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Note:  some very interesting background, especially for locals.  Douglas not mentioned in this one, although the route was personally supervised by Joaquin's father-in-law.  Cananea directly south of AP / Douglas.  Long and mostly computer english. 

Structure and  enemies of  'El Chapo '
Documents held by Excelsior reveal that Guzmán 's arrest involved a man who knew nothing . Ministerial declaration of his " private secretary "

03/26/2014 6:13 Drafting 

Carlos Manuel Hoo Ramirez said to be secretary of El Chapo .

MEXICO CITY , March 26 - . Detention Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Loera , which occurred at 06:40 hours on Saturday 22 February, by members of the Navy of Mexico ,a person was a key figure who , so far, was ignorant of his participation .

This was a man of 1.80 meters , scared, " desperately " made a stop to a unit of the Navy to mark the precise spot where the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel was with a heavily armed man : Carlos Manuel Hoo Ramirez, his bodyguard and one of his " private secretaries ."

For the first time since capturing the world's biggest drug dealer, Excelsior tells about the story, the version of the two marines who arrested the leader of the Sinaloa cartel and the testimony of the Condor , the bodyguard, " private secretary "who reveals little known details until today .

Reports that El Chapo Guzman lived for the past three years in Culiacan , capital of Sinaloa, and time is given to describe the organizational structure of the holding company , the companies and the enemies of El Chapo .

He speaks of his compadres and associates, men of confidence , their links, and women.   Of the children of drug lord . Revenge.


The complaint of facts derived from the AP/PGR/SEIDO/UEIDCS/069/2014 investigation , the story of two of the marines who took part in the capture of Joaquin Guzman Loera Archivaldo last February 22 is described.

The informative part of that day, and to agents of the Deputy Research Specializing in Organized Crime ( SEIDO ) , attached to the Specialized Crimes Against Public Health Unit , marines, whose names are omitted for security reasons , noted that " they still approximately 06:40 hours today , this year , to find themselves performing functions of this institution in the fight against organized crime in the state of Sinaloa, precisely in the city of Mazatlan the undersigned, officers onboard units , as we drove along Avenida del Mar , precisely at the building known as tower Miramar , a person of about 1.80 meters, of slim build , wearing blue jeans and polo shirt type , approached with hands high .

I , who was on the passenger side , I asked him what he wanted , and he answered me that a few minutes before had seen a gunman inside the apartment tower known as Miramar, he was scared and he asked for help desperately . "

 The sailors , who did research work and had participated in the raid in Culiacan eight days before , had no doubts.

They descended from the vehicle " in order to rule out any threat against the condominium residents ."

That mysterious man who frightened " desperately " asked for help by the time no more sign.

Even so , marines entered the building by the stairs , " making a search for all the floors of the tower above . We found no gunman one , two and three floors . Continuing the search . When you reach the fourth floor , facing the stairs above the elevator is so turned right , noting that in front of the hall , the apartment is 402, and the continued progress we turned right again and in that moment we turned right , as two or three meters, compared to 401 department , outside a male person was with a rifle in hand.

Then describes the sailor - he said with strong, clear voice, ' Armada of Mexico , drop the gun .' "

Given this warning , continues the story - "the subject pointed us with gun and ran into the apartment, into 401 , so the presence of a long gun we enter in pursuit of armed person without losing sight , hitting him in the hall of 401 apartment . At this point he drops the gun on the floor of the room and says " I see , no problem ."

The Navy reports that at that time I had picked up the gun attachment an assembly consisting of a 40 mm caliber grenade launcher .

The person who at that time had been arrested was Carlos Manuel Hoo Ramírez, El Condor. The escort and " private secretary " of one of the men most wanted by the police of the world.

The apartment said the sailor , had an arsenal so they demanded they submit the appropriate authorization to carry weapons .

Hoo Ramirez, at that moment , he replied that they had not , that the weapons were to protect his boss Joaquin Guzman Loera .

Just then , El Chapo Guzman came out of another room and they stopped him.

The Condor goes

In his ministerial statement Carlos Manuel Hoo Ramírez , El Condor, contradicts the version of the marines in two points : that when they entered the apartment , he was asleep . Never pointed his gun , because they gave him no time to do so.

