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AZMEX EXTRA 27-10-12


Note: Ongoing problem throughout rural Mexico. Expected to take on
very well financed and armed cartels with revolver? Ammunition
supply is another large problem. Sanity dictates the honest cops
head for the hills, and the small towns are overrun. But then if
Mexican citizens could be once again armed, they help could defend
their homes and towns.

Posted 27/10/2012 2:22 By: Drafting ElImparcial
They need weapons in smaller municipalities
The smallest municipalities of the state do not have the support of
Subsemun, required for armament modernized basic change from revolver
to pistol, said Ernesto Munro Palacio.

Hermosillo, Sonora (PH)
The smallest municipalities of the state do not have the support of
Subsemun, required for modernized armament a basic change from
revolver to semiautomatic pistol, said Ernesto Munro Palacio.

In Sonora municipalities with the Safety Grant Municipalities
(Subsemun) are Hermosillo (with 130 million a year), Ciudad Obregón
(30 million), San Luis Rio Colorado, Puerto Peñasco, Caborca,
Nogales, Agua Prieta, Navojoa and Guaymas (10 million each) who have
more advanced in weaponry against crime.

"They need weapons especially smaller ones, need to modernize, we
need to change from a revolver to a semiautomatic pistol with two
magazines, something more modern, but not the case of large cities,
or those with Subsemun.

"They do use automatic pistols and have automatic and semiautomatic
rifles, but the small municipalities of up to 600 inhabitants do
need more modern weapons and gradually we will be gaining," he

The largest municipalities are kept investing in weapons, said Munro,
and also invested in technology.

"On the other hand we also Fund Contributions for Public Safety are
committed to supporting municipalities, especially those with
Subsemun up to 20% of the resources we receive from the Federation,"
he said.

Among the most preferred support by municipalities are vehicles,
because when working the 24-hours, cars wear out, but they can also
deliver body armor, ammunition and weapons.

Note: could this one be why?

Posted October 27, 2012, 2:26 AM
Army seizes arsenal in Jardines del Bosque
They perform important seizure of arsenal in a van located in the
Jardines del Bosque.
Hiram G. Machi
Nogales, Sonora - New Day

A large arsenal of assault rifles, boots, body armor, grenades, among
other additions, were seized by the Mexican Army after intelligence
work that resulted in securing into a late-model truck, the which was
parked in the Jardines del Bosque.

Minutes after 10:00 yesterday morning, an army convoy appeared in
Ebano Street, opposite the house marked No. 6-B, where they had
located a Nissan Murano, gray , late-model, with national plates,
which reportedly had left minutes before parked and several
individuals, who presumably descended from the vehicle to one of the
residences of the sector.

After controlling access in both directions of the street, soldiers
looked into one of the windows of the van, saw several rifles, so
they proceeded to open the unit, making the discovery of more than
five assault rifles, in mostly AK-47, cylindrical or drum magazines,
pouches, several body armor, at least two fragmentation grenades,
marijuana residue, black uniforms with emblems of the national flag,
tactical gear, buttons and other utensils used by organized crime.

Up to press time was not announced officially the material secured by
the Army commanders reported only an overview of what was found
inside the van.
Later, the vehicle was towed and taken to the resort from the
Attorney General's Office where he was turned over along with the
weaponry to the public prosecutor of the federation, who initiated
the investigation, it should be noted that no arrest of any person.

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