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Note: A quick scan of Monday US - Mexico border, English language
media and Mexican media pretty much indicates the Univision special
on F&F never happened. Almost total silence. Univision did do a
credible job of promoting the program. Don't know about the US
media, but it has been suggested that the Mexican media is waiting
for guidance from EPN and the PRI.
The US media also waiting for guidance?

Another key point was the abject failure of Mexican customs. But
then their main purpose over many years has been to rob Mexican
citizens returning for holidays.

The following is what little we picked up:

Fast Guns ... in slaughter of Salvarcar: Univision
A report released by Univision, entitled "Fast and Furious, arming
the enemy,"

Admit mistakes in Operation Fast and Furious'.
Senior U.S. officials and agents of the ATF office, faced an
interrogation on Tuesday and apologized for mistakes in the
investigation known as "Operation Fast and Furious'

Miami | Sunday September 30, 2012
Notimex | El Universal

The weapons crossed the border into Mexico as part of Operation Fast
and Furious and stopped in the hands of drug cartels were deadliest
known so far, according to a report released today by Univision.

The "Fast and Furious, arming the enemy" weapons mentioned massacres
of the operation, including the killing of 16 youths at a party in
Salvarcar, in Ciudad Juárez, in January 2010.

Work first presented some of the weapons seized by the U.S.
government and facilities are kept in the Bureau of Alcohol, Snuff,
Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in Arizona.

The weapons seized by U.S. authorities were acquired illegally by
organized crime and used in crimes, including the murders of two U.S.
federal agents.

It was the death of Brian Terry in Arizona, Border Patrol agent on
December 14, 2010, and the agent of the Bureau of Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE), Jaime Zapata in San Luis Potosi, center
Mexico, on February 15, 2011.

The chain documented how authorities in Lukeville, Arizona, once
arrested and let go to Fabian Celis, who had confessed to working for
an ally of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the Sinaloa Cartel capo.

Operation Fast and Furious against the arms trade was launched in
2009 to catch the big weapons smuggling kingpins, but federal agents
lost track of about 1,400 weapons of over two thousand involved,
including AK -47.

The program also revealed a similar operation in the ATF called
"Castaway" which could also locate additional weapons that escaped
control agents and fell into the hands of drug traffickers in
Honduras, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

The program revealed that the U.S. government warned never to Mexico
all the details on the objectives of the plan or on the consequences
and collateral damage.

Last week, the inspector general of the Department of Justice gave an
official report on Fast and Furious where, although denounced
"serious errors" of the operation, acquitted the attorney general,
Eric Holder, have withheld information.


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