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Note; Some interesting background, mostly computer english Will Joaquin, knowing so many details of the corruption on both sides of the border, live to face trial?

Empire of the Sinaloa cartel
Posted on March 23, 2014
by Miguel Angel Vega
chapo porta

Mexico and US unite against financial networks of drug trafficking

Last week was held in Mexico City the first top-level meeting of the governments of Mexico and the United States after the recapture of Joaquin Guzman Loera, El Chapo . the stated purpose : to take steps to dismantle money laundering networks of drug cartels .

Thus, the Mexican government would join the campaign for years performed the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC ) of the United States to identify and punish money laundering mechanisms that are being implemented in Mexico .

"We believe that a key element to combat organized crime should be attacking their financial systems , and we are working with determination to achieve it ," said Secretary of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP ), Luis Videgaray case , during the meeting held with the Minister of national Security of the United States, Jeh Johnson.

In an event at the National Palace , the head of the Ministry of Finance stated that there is a high degree of cooperation between the two nations in this matter and that will go with everything to stop money laundering in Mexico .

The U.S. official , meanwhile , he acknowledged the actions of the Mexican government in the recent arrest of Joaquin Guzman Loera .

As to whether the U.S. government prefers Guzman Loera 's extradition to stand trial in the country , Johnson expressed his "faith in justice, in the Mexican criminal justice system and so that's my comment , that's my answer."

Videgaray and Johnson signed a declaration of principles by which Mexico and the United States reaffirmed their commitment to cooperate on security issues .

Chapo networks
How much will advance in the dismantling of the financial circuits and money laundering from drug cartels ? the time of his arrest , Joaquin Guzman , for example, had a presence in over 50 countries spread between Europe , Asia and Oceania , most notably Spain , Italy , Portugal, Netherlands, France, Germany, Malaysia , China , India, Australia and Japan.

If after the recapture of Guzman Loera structure remains as before , it would mean that networks have in several countries of the world , too. According to the UN , Sinaloa kingpins distributed between 50 and 60 percent of the drugs entering the United States currently . And continue his empire , although the Chapo already behind bars .

"Your organization continues to operate , but will be gradually dismantled as has happened with other drug cartels in Mexico ," says a statement from the Dea .

Guillermo Galdos, Peruvian journalist who recently released the documentary The Legend Chapo said the reason why the La Tuna, Badiraguato , was of the richest men in the world , according to Forbes , was his great ability to do business but especially so lucrative business of illegal drugs .

"In Peru the coca area or Colombia , a kilo of cocaine is achieved in $ 2,000 , but once in the U.S., the price of the drug goes up to $ 35,000 in California, while in Chicago or New York price the kilo is $ 45,000 , " Galdos said, according to research conducted for months in Mexico , Colombia and the United States.

And yet , it is in Europe and Asia where the cost of each kilogram of cocaine is triggered , as in France , Spain , Italy or the United Kingdom, the kilo of cocaine increases up to $ 65,000 .

That would be the biggest motivation would Chapo Guzman when determined move drugs to Europe , and seek ways to produce and distribute in countries of that continent and others like Asia and Oceania.

According to reports from the Attorney General 's Office ( PGR ), the Chapo is related to criminal groups such as Cosa Nostra and the 'Ndrangheta , which originated in Italy, but already spread its tentacles to almost all over Europe and North America.

The arrest of the brick González Villarreal three brothers from the Lomas de Rodriguera , Culiacan , who were indicted for drug trafficking in Malaysia, can be seen as a bellwether for the expansion of the networks that the Sinaloa cartel held in Asia.

But it was Malaysia not only where Chapo arrived, but other Eastern countries , according to the Chinese newspaper South Morning Post , pointing to the Sinaloa cartel as the main ally of Sun Yee On and 14K two crimiales organizations of that country those that are filled at Hong Kong merchandise Chapo organization offered them , especially cocaine. According to the publication , the idea would have been Chapo , who sent people over there to see how they could fund and / or provide illegal drugs to the Chinese people .

