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Note: A few interesting items from just across the fence.

Partner of El Chapo had 'bunker' near the border with the U.S.
The depot was located on a ranch owned by El Senor, identified as the
main operator in Sonora for El Chapo
Daniel Sanchez Dorame / correspondent

In the bowels of narcobúnker
Related Notes
* Confiscate 13 tons of marijuana in Sonora

HERMOSILLO, October 21. - Two underground storage bunker, equipped
for storing and preserving drugs, the Mexican military discovered
near the border in the town of Sonoita, Sonora, with just over three
tons of marijuana inside.

The finding what materialized military elements assigned to the 45th
Military Zone after performing intelligence work that led to the
ranch "El Triunfo", located 12 kilometers northwest of the town of
Sonoita, about seven kilometers from the border line located in the
Altar Desert, 520 kilometers from Hermosillo, the state capital.

In the underground bunkers were found 307 packages of marijuana that
had a total weight of 3,010 kilos, sheltered inside a metal structure
built in an area of ​​1.45 meters wide, 6 meters long and two
meters deep, protected with a Special insulation and vented to keep
moisture and prevent unnerving smell of marijuana from surfacing,
said a newsletter.

These underground deposits were detected in the orchards of the ranch
"El Triunfo" owned by Adelmo Nieblas Gonzalez or Guillermo Nieblas
Nava AKA El Senor and / or El Memo, arrested by the Federal Police
last September in Culiacan, Sinaloa, and who according to information
from the Attorney General's Office (PGR) was the head of the main
plaza or operator for the Sinaloa cartel of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman

This one is allocated in a series of armed confrontations against
drug trafficking in the region that includes the towns of Caborca,
Puerto Peñasco, San Luis Rio Colorado and Sonoyta, besides those
being in charge of the traffic of drugs and weapons across the Altar
desert in Sonora to Maricopa County in the neighboring state of Arizona.

As part of this military action, the Department of Defense reports
that resulted in the arrest of six suspects and the seizure of six
vehicles, property and a livestock trailer, also soldiers destroyed
two underground tanks so that no one can continue using it for
illegal purposes.

Civilians, the drugs, the ranch and the vehicles were made available
to the Federal Public Ministry to continue with the investigations.

2012-10-21 09:34:00

Note: a look across the street from Nogales, AZ. Stealing 8 or 10
kilos of cocaine doesn't go over very well in some quarters. Hear
they confessing to other crimes also. Don't think that will keep
them from becoming buzzard feed. Also, AP across the street from
Douglas, AZ is been having a rash of non narco crimes.

Posted October 20, 2012, 1:01 AM
I kill to steal ten kilograms of cocaine
Apparently confessed to having been the perpetrators of the murder
and robbery of the drug.
Nogales, Sonora - New Day

