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PHOTO GALLERY : Women within the ranks of the self defense movement 
Under the shadow of the brave leaders of an eminently masculine movement , they took up arms to support the self-defense
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Among the ranks of the self defense movement , are women.

MORELIA , March 8 - . Within the AUC , which include women , those who left their homes or jobs to join the groups also called "comunitarios" .

Under the shadow of the media and seasoned leaders eminently masculine movement , supporting the self-defense charge of feeding and providing clothing and care of the wounded militiamen .

A handful of them have also taken up arms, as the " Comandante Bonita"  (Pretty Commander)  , a manager of a fashion store that has accompanied the men in one of the many confrontentations  of the people who have joined the militias to expel from Michoacán to Los Knights Templar  (major non govt.  criminal organization).

Among the women of self-defense there those who feel they are the  heirs of the " adelitas " of the Mexican Revolution , which broke out in 1910.

Black and white pictures immortalized the legend of these  women in battles hopping on the train to accompany the revolutionary leaders Emiliano Zapata and Francisco "Pancho " Villa .

Although not wear skirts or wear traditional sombreros, these AUC members support the men as they did a century ago; women like Adela Perez Velarde , who served as a nurse for the troops and inspired the popular tune " La Adelita " .

We are a new generation of ' Adelitas ' , is the same, it is the heritage that we bring , "says Juana Francisca Reyes 47,  proudly a militia member of  Tepalcatepec Township .

The so called " Commander Bonita" a manager of a fashion store that has accompanied the men in one of the many retaking of towns .


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