the Deputy Public Prosecutor's Office for possession of guns and in the coming days entered for the murder of Pizano Toscano.


Note: Stuff coming from the SOUTH, and didn't remember Cd. Obregon having that much air traffic.

Guarding the airport Cd. Obregon, Son.
MONDAY, MARCH 24, 2014 7:00

Its function is to apply the "Federal Firearms and Explosives Law " why inspections to keep out weapons and drugs out of Ciudad Obregon.
By Rachel Garcia Vega



To combat organized crime and ensure greater security for visitors arriving in Ciudad Obregon a group of soldiers are guarding the facilities of Ciudad Obregón International Airport (AICO ) .

On a tour by TRIBUNA DEL YAQUI at the International Airport has talked to some soldiers who reported that their role is to apply the " Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives" , so they have to make inspections to keep out weapons and drugs Ciudad Obregón.

" What we have to check that everything is in order with both passengers and aircraft of different airlines or individual aircraft that daily come to Ciudad Obregon ," said one of the soldiers yesterday morning on duty at the place.

Reported that there is a group of 20 soldiers who are always looking out for the safety of avoiding in this way the entry of weapons and drugs to the city, which are distributed in different areas of the site, because a group to check the planes .

He announced that another group inspects airlines, a group of passengers arriving at the airport and watch the other security personnel perform AICO revisions to those passengers who will fly .

The young soldier who for security did not give his name, said that in the case of passengers arriving in Ciudad Obregon aboard aircraft carriers are randomly selected for inspection, because if I check on all persons would be much too slow , considering that on each flight travel more than 100 people.

For all the planes are reviewed and various methods are applied , he said.

Finally, he said that so far has not presented any incident as passengers know it could be dangerous to try to smuggle weapons or drugs in the city.


Sinaloa note;
Victim and others disarmament continues
In the past year the Ninth Military Zone took in;
403 "legal" firearms
269 firearms for military use only
342 grenades


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