Thursday, January 23, 2014

AZMEX EXTRA 23-1-14 F&F b


Note: Spin Advisory. But not a word about Obama administration F&F supplying drug gangs with weapons. Also not to forget other U.S. govt. supply of tens of thousands of weapons to Mexican govt. with many going to the cartels/DTO's/TCO's, etc.

Arizona is a source of illegal weapons along with Texas and California
Details Published on Thursday 23 January 2014 ,
Written by Special / El Diario

Mexico , DF

One third were purchased in this state , of which the majority was destined for Mexico .

Texas was the place where more weapons were purchased and then are trafficked illegally to Mexico between 2006 and 2010 , followed by Arizona and California, because according to a database of the Bureau of Alcohol , Snuff , Firearms and Explosives ( ATF ), in this southern state bought the 50.33 percent of these devices, while almost a third of the weapons, 29.17 percent , came from Arizona.

Data were filtered by the organizations Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) and the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity ( MPJD ), founded by writer Javier Sicilia , who released the study yesterday in Mexico City .

The Database Report on Trafficking in Firearms 2006-2010 , part of the Report No + # # Nomoreguns weapons , reveals a total of 2,921 and 79 items of weapons seized in Mexico , came from U.S. territory , which were analyzed by both organizations in coordination with the Institute for Security and Democracy ( Insyde ) .

Behind every one of the 2,921 cases found in the database and analyzed by the MPJD FOR, there are hundreds of faces , stories and fragmented families. Just stop and read the newspaper articles and official documents collected in this study to demonstrate the horror and inhumanity of the criminal actions committed with guns illegally enter our country , from gun shops in the United States, " warned the organizations in the presentation of the document.

As we have reported , they said , it appears that the northern border has open doors to weapons , dirty money and drugs , but not for all those displaced people of this war who are in an absolute helplessness.

"In addition to murder, criminal groups use these weapons of mass destruction to extort , steal , kidnap and disappear thousands of people , regardless of gender or nationality. The pain caused by these weapons do not have borders , "they warned .

As long as they installed in Mexico a war is the result of a comprehensive policy to fight against assisted drug by the U.S. arms industry ( arming both the forces of the Mexican State and organized crime ) , said , it remains Mexicans who die , suffering and fear , without any reduction in traffic or anything or consumption.

The report revealed that it was in Texas where more weapons were bought to be trafficked into the country , for the 50.33 percent of the weapons originated in this state bordering Ciudad Juarez , followed by Arizona with 29.17 percent, California, with 3.08 , Illinois with 3.05 , Nevada 2.26, and Washington with 1.47 among 34 other states of the American Union.


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