The death of a resident of this border which was a former police
officer and franchisee of urban transport (number 135, between San
Carlos), was to steal ten kilos of cocaine aboard presumably moved a
car company two people, the latter were deprived of their freedom but
released minutes later, in connection with the case were arrested
seven suspected of the act.
The authorities of the place where there was armed aggression, and
implemented an operational elements of the Municipal Police did
arrest alleged participant in the attack and robbery of the drugs,
The soldiers made available to the Public Prosecutor of the Common
Jurisdiction seven people and ten kilos of cocaine, two firearms and
a vehicle, same as was said, they were secured to the detainees today.
The spokesman for the Attorney General of the State, announced that
those arrested were identified as: Alejandro Bojorquez Mendez, alias
"El Indio", 31-year-old native of Ahome, Sinaloa; Quesney Iván
Adrián Cuevas, alias "The Guerito" 30-year-old native of Villa
Juárez, Sonora and Jorge Armando Ortiz Escárcega, aka "Junior," 31-
year-old native of Ciudad Obregon, Sonora.
Similarly, it was reported that he had also been arrested on the name
Guadalupe Rivera Gil, 43 years old; Eloisa Avila Peralta, 34 years
old; Yatzín Valenzuela Miranda, alias "La Guera", 31 years old and
Juan Peralta Rivas, 79 years old.
At the time of the events, the victim was driving a Ford vehicle line
Windstar, sand color, model 1999, when he was intercepted by a green
pickup who those aboard shot him repeatedly.
On Wednesday October 17, the police received the report elements in
Fresno Street and 600, in the Yaqui Valley, gunshots were heard.
Upon arriving at the scene found dead was Amado Fierros Avila, 44-
year-old native of El Tobarito residing in Nogales, Sonora.
The Municipal Police managed to locate at kilometer 206 of the
highway Ciudad Obregon Navojoa, the pick-up truck, green, Ford Ranger
brand, in which the attackers fled.
In the vehicle in question were apprehended, "The Guerito", "El
Indio" and "Junior". Also, in the vehicle were two fire arms and
eight packets in block form containing the drug known as cocaine,
weighing approximately eight pounds.
All three subjects have confessed killing Amado Fierros Avila and
had "lifted" his companions to rob the drug packages.
Moments later able to locate and arrest the people who were allegedly
in possession of the drug, these being the name Guadalupe Rivera Gil,
who was found in possession of two packages, weighing about two
Peralta was also arrested Eloisa Avila; Yatzín Valenzuela Miranda,
alias "La Guera" and Juan Peralta Rivas, who agreed that the company
would now deceased in moving the ten kilos of cocaine, when the
attack occurred.
Those arrested, drugs, weapons and vehicle, were made available to
the Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction
As responsible for the murder and robbery were identified, Bojorquez
Mendez, Queseny Cuevas and Ortiz Escárcega also given them to agents
of the Federal Public Prosecutor for crimes against health.
Peralta Rivas, Peralta Avila, Gil Valenzuela Miranda and Rivera Gil
were made available to the Federal Public Prosecutor for crimes
against health.

Note: looked like a few 1911's and other types. As usual no
details anymore.

Police arrest three with ten handguns in Cajeme
Details Published on Sunday 21 October 2012, written by the Journal
Cajeme. -

Two males and a female were turned over to the agent of the Federal
Public Prosecutor's Office after it was discovered that they were in
a home in which they found ten handguns, three rifles, 15 magazines
and more than 300 cartridges in different calibers. Cesar Omar
Sanchez Lerma, 45 years old, Rosa Isela Moreno Estrada, 19 years old
and Valentín Moreno González, 22 years old, were caught by police
and State Police Investigator Municipal Police in a house in the
Center colony.
Elements interviewed Rosa Isela, who told the agents inside the house
was her friend Valentine, which was being threatened with a firearm
by a person who had requested sexual services. The police knocked on
the door of the home, encountering Cesar Omar, who brandished a
firearm, for which he was arrested and was seized a .40 caliber
pistol, with magazine supplied with 13 rounds of ammunition. Once in
the interior of the house the officers searched and the place had
several guns, so they immediately gave notice to the Agent of the
Public Prosecutor Common inspecting the home, with a Social
Representative, were found inside nine handguns and three rifles, and
a total of 15 magazines for different weapons and 338 rounds of
ammunition of various calibers. The agents of the PEI and Municipal
Police also secured a vehicle Dodge Ram brand, extended cab.

NOTE: Updated with more details.

Arsenal found in downtown area
Details Category: Main Published on Saturday, October 20, 2012 1:17
Written by Martin Alberto Mendoza

Everything stemmed from the imprisonment of a youth, detain several

A man who was hiding in a house, which proved to be a safe house, was
arrested yesterday morning after he was deprived of liberty a
homosexual, who sought help from a friend and this got to the
authorities and, getting there searched the house, is located
thirteen firearms.

This action occurred shortly after 5:00 am, in Durango # 126 South
Street between Hidalgo and Guerrero, in the City Center.

That site was arrested the alleged gunman Omar César Sánchez Lerma,
44, residing in Primavera # 1340, between Toluca and Espiga, in the
primavera fractionation.

At the time of his arrest by members of the Municipal Police,
supported by elements of the State Investigating police, the guy
carrying a gun, .38 Super, unknown the number of rounds of ammunition
that was in the magazine.

In the same scene, it was established that all began when a
homosexual named Valentine, 22, was staying since before midnight
Thursday with the arrest today as they tried to leave, the alleged
gunman stopped him.

Thus, it remained deprived of liberty and allegedly threatened with a

Desperate for the situation he was facing, Valentine, who lives in
Cologne Pioneers, took a neglect to leave the house and sought help
from a friend named Rosa Isela, avecindada free municipality in the

Then they called the emergency number 066 to report what had happened
and, simultaneously, officers arrived at the home of the municipal
and state police Investigator.

