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AZMEX EXTRA 24-10-12


Note: More RPG rounds and grenades recovered. Usual lack of
relevant details.

Note: no numbers available so far.

SSP to 4 municipalities Equip weapons and uniforms
Details Published on Tuesday 23 October 2012, Written by Editorial /
The Journal


In the line of further strengthening the infrastructure of local and
state police, Public Security Secretary Ernesto Munro Palacio headed,
gave weapons to the municipalities of Navojoa, San Luis Rio Colorado,
Agua Prieta and Hermosillo and the uniformed ISSpe and PESP.

These types of rifles semiautomatic carbine in 5.56 and 40 caliber
pistols of Glock brand, 40mm grenade launcher attachments for M4
carbines and rifles caliber 380 (?) of the Remington brand.

Ernesto Munro Palacio who led the delivery of equipment to municipal
and state corporations, stressed the importance of continued support
and equipping the bodies responsible for ensuring the safety of Sonora.
Congratulated and recognized the mayors who received weapons by
devoting resources to this area and thus go into alliance with the
state on this issue.
"This allows us to meet and act as Secretariat as adjuvants with
municipalities in the acquisition of weapons to the Department of
Defense, for them congratulated the councils of Agua Prieta,
Hermosillo, Navojoa and San Luis by devoting resources to equip their
The presentation took place in the central courtyards of Public
Safety State Police headed by Ulises Alonso Mendez-Gomez Manuell.
Navojoa attended Mayor Alberto Nathanael Guerrero Lopez, Luis Felipe
Chan, Director of Public Safety Hermosillo, the Commissioner General
in San Luis, Francisco Bustamante Vazquez, and Michael Sesma
Quibrera, head of the Institute of Public Security of the State.

500 police would have to leave work for three days in order to
receive the SNSP rifles
Joseph A. H. Garcia | October 23, 2012 | 20:26 pm

Chihuahua. - The Municipal Public Security Direcciónde still agree to
receive the 500 rifles paid for over two years ago at the National
Public Security System (SNSP), because they are in negotiations to
avoid taking 500 police off work for training for three days, said
the mayor of Chihuahua, Adam Marco Quezada.

In recent weeks, the president revealed that weapons Municipal
already in the agency and explained that they had not been delivered
because the Ministry of Defence were required to pay a training
course for officers that would carry them.

The Presidenciasigue managing a discount is made for the cost of the
course to be taken by municipalities to carry weapons, which would
generate a cost of 1.5 million pesos , according to data provided by
the capital's mayor. ( $115,000 USD)

Another problem is that the police would have to be removed from the
patrol for three days to be eligible for this course, which could
lead to a security problem in the city, said Quezada Martinez, why we
are still in negotiations with the Federation .

El Diario de Chihuahua

Note: RPG round, grenades, etc

NATIONAL: Navy detains 9 alleged 'Zetas in Coahuila
By: Writing 2 | 24-Oct-2012 8:17

Navy Department reported that various actions arrested 9 suspects'
Zetas in Coahuila, and seized more than 520 kilograms of marijuana,
56 guns and short, 5 RPG rockets, more than 14 thousand rounds, eight
grenades and 8,500 U.S. dólares , among other effects.

The first assurance was made on 22 October in the city of Piedras
Negras, Coahuila, when Marine Corps personnel who conducted
surveillance patrols streets of Colonia Carranza said one person was
transported on board a vehicle carrying a rifle, it was observed with
the naked eye from the outside of said automobile,

The driver ignored the stop indication, so a chase began making the
assurance of one who said his name was Guillermo Hernandez Silva "The
Memo." When doing a review into the vehicle, were found seven rifles,
2,254 cartridges of different calibers, 16 packages of green grass
with the characteristics of marijuana with a total weight of about
100 kilograms, among other effects.

"The Memo" referred to belong to the criminal group "Los Zetas" and
that weapons were carrying over from a warehouse in the colony Villas
del Carmen, so staff went to the property to verify this information,
noting that street cited two people were armed, noting elements OF
Mariana Infantry, they attempted to flee; entering the property one
noted while the other went into a house in front, so naval personnel
entered these homes, realizing that people fled to the back of each
of the houses.

In these homes were located 34 packs of green grass with the
characteristics of marijuana with a total weight of approximately 100
kg, plus 13 long guns and a handgun, almost 1,300 rounds of different
caliber ammunition and 99 magazines for firearms.
Meanwhile, Marines personnel of Naval Security Since installed in the
vicinity of the town of Nava, Coahuila, also said on 22 past, a
person traveling on board a vehicle, which he said called Oscar
Alfonso Gardea Gonzalez (a) "El Chaparro" in possession of 13 rifles,
2.154 rounds of ammunition, 84 magazines for firearms, plus 12
packages of green grass with the characteristics of marijuana with an
approximate total weight of 102 kilograms, plus 8,500 USD.

In other action, in the same job Naval Security were secured three
more people who were aboard a vehicle, who noted the presence of the
naval staff tried to hide guns under the seats of the vehicle, so we
proceeded to invite the crew to come down from the unit for inspection.

Inside the vehicle was found three rifles with their respective
magazines supplied with 89 rounds of ammunition, and two packets of
green grass with the characteristics of marijuana with a total weight
of approximately 10 kilograms.

Therefore detained were called Omar who said Alejandro Zavala
Martínez (a) "El Chacho", Adam Cruz Perez Aguirre (a) "The Dog" and
Guillermo Federico Mora Suevich (a) "El Viejo" and / or "The 23" The
latter seems to be one of the inmates recently escaped from the
prison of Piedras Negras, Coahuila. stated engage in communications
center of the criminal organization "Los Zetas".

In another operation on the same day in the city of Piedras Negras,
Marine Corps personnel who conducted surveillance patrols streets of
Colonia Gonzalez, received a citizen complaint reporting that two
people walking on these streets near transported inside a suitcase a
gun, so we proceeded to a routine inspection local found a long gun
supplied with 30 rounds of ammunition, a grenade, two bags of green
grass with the characteristics of marijuana with a total weight of
about 1.3 kilograms plus 100 small bundles of the same grass.

In the place were secured José Rubén Pérez Pérez (a) "El Pelon" and
Javier Ortiz Flores (a) "El Gordo", who stated working for the
criminal group "Los Zetas" as drug dealers and suppliers in different
parts of the city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila.

In an action also on October 22, on Highway 2 Piedras Negras-Nuevo
Laredo, naval personnel conducting surveillance trips saw in a
vehicle traveling on the road, carrying two people and between the
door and the driver stood a long gun, plus the co-pilot sat in the
alert position wielding a rifle, so they were told to stop, ignoring
the instruction and trying to flee.

Therefore began a chase that ended with the capture of Uriel Garcia
Camacho assurance (a) "El Flaco" and Abraham Cesar Carrion Lira (a)
"El Gordo" in possession of two rifles supplied with 20 and 30 rounds
of ammunition , respectively, and two packs of green grass with the
characteristics of marijuana weighing approximately 10 kilograms. It
is noteworthy that these people demonstrated engage in drug
distribution and supply in the state of Coahuila and belong to the
criminal group "Los Zetas".

Finally, during a patrol surveillance conducted in Western colony
Monclova Township, Marine staff noted that a person came home with a
gun in hand, approaching a vehicle that fled the scene at high
speed , so we proceeded to follow up, failing his capture.

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