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Note: From the real boots on the ground.

New DHS Secretary, We Have a Winner Folks

Fortunately, this guy will only be around for 3 years, max. Illegal aliens have "earned the right" to become United States citizens, according to Jeh Johnson.

That pain in your back as you are on patrol isn't from the worn out, broken down seat in your patrol car…it's from our new DHS Secretary, who stabbed us in the back in record time (he had just concluded his "border tour" prior to these comments).
Since every illegal alien who crashes the gates and gets by us has apparently "earned the right" to become a United States citizen, we must have a fundamental misunderstanding of our immigration laws.

A massive new VLC course should be implemented immediately. We should not be arresting these people. Come to think of it, any bank robber who is successful in grabbing the cash and getting away has "earned the right" to keep the money. Nobody should be allowed to take the money from them if they get away clean. Ever. Think of the hardship it would cause their families. Think of the unfair lifestyle changes their innocent children would be exposed to. After all, the children committed no crime. Why should they be punished for the criminal acts of the parents? Let them all keep the money as a reward for the parents' criminal activity. It is only fair.

And so it continues. The Obama Administration trots out another clueless "DHS Secretary" who is nothing more than a puppet and a mouthpiece for the Administration's political goals (panhandling for votes, the laws of this land be damned when it serves their political goals).

We are waiting for our voter registration packets so we can pass them out to all our customers. We believe another VLC course (in addition to the course explaining our new citizenship initiative) is called for. Why should illegal aliens have to wait to vote? They have "earned the right" to vote.


Note: Govt. agency speak, but most should be able to translate it.

Another Body Slam Coming for AUO
NBPC has received information from very good sources that sometime this week, and possibly as early as today, DHS will notify OBP that the use of AUO for managers at HQ, the Situation Room and all agents at the Academy and Asset Forfeiture will no longer be allowed. These were the specific areas most recently investigated by OSC, but OSC is continuing and expanding their investigation into Sector and Station level use of AUO.
DHS will also notify ERO and AMO that AUO is no longer allowed for their components (they were also named in the OSC report). DHS will give OBP, ERO and AMO a deadline, presumably 180 days, to implement this change.

The NBPC is concerned about this knee jerk reaction by DHS. We feel it will cause irreparable harm to border security and the Border Patrol. The President of the United States will make his State of the Union address tonight and one of the topics he discusses will undoubtedly be "Immigration Reform". But while he's laying out the need for "reform", our borders continue to come under attack by this Administration, lawmakers and the organized crime cartels who control almost all the illegal activity on the United States border.
The Senate passed their version of Immigration Reform, which calls for 20,000 new Border Patrol agents. But we're not allowing our agents to work the number of hours now that are required to secure the border.

This AUO purge that appears to be coming is going to further handcuff agents and destroy morale in this Agency.

So the question is, what is more important to the American people, amnesty for illegal aliens or real border security?

Amnesty seems to have all the steam, and real border security continues to take a beating at the hands of politicians and bureaucrats with political agendas to pursue.

Simply disgraceful.


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