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AZMEX UPDATE2 25-10-12


Note: couple uncomfortable cases for the proper authorities.
Marisela and Rubi still dead, killers still not brought to justice

Note: for those interested.

Alleged daughter of "El Chapo" Guzman pleads not guilty.
By: Writing 2 | 25-Oct-2012 16:13

San Diego, Cal, USA. - Gisselle Alejandrina Guzmán Salazar, who has
been identified by U.S. officials as an alleged daughter of Joaquin
"El Chapo" Guzman, said Monday through her lawyers not guilty to
immigration charges.
Guzmán Salazar, who appeared before Judge Jan Adler in a brief
hearing wearing red prison uniform faded, said not guilty of
illegally entering the country, of using foreign documents and lying
to authorities, orally and in writing.

The girl, who announced her pregnancy, due to appear in court on
November 30.

According to the criminal complaint, Guzman Salazar was arrested this
month on the border when he tried to enter the United States with
foreign immigration documents.
Guzmán Salazar sought to enter U.S. territory to give birth,
according to U.S. documents.


Says Marisela Escobedo's son that Antonio Barraza is the murderer of
his mother
By: Writing 2 | 24-Oct-2012 20:17

El Paso, Texas, USA. - Juan Frayre Escobedo, son of activist Marisela
Escobedo was murdered in Mexico in 2010, said today that the person
who killed his mother was Antonio Barraza, brother of Sergio Barraza,
whom it accused of having murdered his daughter Ruby.

"The murderer of my mother is the brother of the man who killed Ruby,
and I have said over and over to the authorities. Do not know why
they prefer to present a scapegoat rather than arrest the real
murderer," said Frayre Escobedo news conference from his exile in El
Paso (USA).

The son of activist said the brothers are members of the Zetas,
adding that he himself was threatened outside a shopping mall in El
Paso by Antonio Barraza.

Marisela Escobedo was murdered on December 16, 2010 at the gates of
Government House in Chihuahua while on a sit-in to demand the
authorities to arrest Sergio Barraza.

Barraza was arrested and later released, prompting women to bring
evidence to the authorities, in their view, showing that this man,
who had been a couple of his daughter, was the murderer and member of
Los Zetas, and reported where they could find it.

Frayre Escobedo said to the inactivity of the authorities and the
refusal to arrest the alleged murderer of her sister, her mother
began the sit-in to pressure authorities in Chihuahua state to act.

"I have always maintained that my mother became a problem for the
authorities and therefore allowed his murder right in front of their
premises, where a table was asking for justice," he explained.

Chihuahua authorities earlier this month presented to José Enrique
Zavala Jimenez, alias "The Wicked", as the murderer of the activist.

However, Ricardo Escobedo, Marisela brother and witness to the
murder, says Zavala Jimenez was not the shooter.

Frayre Escobedo is currently in El Paso, as well as five members of
his family, who left the country after receiving death threats in

"Nothing is going to return to my mother, but we want your death does
not go unpunished," said Escobedo's son in the press conference.


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