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For locals: About 40 or so miles east of Sonoyta. El Ejemplo is about 12 miles south of the border, Between Lukeville and Sasabe The La Lesna range runs from the peak about 5 miles north of the border to about 4 miles south

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7 dead, 4 wounded, so far. El Ejemplo is about 12 miles south, along the wash that runs into the Tohono O'odam res south of Papago Farms & SW of Tatkum Vo. Recovered 4 magazines for AK & AR with 89 rounds, and bodies in and around a 2005 Chevy pickup. (from the one photo didn't notice any bullet holes in the truck) Most from Sinaloa. (quite a few from Sinaloa have expired in the Sonoyta area in past couple months. Early (very) word on the street is that it was a disciplinary action.


Sonora police: 7 killed near Arizona border
1 hour ago • Joseph Trevino Arizona Daily Star

Mexican authorities are investigating the killing of seven people near the Arizona border.

The men were shot to death and an eighth man was wounded on a hill called Las Agujas, which is located in an area called Ejido Los Ejemplos, near Sonoyta, close to the border crossing at Lukeville, Sonora's state police said in a news release.

The bullet-riddled bodies were found about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday inside a gray, 2005 Chevrolet pick-up truck.

The lone survivor was Francisco Saúl Hernández Ramírez, according to the Policía Estatal Investigadora, Sonora's state police. The names of the other men were Jesús Alejandro Virrueta Ramírez, 29, Porfirio Cortes Ramos, 23, José Alexis Niebla García, 22 and Miguel Castillo Lugo, 28. The remaining four have not been identified.

All were believed to have been from the state of Sinaloa.
Police released no information about a motive in the attack.


7 killed on the Arizona Mexico border

Seven people were found murdered Wednesday night in what a U.S. federal law enforcement source who spoke to KVOA News 4 Investigators called an ambush. The source spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media.

The killings happened about one hour's drive east of the Lukeville-Sonoyta border town region. Sources said the murders occurred up near the U.S.-Mexico border near Las Agujas Peak in Sonora.

The U.S. State Department's Consul office in Nogales, Sonora, has not put out any sort of alert or warning for U.S. travelers headed to Mexico. The consulate in Nogales last put out a mildly worded warning in January following a series of shootings and killings in Agua Prieta, Sonora.

The law enforcement source who spoke with KVOA said he doubts any alert will be issued because the killings happened in such a remote region of the border. He said the killings appear to be related to organized crime. The Sonora State Police declined to answer questions about the investigation and only publicly referenced the killings after KVOA called seeking information. In a release sent late Thursday, the agency said four of the victims were from Sinaloa. One victim still alive is in critical condition.

The federal law enforcement source said the killings were related to organized crime.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

By: Rafael Leon Pineda

Caborca ​​, Sonora. A total of seven bodies were picked up the morning of Thursday in the vicinity of the Sierra La Lesna , in known as las agujas located in the boundary of the municipality of Caborca ​​and Sonoyta , one kilometer from the dividing line with the United States , attended by authorities to take note of the bloody event .

Of the seven , some were identified as Miguel and / or Misael Castillo Lugo, José Alexis Mists Garcia and Arnoldo Perea Camacho , 27, 22 and 38 years respectively , all from Culiacan , Sinaloa , but residing in this city Caborca ​​and Virrueta Alejandro Ramirez , 29, and Porfirio Ramos Cortes , 23 .

While the other remaining bodies carried no identification , so that their identity is unknown expected to be claimed by relatives.

The tragic event was recorded on Tuesday 18 March when corporations were alerted about a shootout in the El Cozón , a gap that leads to the dividing line , near the ejido El Ejemplo .

It was not until Wednesday afternoon , after 24 hours of searching in that desert region on the part of the police forces , where they managed to find a pick up truck , gray cabin, mid- , late-model , where the bodies were found people were shot dead , some of which were on the car and just meters from the other place .

It was also reported that a person was able to be found alive Saul Hernandez identified as Francisco Ramirez , 25 , who is in a hospital in the city of Puerto Peñasco, where he remains under police custody.

The victims were involved in drug transfer , depending on the version of the injured person , who mentioned that they returned from delivering the drugs in the vicinity of the line when they were surprised by heavily armed subjects who after the crime managed to flee .

According to the statement issued by the State Police Investigator , no weapons were found at the site , rather than shell casings for heavy weapons such as 7.62 and .223 , used by rifles known as AK -47 and AR -15 with presumed victims had died at the Altar desert sector.

The bodies found in the amphitheater of a particular funeral of Caborca ​​and is expected to be claimed by their relatives during the next few hours , so the authorities are already investigating the matter , as announced through a press release by the Attorney General in the State.


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