In his statement Hoo met Ramirez argues that his work is " personal secretary " to Joaquin Guzman Loera .

He met El Chapo because Marcelino Ticante El fantasma, introduced them on the ranch Los Pollos . Then they both were part of the Mexican Army .

He said Ticante  was arrested for possession of weapons collection and drug dealing in Costa Rica , but is currently being held in the prison of Almoloya de Juareaz.

I note that my role was strictly to run  errands and was going from El Chapo to his friend , Damaso Lopez, "el licenciado" a native of Eldorado, in the municipality of Culiacán.

El Chapo , insists his story was reaching his women between 20 and 30 thousand pesos a fortnight . He said he helps his brothers , his mother and other family members with 700 or 800 thousand pesos a fortnight . That payroll million 800 thousand pesos , he received payments of 14 thousand pesos a fortnight , although  "el chapo gave me ten thousand U.S. dollars ."

Wives , children, the task 

Hoo Ramirez recounts in his ministerial statement he met three of the wives of Joaquin Guzman Loera . The first is Griselda López Pérez , about 44, with whom he had four children: Joaquin , Quique , who studied management and has among his hobbies, jeeps , Ovid , who has studied Accounting in Culiacan , Sinaloa, and is married to a niece of Manuel Torres, the M -1, who likes horses.

Edgar , who was killed in a mistake by his own Sinaloa cartel , and Gisel Guadalupe , who is still studying .

Of the first two , El Condor reveals that they engage in trafficking marijuana from Los Remedios to Nogales, ( Son/AZ) what they do through trucks and planes .

Hoo Ramirez accurate data. It details the track using the children of El Chapo Guzman for their activities is located in La Palma , Navolato, Sinaloa. Between aircraft , Cessna airplanes have two, a 06 a brown with green lines , and one white with blue lines . That one of the pilots is Hector Macit, El 17 . He explained that the children of El Chapo will receive marijuana from the people of El Cinco or El Yiyo , but also an agent of another of his compadres : Ismael El Mayo Zambada .

The second and third wives

Again according to the testimony of the Condor , the second wife of El Chapo Guzman is Emma Coronel , who was the niece of Nacho Coronel . That is 22 years . That she " had twins, Mali and Maria Joaquina " .

The third wife's name is Alejandrina or  Alejandra, who is from Jalisco and lives with her children in Culiacan : Alfredo Guzman , 22 , and Ivan Archivaldo , 24, who , like the other brothers , is engaged in marijuana trafficking , although in this case also methamphetamine .

El Chapo Guzman , he said, had a person in charge of communications and phone changed every week . "I used only Blackberry , El Nariz - who does not identify himself by name - was responsible for the purchase of equipment .


Notes to the charge of corrupt officials

For El Condor pilots who work and are trusted Hector Musque Musquiq , plus other ex military Guillermo Rivera , El Chaneque , who also had functions of  " personal secretary ." He and El Chaneque covering a period of twenty consecutive days for another twenty days off.

At another point in his statement , Ramirez Hoo reports that one of its functions was to communicate with the accountant ( who does not identify by name) to make payments to his boss ordered .

The Condor maintains that coordinate air safety in Mazatlan was El Bravo and it was he who received them upon arrival at the port before his capture .

the public relations  

But El Condor does not stop there . Also reveals who within the organization is responsible for public relations, " and seek to find and preserve the relationship with local, state , municipal authorities is Damaso Lopez, El Licenciado , one of whose sons , nicknamed El Mini, also used to move drugs.

Culiacan , shelter

Hoo Ramirez that in the past three years " they were living in Culiacán, in the houses where they burst into and all we did was rotate . We had about five houses where to hide. All these houses were connected with an escape system including underground drainage . "

The last house they managed to escape , says: "It was about three o'clock in the morning. It is a two story house . My boss noticed and opened the tub, we all go through the sewers , which led us to the canal. Here we look at how to get to the avenue through which they passed was for us to take to Mazatlan. The planes that were used to move drugs across the border also used them as transportation, like the time we were taken to Los Cabos . "

The inner circle

At El Chapo met him a bride named Mayran . I also met the nanny named Balbina and El Guano , who is the brother of El Chapo ; would visit often and also moving drugs. There is a guy who would say that Chef was responsible for getting the goods in Colombia . The only way to communicate with him was through the Blackberry.

