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Note: mostly computer english Caborca, Son. south of AZ on a main smuggling route, leading north through the Altar Valley. About couple hours south. Caborca has also had a recent outbreak of numerous AIDS / HIV cases. Probably spread by the drug and human traffickers taking R&R in the town.

UPDATE: said to be 32 people exposed and being treated

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
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By: Rafael Leon Pineda

Caborca ​​, Sonora. The Tuesday morning a person was attacked by a wild animal in the stables located in charro Grove , where the victim was a battle to defend and make it out safe from the fierce animal that caused at least 16 injuries to his body.

Ignacio Zavala Rúelas , known as "the wachon " 53, is pedestal in these stables located west of the city , I hear the relinchidos and kicking one of the horses , which led him to wake up to see what was happening little before 5 am on Tuesday .

Addressing the stable whence came the noise of horses, found the wild beast , which to be cornered lunged at Zavala Rúelas , getting hurt on his arm when he tried to defend himself , leaving a small battle for survival between the person and the cat , followed by cries for help to be his arm bleeding bites the beast , which ensures it is a lion or puma Sonora , typical of the desert region.

"I heard noises in the barn and when I went to see that one of the horses kicked , I saw the lion, which average about three feet high that was launched against me and started biting me and then I try to get to safety, if not for bitch when I hear my cries ran to frighten the animal and the two were fighting up outside the stables , "said the Wachon .

The screams of the victim to be badly injured , woke people close to the stables who gave notice to the Red Cross came to provide first aid and then move to General Hospital, where he was evaluated medically and was discharged hours later event after corroborating the doctors had no serious injuries , unless provoked bites on his right arm .

The beast , which so far is not known exactly whether it is a wild cat, lion or puma Sonora , also managed to wound one of the horses , like the German Shepherd dog scared away the wild beast towards the outskirts city ​​, on the west side , where presumably boarding is between Mount , which threatens someone of that sector of the city can suffer attack again.

Knowing wildlife insure the animal and near the city, could be some feline who has been in captivity in any home and has escaped in search of food , and when you reach the stables attacked him first was found.

" The instinct to hunt and kill is never lost in captive animals , so care must be taken not to escape because they are animals that feed on a daily basis , and know instinctively hunt , but to attack the first victim to find , so it should be more care , "said Enrique " chacho " Zepeda a hunter of cats in the region with over 40 years experience .

It is believed that the beast after its deadly attack on a person and a horse, besides attacking the dog that chased , may have admitted between vegetation around the city , so also in the case of an animal in captivity by not some fear the bustle of the city , compared to a wild animal that could hardly be admitted to the city to achieve its attack such as occurred this morning .

Residents of colonies located west of the city have been alerted to the event and see if the cat prowling fences immediately give notice to the authorities through the 066 to achieve capture and confirm the exact type of feline that attacked a person this morning .


Wednesday, March 12, 2014
By: Rafael Leon Pineda

Caborca ​​, Sonora. A little over 24 hours after a first attack of a beast in this city , the animal turned to attack a person when hovered near the city dump , where achievement be sacrificed for the municipal police when they were about to be be recorded another victim .

It was at 6:20 am on Wednesday when he received the call in the police headquarters on a wound to be bitten by a cat in the city dump , where to get them pointed where the beast who was minutes before I attack a woman.

Agents to go after the wild animal, this attempted attack again , so in reaction to safeguard their integrity they shot feline who died almost instantly.

The latest victim , a woman, was taken to a hospital for medical attention to apply appropriate immunizations , while the cat was taken to the courts of the municipal headquarters where the arrival of a veterinarian to conduct research is expected and determine that does not carry any disease.

This animal matches the features provided by the first victim, Ignacio Zavala Ruelas , besides lacking the punch that left him in their first attack, where in addition to the two people who were attacked in the last 24 hours , also attacked a horse and a dog.


Friday, March 14, 2014

By: Rafael Leon Pineda
Caborca ​​, Sonora. After conducting studies brain cougar that attacked two people in the State of Sonora Epidemiology Center , it was determined that this was a carrier of the rabies virus, which was triggered a series of application of vaccines to all people and animals who had contact with the cat .

It was at about noon on Friday when he received in Caborca ​​, from Hermosillo, pathology results that were performed to cougar was euthanized after attacking two people and a few animals in Caborca ​​, so be warned that any person I've had contact with the cat acudiera Health Center to start with the application of dose rabies .

The first to go were the policemen who killed the animal after the attempted attack , as to raise the body without any protection patrol , you run the risk of being transmitted rabies virus which was carrying the cat ; subsequently reporters and onlookers , who had attended the hospital 's approach to be vaccinated , as is the practice staff to necropsy.

He immediately made ​​a call to all the people who had contact with the animal after being slaughtered and people were attacked which to them immediately applied the rabies vaccine , as well as the animals that were victim of the beast , said the municipal veterinarian rabies center Caborca ​​, Adrian Oviedo.

Once confirmed on the rabies virus which was carrying the animal, a raid to begin vaccinating dogs and colonies where landfill went prowling puma before attacking the two began , so from reporting Friday launched the community at large to take their pets to the Municipal Pound to apply the rabies vaccine , which is free, and so gradually discard the possibility of spreading the rabies virus .

Regarding the Puma was the best decision the I have sacrificed , even more now that we know that was a carrier of rabies, so the remains were transferred to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection who continue research regarding the cougar that attacked people and a dog and a horse , said wildlife experts .


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