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Note:  Following from folks in Douglas, AZ.  As usual, english speaking media will not be covering events.
The only links are below, all in Spanish.  
We are hearing that more bodies are being found.  Several years ago there was a major confrontation in Cananea, several miles south of AP, with 12 to 18 killed. and then the fight a few miles south of Sasabe, AZ that left about 26 dead.  Area destabilized once again following arrest of Ines Coronel, and then killing of Mandy Moreno a few days ago.  

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I spoke with several people this morning that live or have friends/family or other connections in Agua Prieta.  All said that the casualties were higher than the official reports (in the 20s) because the authorities & medics would not enter the skirmish areas.  The two sides removed many of their own casualties.
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Subject: MAJOR elevation in Cartel action in Agua Prieta (reports in Spanish)


Major change in situation in Agua Prieta our sister city here on the border.
Thursday night major Sinaloa Cartel man and 2 others killed.

From Thur night's shooting in AP that killed Armando Moreno-Garcia "El Mandy" and Martin Vicente Torres-Alvarez "El Chupon." 


Friday night major gun battle in Agua Prieta shortly after midnight.  50 cals + Kalashnikovs, 9 grenades thrown 8 dead.  The Gente Nueve group representing the Juarez Cartel attacked the Sinaloa Cartel which has owned the "Plaza" In A.P. for years.  The Mexican Military had a UH-60 or UH-1 with 50 cal on board and engaged both sides.  This morning (Sunday 19Jan14) received info that Gente Nueva are bringing 40 armored vehicles to A.P.  


It appears that the major confrontations between drug cartels which have been so frequent in other border areas over the last several years have now arrived in our community.  I am hoping that it will not cross onto the U.S. side but there are never guarantees in this type of situation.  Things in A.P. are now degenerating to the recent levels of killings and gang warfare seen in Nogales, Sonora and Juarez, Chihuahua.  

It is now time to pack our emergency departure kit with vital papers, and keep our car gas tanks full,  etc. and be prepared should worse come to worse.


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