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Note: Some vehicles marked with "X", and "GN". Not yet able to get audio from local radio (AP) There have been several killings recently since the area was destabilized by the deprivation of liberty of el chapo's father-in-law, and grandfather of the adorable twins, late last year. He was there to personally supervise pharmaceutical commerce in the area. Word on the street is he still being held hostage in DF, as new business arrangements still do not seem to be completed. (El Spin)


Note: From Cochise County Sheriff's Office

> On Saturday January 18, 2014 at approximately 0045 hours the Cochise County Sheriff's Office was contacted by the Douglas Port of Entry regarding what sounded like a gun battle with automatic weapons and possibly hand grenades south of the United States/Mexico border. The Port of Entry advised that the sounds lasted until just after 1:00 am and there were no requests for medical personnel or ambulances to respond to the port.

> Information which was received throughout the day indicates that a gun/weapons fight did occur in Agua Prieta Sonora south the US/Mexico border where several fatalities occurred in two separate incidents. All information received indicates that this is probably cartel related with massive amounts of munitions used to include automatic weapons, 50 caliber weapons, and hand grenades. Reports of the death toll range from 8-13 people, none of whom are listed as US Citizens.

> As a proactive and precautionary measure, the Cochise County Sheriffs Office has placed personnel on a heightened state of alert which will allow for the deployment of additional personnel and the augmentation of existing personnel should it be determined that this violence may potentially spill over into the United States via Cochise County's international boundaries.

> Sheriff Dannels said today, "Our information indicates that this is an internal fight within the confines of the country of Mexico and will most likely stay there, however we remain vigilant in our duty to protect our citizens at all costs. If in fact there are criminal factions that intend to bring their issues to the United States, we want to assure them that we are working closely with local, state, and federal agencies to be prepared as necessary and be successful in our mission to stop any violence from occurring in our county."

Carol A. Capas
Cochise County Sheriff's Office
Communications Program Coordinator

Rival groups confront with bullets
Written by Editor Saturday, January 18, 2014 8:35

Gusts of high-powered weapons broke the quiet of the night

Agua Prieta , Sonora - . Aguapretense The tranquility of the night was broken during the first minutes of Saturday January 18 to hear bursts of high-powered rifles that lasted little more than 20 minutes , preliminary balance is 4 injured , two of them seriously.

The start of the confrontation , according to unofficial versions, 6th Avenue to 8th Street to meet face to face type two pickup trucks traveling within which armed men , to recognize each other shooting began on both sides.

In the place were abandoned two pick up trucks , one of the Chevrolet brand gray and GMC black, with countless bullet holes in the body and glass , blood stains on the inside of both units and hundreds of shell casings on the pavement .

The blasts followed be heard in different parts of the city as well as the presence of vehicles at high speeds, four were reported to be injured in initially 4 people injured by gunfire , including 2 women and two men who are placed in Social Security in this city without knowing details of their health condition and under heavy police guard .

So far no official information of the facts.

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Lifeless body found
Product confrontation between rival gangs , was gunned down in the driveway of an apartment
Curfew is a rumor nothing more , stay informed on the different media.
There are ... More Injured
He reported at least one dead, five wounded , 3 vehicles and shot several buildings and grenades were detonated

Juan Carlos Ruiz Olvera

Agua Prieta , Sonora - . An intense gunfire was heard in different parts of the city , they spent the first few minutes today , leaving a preliminary balance of at least one killed , 3 vehicles destroyed with bullets, shot a complex of buildings and five wounded being cared for by the local Red Cross.

Witnesses said 13 st. 10th ave, 7th st., 6 ave, 2nd st and 17 ave. street clashes with heavy weapons between two armed groups occurred.

Was reported in another wounded 10ave and 9th Street and one on 45 ave .

The shooting lasted for several minutes.

Over the roar of a powerful weapon, allegedly from a 50 cal. , same as was heard in the attack on Mandy Moreno yesterday .

Soldiers engaged the gunmen .

It is strongly rumored that organized crime groups from "outside" are besieging the area .

Antojitos Party

At the stroke of one o'clock they began to hear gunfire ...

Antojitos Outside Party 2 vehicles were abandoned Pick Up with bloodstains.

One more was found in 16 st. and 18 ave , a white Yukon .

In the place were hundreds of cases and out of the apartments on 7th st. and 4th ave, a Grenade was detonated .

From this house was removed a dead man , who has not yet been identified .
Among the injured in the fray , there are two women.

Several houses and buildings damaged by stray bullets.


Increase to four the number of dead in clash
Written by Editorial
Saturday, January 18, 2014 15:07

State officials disclosed officially the balance and identity of victims

Agua Prieta , Sonora - . Through an official statement, the Attorney General of the State unveiled the final balance of the armed conflict that took place the opening minutes of Saturday January 18 at the center of this colonial city.

Official information indicates that there are four people who died while 3 were injured , all by gun fire , states that the body found in the garage of an apartment on 4th Avenue and 7th Street who suffered multiple gunshot wounds in a pick up of the Ford brand, armored , was lifeless body of Juan Miguel Favela Ramirez, 37 years old , who was with several injuries caused by firearm projectiles .

Later elements Municipal Public Security found Luis Enrique Ceballos Barraza, 25 years old, in the street, with several injuries caused by gun fire , so he was transferred to a hospital in this city , where he left existence this morning , while receiving medical attention.

At the stroke of noon, was found in a creek located on the road to the village kilometer 9, the body of a male , who has not yet been identified , presenting firearm projectile impacts. The victim was of fair complexion , dark complexion, about 1.70 meters tall , with short hair , wearing brown shirt and athletic pants black color and had an estimated six to eight hours since passed away.

Minutes later , outside a local funeral home was left lifeless body , who was identified by the name of Hector Ulises Romero, 28 years old, same as had a gunshot wound and had eight to ten hours after died .

The statement said three people remain in the Social Security Hospital with injuries caused by gun fire , they are Laura Moran Lizbeth Benitez, 25 years old; Manuel Marquez Alejandro Navarro, 24 years old, and Manuela Beatriz Suárez Pérez , 25 years old, who are domiciled in this city and suffered injuries that take more than two weeks to heal and not life threatening , according to statements of them were injured aboard a Ford brand car , drinking alcoholic beverages when they were surprised by the shooting .

Chevrolet GMC , black, with Sonora plates ; , a Chevrolet Tahoe, in black Likewise those found abandoned vehicles, a Chevrolet , Pick up, gray color, 2005 model , no license plates were detailed , 2008 model , where a magazine and 15 rounds of ammunition and a stocked long gun was found. And later, around a sedan in the Dodge , Stratus line , red color, which had armor was found.

So far the investigation is ongoing and the presence of more victims may be found.


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