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Note:  Wrap up on last weeks shootout in Auga Prieta, Son.  Across the fence from Douglas, AZ.  Video from AP showed probably hundreds of empties on the streets.   Also seem to be a de facto news black out along the AZMEX border past few days, as if nothing is happening.  You betcha.  


  Although there was more talk that many more people were killed after gunmen clash between groups apart from missing , officially reported to date have only been eight men executed in 31 hours on this border .

 In the early hours of Saturday January 18 , the population of this city panicked , to hear the detonations in the city center that left several people dead . At approximately 00:45 hours began to hear the f the bursting grenades and heavy weapons , waking the population

In that same confrontation allegedly was injured Luis Enrique Ceballos Barraza , 25 , originally from Culiacan , Sinaloa , who was taken to the IMSS hospital and of the severity of injuries died
same Saturday around 11:00 hours. When the forensic and medical staff was preparing to prepare bodies Barragán Funeral Home , at 12:20 hours came a vehicle approached by several men and left outside the building the body of Hector Ulises Romero Reyes , 29  native of Guasave , Sinaloa, but residing in this city. 

It is noteworthy that the above described had several bullets wounds in the body, face , head and extremities . But at 11:15 am , had been discovered the body of a man on Calle 48th Avenue to Avenida 33 same as last Tuesday was identified as Lorenzo Hernández Ocotlan and had several bullet wounds . also
authorities said that five vehicles were found abandoned and the detonations could be heard several miles away.

The confrontation began at that hour on 7th Street and 4th Avenue , where some apartments are located, place several men shooting and throwing grenades arrived.

Neighbors said that were many armed men and then the melee several wounded were lying on the ground , but they were aided by their peers and transferred into beds of various pick- ups . According to official information , the scene only found in the back of a pick -up Ford late model , armored , the corpse of Juan Miguel Favela Ramirez, 37 years old , known as "Juanito" , originally from Culiacan , Sinaloa and had his residence on calle 23rd and 24th avenue 39 , in this town. Hence arose another confrontation on 8th Street 6th Avenue , where presumably  Sabino Olivares Solis died aged 34 , residing at 5 and 6 Primera Avenue house number 3 and he was from Veracruz .

 gun cartridges found.  Later around a sedan Dodge , Stratus line , red color, which had  armor . In the garage of an apartment on 7th Street Avenue 4, a Ford pickup ,armored bed in which was the body of Juan Favela Ramirez.

Three bystanders injured 
When the shooting occurred in 8th Street 6th Avenue injured Moran Laura Lizbeth Benitez 25; Manuel Alejandro Navarro Márquez 24 and Manuela Beatriz Pérez Suárez 25 , suffering injuries that take longer than 15 days to heal and not jeopardize life , being treated at a local hospital.

Injured persons who were said turning around in their car and were hit near the place of the shooting.

To such places came the Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction , accompanied by staff of Expert ServicesAttorney General  Justice of the State , who recovered  several long gun shell casings from two different calibers. In several of the vehicles involved in the clashes were visible in the front windows the letters GN which means new people . ( Gente Nueva) 

The spate of violence began on Thursday, January 16th , when after a
 armored , being : a Chevrolet , pick -up , gray color, 2005 model without license plates , a Chevrolet GMC , black , with Sonora plates , a black Chevrolet Tahoe color, model 2008, in which found a magazine and stocked 15 rounds and a chase for several blocks , executed were Armando Moreno, Jose Cabrera and Adan Toscano Montaño , at Calle 6  and Avenue 33 , opposite the Municipal Sports Unit .

Note:  an unknown number of Uzi's have been issued in Mazatlan over the past few years.  The real ones, not the U.S. imports. 

Arrested by cops after shootout
by Editor on January 28, 2014

An alleged robber carrying a submachine gun, was arrested yesterday afternoon by members of the Municipal Police after a shootout in New Colony Village , located in Mazatlan.

The suspect, who was shot by municipal agents is  Roberto Osuna Alapizco aka "Squid " , 35  from the neighboring colony López Mateos.

It was around 13:40 pm when police elements were informed that a subject had assaulted a young person on the street between Maclovio Herrera , between Doroteo Arango and Algodones, and upon arriving at the scene, they were met with bullets.

Minutes earlier, depending on the version of the police officers and a local resident , Roberto Osuna had intercepted a young man walking down the street of commercial shops located in the area.

On the way the offender ran into municipal agents who made ​​words and then began to flee , entering several homes where abandoned clothing, but back on the street Herrera, armed policemen exchanged bullets .

After the attack , officers repelled the attack wounding him twice, so he opted to throw down an Uzi submachine gun, 9mm , and a cell phone, a charger and 220 pesos he had stolen.


Note:  No we don't make these up.

Arizona legislator champions $30M 'virtual' border fence
By Associated Press
Originally published: Jan 28, 2014 - 11:24 am

PHOENIX -- An Arizona legislator wants the state to spend $30 million for a high-tech surveillance network near the U.S. border with Mexico.

Republican Sen. Bob Worsley of Mesa said the "virtual fence" consisting of 200 cameras would monitor cross-border movement to see if the federal government keeps its promises to secure the border.
Under Worsley's bill, the new surveillance system would be erected within 20 miles of the border.

The Arizona Capitol Times reported that funding for the project could include the approximately $260,000 of donations that the state has already collected for border enforcement under previously enacted legislation.


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