They knocked on the door and opened César Sánchez Omar Lerma, who
with one hand was wrapped in a towel and the other was holding the
gun, and traced undergoing a patrol.

When they register the property, police officers, accompanied by
military 60 / Infantry Battalion who came to guard the place, located
ten handguns, two 9-mm, three 40 mm, three of 38 Super, one of these,
allegedly with gold grips.

It had a 380 pistol and another .22 caliber pistol. Also located a
shotgun, a rifle and an AR 15 and AK 47 automatic rifle, better known
as "goat horn".

There undetermined amount of magazines and cartridges of various
calibers, which were recorded around noon, but so far, no such data
released by the authorities of the Attorney General of the State, who
took charge of the matter.

It is presumed that the weapons, and ammunition magazines were in
two suitcases that were taken from the home, outside of which seized
two vehicles.

One is a pickup, Dodge Ram, red license plates UZ 29 353 and the
other is a van, Ford, Explorer, indigo blue, which carries plates WAB
8917. ( AZ plate?)

Judicial investigations were made by the Public Prosecutor of the
Common Jurisdiction sector one, who was in charge of judicial attest
that all operations were conducted in the home and concluded shortly
after 7:00 am.

It was learned that in the building had been secured significant
amount of drugs, however, that version was rejected by one of the
police commanders.

The detainee was subjected to close questioning, suspecting belonging
to a criminal group allegedly operating in this city.

Note: M1 carbine, but no serial number as usual these days

Posted October 21, 2012, 1:55 AM
The cops shot at
Horacio Molina Antonio Aceves was arrested for shooting at the police
who came to arrest him for domestic violence, in Hermosillo, Sonora.
Who came to arrest him for domestic violence
Alfonso Campos-RUBIO
Hermosillo, Sonora - New Day

Horacio Antonio Aceves Molina (a) "el tono", 30, was arrested around
21:57 pm last Friday as the alleged perpetrator of domestic violence,
death threats against public safety and possession and carrying of
firearms used exclusively by the army, seized were a .30 cal M1
carbine and a 9 mm pistol , with six rounds of ammunition and two
fired casings from both weapons, reports said.
The spokesman of the Preventive Police and Municipal Transit said
above was raised in the house located on the streets Circuito del
Nogal and Del Bosque, in Colonia Privadas del Bosque, northwest of
the city, from where came a domestic violence report, the Officers
Arturo Yanez Bórquez and Luis Rey Juzaino Ramirez arrived. they
observed his wife, kneeling in the living room Mayarlin Barragán
Ortiz, twenty years, with a month old baby in her arms, she was at
Seeing the action proceeded to yell to lower his weapon and deposed
its aggressive attitude, only for the individual trigger twice
against the squad, without achieving any impact to immediately
proceed to try to submit it, so that "The Toño "Aceves Molina ran to
one of the bedrooms, where apart from the bed was a crib, which threw
what proved to be the 9 mm caliber pistol with a cartridge" chambered
"and one in the magazine, .
Immediately after handcuffing and check the crib, also found the 30-
caliber M1 carbine, with four rounds of ammunition in the magazine,
proceeding to remove to the police holding cells, where the medical
examiner diagnosed him under the influence of marijuana, turned over
to the Seventh AMPFC, added the insider.

9 arrested in AZ human smuggling bust
Posted: Oct 21, 2012 2:24 PM MST
Updated: Oct 21, 2012 2:38 PM MST
By Phil Benson - email

Courtesy of MCSO
Nine suspected undocumented immigrants were arrested Friday night in
a human smuggling bust.

The arrests occurred in northern Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe Arpaio
said. Arpaio's Human Smuggling Unit discovered the occupants in a van.

During the investigation, sheriff's detectives also found a 17-year-
old boy in the vehicle traveling with his older brother.

All of the suspects claimed to be Mexican nationals and paid $500 to
be smuggled into the country near Altar, Arpaio said. All nine said
they were going to Florida, according to sheriff's investigators.

Two undocumented immigrants were booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail
on charges of state human smuggling. Seven suspected undocumented
immigrants, including the juvenile, were turned over to ICE.

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