I also want to say that El Veinte surname Peña , was chief of security , as well as another Ramoncito " .


In his testimony, Hoo Ramirez describes the people of El Chapo Guzman holds a dispute with Beltran, Sinaloa , which includes El Chapo Isidro , one of its main allies and controls the northern corridor of Sinaloa, to Sonora from Guasave . El Chapo also has problems with people of Vicente Carrillo because he sent people to Chihuahua.  he once made ​​a alliance with The Salgueiro and Los Güeros .

Another enemy is marked M1 , with whom El Chapo bore no relation , although one of his sons was married to a niece of him.

I also want to say that El Chapo Guzman pulled people from Jalisco because he had problems with El Mencho " .

the shops 

In his ministerial statement Hoo Ramirez ensures that all the little shops in Culiacan, Sinaloa are required to align with El Chapo Guzman, so you should buy the goods from him and ask for his permission .

Cocaine , the journey to the U.S.  

The way the organization sends marijuana to the United States is via Nogales, Sonora , via Los Yiyos . The drug will go to the  U.S. after departure from Culiacán, embarks on a train and sent to Cananea then to Nogales.   Mules are used from Nogales, weapons are bought in from Culiacan , bazookas come from Colombia , the cocaine purchased in Guayaquil ; aircraft " acquirred  " in Chiapas and sent to Culiacan. That was the route to Nogales and Agua Prieta from Culiacan with the planes carrying drugs . When the drug came from Ecuador entered by Jalisco and then sent to us in Mazatlan.

He declared that Nogales is dominated by El Chapo and Tijuana is controlled by Ismael El Mayo Zambada .

the warning

Derived from the arrest of their leader , El Condor warns that it is possible that a confrontation between  El Negro Bravo and El Licenciado Damaso arises.   "They believe that El Licenciado  was who put El Chapo , although I think the children have more affinity with El Negro Bravo " . Hoo Ramirez thinks it is sure to be Ismael El Mayo Zambada , who will arrange things. Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno,El Azul  , said he knew nothing .


The 24 guard the entrance of La Angostura and la Reforma to keep out the people of El Chapo Isidro , which is the plaza of Guasave . " I also want to say that in Navolato it is Los Carrillo and there nobody messes . Eldorado is El Licenciado  and Pueblos Unidos , Quila , where He sends Meño and instead stayed anthrax El Chino Antrax,   El Roque , who controls Culiacan.    The coast is El Licenciado  Damaso ; Mazatlan is El Negro Bravo.  San Ignacio Esquinapa  is El Negro Bravo.    " Los Beltrán are to the side of Nayarit , El Fuerte , and Ahome  and Choix , where he covered our entrance to El Chapo Isidro. The Salazar is  friends with El Chapo ,   El Papas  helped him to 80 , who coordinated security patrols . Also  El Cholo Molacho  in Los Mochis was very strong in Ahome and Guamuchil . "  

Who had the business of bananas and cucumbers with coca was El Nariz with the phones . "

The encounter with Caro Quintero

According Hoo Ramirez, escort and private secretary to El Chapo Guzman, the boss , along with El Negro and El Chaneque went to visit Caro Quintero " to say hello at a ranch located on the side of the Los Caballeros."

El Negro Bravo was my partner on a course of Special Forces in the Army , is about 1:50, is dark-skinned , with a strong body. Always wear a cap and Praga glasses (sic ) . The people of El Negro coordinates with the children of El Chapo .   El Popeye is a charge of stores of El Bravo whose assistant El Gato . They are the la Crus al Charco, in Mazatlan , also Culiacan sometimes . El Bravo when is  trouble is going to Mazatlan.   El Bravo met us in Mazatlan, also mean that Bravo will help with Guero for all , who are paid the heads of the municipal police , including at the ministerial  . "


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