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Note: Important interview. Osorio Chong is a key member of the Mexican federal administration. Secretario de Gobernación is probably the single most powerful cabinet post. Combining many of the U.S. equivalent of secy of DHS, DOJ, and Interior. Long article, as with any cabinet level type, much spin. mostly computer translation.

"Nothing justifies self-defense" : Osorio Chong
"It is noteworthy that this includes cooperation with our international partners.
Mexico is a leader with overall responsibility and in this context our security cooperation favors a policy of secure borders , marked by responsibility and reciprocity with our neighbors and coordination with other countries and the promotion of human rights in the world ."


Mario Vazquez Rana interviews

Mexico is a country in peace and strong government : Osorio Chong

A priority of the President is to create an effective government that responds to the needs of citizens , said the head of Interior Ministry , Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, in an interview with Mario Vazquez Rana .

Organización Editorial Mexicana
January 21, 2014

(First of three parts)
By Mario Vazquez Rana

MEXICO CITY ( OEM , INFORMEX ) - . Interior Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, said President Enrique Peña Nieto has firm decision to strengthen an effective government , and I hoped this interview for the readers of Organization Editorial Mexicana, the federal government maintains dialogue and agreements with all sectors of society. He added that Mexico is a country in peace and a strong government , while stressing that the political reform is one of the most important changes in recent decades .

* Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, according to The Economist, Mexico is at a high risk of social unrest in 2014. Does this perception ?

It is a wrong analysis. Mexico is a country at peace with a highly active and organized civil society with a vibrant democracy and a strong government. We are at a stage where the productive sectors and society , workers, employers and government work together and drive - reaching structural reforms to achieve higher levels of satisfaction .

Any reform process generates resistance , natural in a democracy. Manifestations and expressions of discontent have served with the dialogue and agreements within the framework of the law , leaving clearer than ever , I repeat, never will disrupt the processing reached by the reforms.

A priority of the President is to create an effective government that responds to the needs of their citizens . We are working collaboratively with all branches and levels of government , but especially with members of civil society who have an active voice heard in the decision -making processes .

An example of this is the National Public Security Council , a body that had its last meeting on December 20 and was attended by representatives of all the Mexican states.

I think it is important to mention that this is perceived within our country and the world . Unlike in the past , Mexico today has a story to tell, a narrative of success and therefore , in the international environment we are perceived as a country with an economy project and instead, due to the reforms concretized during 2013.

While it is true that there are some states focused on representing conflicts and expressions of criminal groups , Mario situations , so is that we are facing a coordinated manner and results , with the support of all levels of government.

* How did you act against movements like CNTE , anarchist groups and other social movements that are being radicalized ?

The fundamental principle of the Government of the Republic the peaceful resolution of conflicts using dialogue to address legitimate social demands. We use all the policy tools to find , with strict adherence to the law, institutional channel solutions that approaches to social movements.

However, it will act under the law in all cases where they violate the rights of others , violence is used or offenses.

* The authorities always invoke the rule of law and free expression , but Secretary , how can you reconcile the two positions , because merchants and citizens complain that their rights are affected?

But Mario, it is common that there are tensions between the right to free expression and the third for free movement, but always seek to harmonize them. We can do it with a different attitude , understanding that it is not affecting the citizenship issues are resolved .

In the area of ​​our expertise , we act to defuse conflicts and avoid even bigger problems . We have done so , with the removal of protesters occupying , for example, the Zocalo Mexico City Mexico -Acapulco or the highway.

Our performance is given in all cases, from the dialogue , but at the time we make decisions firmly.

* Mr. Secretary , 2013 was a year of many strategic reforms, including the Policy. Do you believe , as many experts believe , that was too short ? First it should be noted that the product of the Mexico Pact commitments .

It is the deepest constitutional reform , as amended 31 articles of the Constitution and is a transitional 21 precepts to give effectiveness.

Keep in mind that transform and strengthen various state institutions such as the IFE , CONEVAL and PGR , the groundwork was laid to allow a coalition government , the reelection of legislators and members of local councils, congressional ratification of the Plan national Development and the National Security Strategy , the date of the request of the Federal Government is also modified and new grounds for annulment of the presidential election raised .

It is a far-reaching reform Mario , and of great importance , both in the system of government , as in the electoral system.

It is undoubtedly the most important electoral political change in recent decades .

* Why not reducing the number of deputies and senators stared ? Like I stated a moment ago, the Political Reform Agreement is the product of the three major political forces , the PAN, the PRD and of course, the PRI.

