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1 dead, 18 found inside truck after crash in Mesa
By Associated Press
Originally published: Oct 19, 2012 - 6:50 am

MESA, Ariz. -- Mesa police have found 18 people in the bed of a truck
after the driver died upon crashing the vehicle.

ABC 15.COM reported police were pursuing the pickup truck Friday
morning after the driver refused a request to pull over.

The driver sped through city streets and onto the US 60 before
missing a turn, which led to the crash at Country Club Drive and
Baseline Road. Police spokesman Steve Berry said several of the
passengers in the back of the truck sustained injuries.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents responded to the scene to
determine if any of the passengers were in the country illegally.

Authorities said the intersection would be closed during the early-
morning commute.

Note: Think all is well on the border? Folks here including the BP
don't seem to think so.
Following from NBPC Local 2544.

Ajo Supervisors Out of Control

10-18-12 We have received a number of reports about SBPA Mudie
cursing at agents in musters and acting in an extremely condescending
and unprofessional manner. He has ordered agents to show up for work
without pay 20 minutes before their shifts start so that they can
prep their patrol vehicles. Mudie stated that if the agents had "a
problem" adhering to his orders they could "call the union" because
he knew "ways around" the union. He finally stated that if they
didn't like his orders to come in and work for free every day they
could "quit".

So who is supposedly supervising SBPA Mudie while he carries on with
foolish antics and vulgar temper tantrums? That would be FOS Grupe.
But Grupe doesn't seem to care, and he has his own set of issues. He
recently instructed agents to falsify their COSS during a 24-hour lay-
in operation. He deals with complaints by threatening the agents who
complain and screwing with their shifts and their family life. Grupe
stated that the Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn't apply to some
operations and that he doesn't acknowledge the CBA for those
operations. Really?

We are certainly interested to know where Mudie thinks he gets the
authority to make agents work without pay. It's illegal, unethical
and a complete abuse of authority for some big-headed supervisor to
pull these stunts. We would also like to know his magic trick to make
the law and the union disappear. We are equally interested in knowing
where Grupe thinks he gets the authority to make the CBA disappear
during lay-in operations. Mudie and Grupe apparently need some
serious education about the laws of this country and the
responsibilities inherent in a managerial position in a law
enforcement agency. Acting like a common street thug and using bully
tactics isn't in the instruction manual. It is truly scary that some
of our so-called "leaders" are so stupid, ignorant, careless and/or
somehow seemingly above adherence to the laws and regulations the
rest of us have to follow. Especially when these men are "law
enforcement officers" and even worse, managers of law enforcement
officers who should be above reproach. Managers are supposed to be
held to the fictional "higher standard" but we all know that is a joke.

An agent was once fired in this sector for dropping an F-bomb during
a heated conversation with a manager. Mudie drops F-bombs with
regularity when upset and asserting his "authority". He does so in a
vulgar fashion while chewing agents out. Will he be fired? Or does
that standard only apply to rank-and-file agents? We already know the

President Obama Lies to the American People
10-18-12 During the second presidential debate President Obama lied
about Arizona's SB1070. He said the law allows cops in Arizona to
pull people over if they appear to be illegal aliens. That is just
flat untrue. Is he really that misinformed, or did he just lie to
make it sound better? Well, since it is his administration that sued
Arizona over the law, it is inconceivable that he is so misinformed
that he just doesn't know what the law really says. He even went so
far as to suggest that his two daughters could be pulled over by cops
in Arizona because of the way they look. Really, Mr. President? You
really believe that? This is simply a complete joke.

As the leader of the free world, why is President Obama so intent on
slandering the state of Arizona in front of the entire nation and
flat out lying about one of our laws? And why does he get away with it?

The facts are that the Arizona law does NOT allow police to stop
people based on whether they look like an illegal immigrant. Further,
the law SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITS such actions. We hate to allow facts
to confuse sleazy lies and political pandering, but isn't anyone in
the media holding President Obama accountable for telling lies and
smearing a state on a national stage just to gain political points
with special interest groups?

Border Patrol agents are fired for lying. That standard doesn't apply
to our leaders. They are held to a much lower standard.

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