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Note: no other confirmation as of yet.

Update: Two arrested in agent shooting
By Trisha Maldonado
Douglas Dispatch
Published/Last Modified on Thursday, October 4, 2012 3:21 PM MDT

The U.S. Embassy of Mexico has confirmed apprehension of two unknown
suspects in the shooting and killing of Naco Border Patrol Agent
Nicolas Ivie.

"We arrested two individuals yesterday suspected of being involved in
the attack on the Border Patrol agents.
Given that there is an ongoing investigation we cannot comment
further, except to say that the Mexican government will continue
working shoulder to shoulder with U.S. authorities to bring those
responsible to justice," Spokeswomen for the Mexican Embassy, Lydia
Antonio said.

Speculations had been made late Wednesday afternoon but neither the
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) nor the Mexican Consul would
confirm until today.

Agent Ivie, 30, was shot and killed and another agent sustained non-
life threatening wounds early Tuesday morning.

Ivie, was killed after he and two other agents responded to a sensor
hit near mile maker 352 on Highway 80, 15 miles west of Douglas and
seven miles north of the border.

Agent Ivie was a native of Provo, Utah and joined the U.S. Border
Patrol in January 2008.
He leaves behind his wife Christy and two daughters one and three.

The other unidentified Border Patrol agent that sustained non-life
threatening wounds has been released from the hospital.
"As they (agents) were walking up the trail, they reported taking
gunfire," Cochise County Sheriff's spokeswomen Carol Capas said.

The investigation is being led by the Cochise County Sheriff's Office
(CCSO) and the FBI.

As of today FBI, Border Patrol agents from Naco and Douglas, CCSO and
the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are
still at the location continuing their investigation.

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