The same would be done in the rest of the world , including Europe , Asia , Oceania and South American countries, although the operations center would be Hong Kong , where processed synthetic drugs that then people from the Sinaloa cartel to transport illegal markets the United States , Canada, Europe , Africa and Mexico . through partnerships with local gangs, the cartel also sold some of the synthetic drugs in Argentina , Guatemala and El Salvador .

Just to illustrate the penetration of the Sinaloa cartel , in December 2013 , federal agents captured three suspects Philippines near Manila. According to reports at the time, the three suspects had ties to the Sinaloa cartel .

" The three suspects were preparing and storing methamphetamine lab located on a farm breeding roosters south of Manila ," was then published . Quotation made ​​Philippine authorities . the total drug - da was confiscated 84 kilos of methamphetamine. Precursor chemicals used to produce synthetic drugs were provided by the Chinese gangs 14K and Sun Yee On.

Tobia Bartolome , chief of the police anti-narcotics forces of the Philippines, said the security operation confirmed that Chapo worked with Chinese mafias. "Mexicans who are already here , they receive help from Chinese criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking," he said.

A week after the arrests in the Philippines, January 4, 2014 , more than 2000 Chinese security agents seized more than three tons of methamphetamine in the city of Guangdong Lugeng . The Chinese authorities also arrested 182 suspects. Synthetic drugs belonged to one of the organized crime groups working with Guzman Loera , the Chinese government said.

So, all this network and drug development requires laundering organization profits, than good is done through international shopping companies and real estate, and its incorporation into the financial circuits and local authorities of the countries involved in the first place would be discovered.

According to government agencies , the proceeds of drug trafficking profits generate annual revenues of over 300 billion dollars.

According to the UN , U.S. drug users spend about 60 billion dollars in illicit drugs each year , ie one fifth of the money leaves the U.S., even as estimated experts, consumers in a city like New York spent more than $ 16 million per week on cocaine , marijuana , heroin and methamphetamine .

MONEY ' DIRTY ' . Networks in the world.
MONEY ' DIRTY ' . Networks in the world.

Wachovia case
One of the biggest scandals that U.S. banks were involved in laundering drug money was the Wachovia case, where bankers confessed not comply with federal laws and regulations to control money laundering , and therefore , had participated in transfers of millions of dollars in illicit funds from the Mexican drug trade .

Wachovia Corp. admitted in 2012 in federal court have not watched or reported suspicious activities of money laundering by drug traffickers, including funds for the purchase of at least four aircraft in United States, which carried a total of 22 tons of cocaine.

Further funds were transferred to at least 22 exchange houses in Mexico who had accounts with Wachovia. One example cited in the documents is the Casa de Cambio Puebla SA , whose managers created shell companies for cartels and , according to the Department of Justice United States, managed to launder about 720 million through U.S. banks .

All this was revealed in a plea deal with federal prosecutors Bank in March 2010. In court official documents of the case, Wachovia admitted it did not do enough to spot illicit funds in handling of over 378.4 billion dollars in business with Mexican exchange houses between May 2004 and May 2007 .

Of this total, Wachovia processed at least 373.6 billion in wire transfers , plus 4.7 billion in cash transfers , and 47 million in deposits international checks . not all of these funds are linked to drug trafficking , but , according to research from the Department of Justice , billions were not subject to the ordered surveillance by law, and hundreds of millions of dollars of these funds themselves have been directly linked to the drug trafficking.

Mexico and Sinaloa

In Mexico , despite the Treasury of the United States has been boletinando entire families related to money laundering from drug cartels and companies formed pointing illicit money , they continue to operate normally. The Esparragoza , the Beltran Leyva, the Zambada, Carrillo , the Guzman Salazar , the Cázarez , the Caro ... still have an unquantifiable economic power product business of drugs.

And so far there has been no judicial or executive , which is responsible for freeze this empire. Not so far.

With information from agencies.


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