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Note:  another step backwards.  Has history per SAF of anti 2nd Amendment, anti self defense, etc.


Obama Promises Illegals: Obamacare Sign Up Info Won't Be Used for Deportation

Admits "prosecutorial discretion" on immigration has already stretched his "administrative capacity very far."


Note:  excerpt

4. 2015 Budget Request: Customs and Border Protection
By Zach Rausnitz  

Customs and Border Protection's budget would rise to $13.1 billion and the agency would hire an additional 2,000 officers under the White House fiscal 2015 request.

The agency already began to hire 2,000 new officers this year fiscal, and the 2015 budget would help it complete that process – and add 2,000 more on top of that.

More officers should translate to faster processing at ports of entry, potentially boosting international trade and the U.S. economy in the process. CBP says the new hires would help add $4 billion to the country's gross domestic product.

The proposal includes higher fees charged to international travelers to fund around 1,200 of the new officers.

CBP's Office of Air and Marine would see a substantial cut, dropping from $805 million this year to $709 million in 2015. Flight hours would drop down to the 2013 level, saving the agency $32.7 million.

The agency's account for border security between ports of entry and related account for border security fencing, infrastructure and technology would both see increases over the current year, by 5.6 and 3.1 percent, respectively, not accounting for inflation.

end excerpt 

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