Therefore, its topics and its scope were the product of negotiations and the possibility of agreement between these parties and in decreasing lawmakers did not reach consensus.

However, it is known the position of the president Enrique Peña Nieto about it, but it's up to lawmakers , while its constitutional power is taken, at the time, a determination thereon .

* It seems that more deprived the interests of the parties because neither the resources nor decreased the costs of campaigns do not think that the political class is very burdensome for Mexicans ?

In this reform deprived the interests of citizens in a more transparent and less costly political and electoral system. Independent candidates and the election for citizens to evaluate the performance of their elected representatives were incorporated .

An important step of this , is that clear to transparent funding rules were established , contracting and implementation of the expenditure of resources during the campaigns and elections.

It is very important to remember that in the transitional constitutional reform, mandates the Congress to issue a new general law on political parties which shall contain a legal regime concerning the organization and functioning of political parties , and that among other things , must Regular issues of public interest , as regards transparency in the activities of political parties.

The issue of campaign resources must be addressed in secondary legislation and I am sure that the parties attend the public demand for shorter and less costly campaigns .

* Mr. Secretary , still lack secondary legislation Political Reform , when will be ready and what are its key aspects ?

As is approved by the state legislatures and published , the Constitutional Reform force the Congress to issue no later than April 30 of this year, four new general laws are of Electoral Bodies , Electoral , of Political Parties , and Electoral Offences .

This new legislation Mario , will regulate elections under similar criteria apply to both federal and local , to provide a concurrent subject, but while that legislation is not issued, the National Electoral Institute must current regulations.

The work for the construction of secondary legislation to be issued , will be complex , it will take time and agreement between the political forces in Congress , this legislation will establish a number of powers to the local level.

The issuance of this secondary legislation is required for the new scheme of federal and local elections operate by 2015.

* Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong what powers, duties and scope have the National Electoral Institute ?

The INE will have all the powers currently held by the Federal Electoral Institute and , in the case of local elections , the following will be added : the control of income and expenditure primaries and campaigns, electoral geography and redistricting , location boxes , designation citizens that integrate and electoral training, and may issue guidelines for election observation , implementation and dissemination of surveys , preparation of quick counts , printing documents and voting materials and operation of programs preliminary results. Also, the National Electoral Professional Service including executive and technical institutes of the state electoral staff is .

In sum , the National Electoral Institute , once it is properly constituted , will play a key role in organizing local elections , becoming the axis of what will be a kind of national system of elections in the country .

* How state elections are implemented ? , Because the Reformation does not seem to clarify.

It's a very good question , because this issue is important , since door in 2015 are 17 concurrent local elections with the federal . Local elections will be held under a local national regulatory framework and renovated with new organizational format that respect the responsibilities for electoral organization that until now had local agencies , but will have the unprecedented participation of a national body with powers governing and emission guidelines for the organization of local elections .

So Mario , talk of reform that a new national election system will be derived .

* Do you have estimated how much the settlement will cost the local electoral courts , the state electoral institutes and IFE ?

It is very important to note that there will be higher costs , because the electoral institutions of the states remain substantially unchanged. Indeed, both electoral institutions such as electoral courts will not disappear, only in the first directors and judges to the latter are renewed.

But so does the IFE , no express term in a transitional Decree of constitutional reform , in the sense that the new INE will absorb the human, material and financial resources of the current IFE , so likewise the costs will be minimal.

* Does the view that independent candidates and public consultation are major achievements ?

Well Mario , independent candidates and referendum are very prominent and unpublished figures that establish new ways and channels of citizen participation that the Government of the Republic sees with greater sympathy and interest of their occurrence as soon as possible .

These new figures arise from the Political Reform of 2012, but in the current process of issuing secondary legislation , regulations are driving these new formulas to make them a reality and are available to the public.

The government of President Enrique Peña Nieto has the highest commitment to drive to the Congress of the Union , the regulation of these figures with the clarity of the allocation to achieve this is for the legislature. (To be continued )


Mario Vazquez Rana interviews
Nothing justifies self-defense : Osorio Chong

The Interior Minister, Mario Vazquez Rana said that safety instruction Peña president is to continue with an attention to criminal phenomenon from a holistic view .
notes relating
• Mexico is a country in peace and strong government : Osorio Chong

Organización Editorial Mexicana
January 22, 2014

(Second of three parts)

By Mario Vazquez Rana

Mexico , D.F. (OEM - INFORMEX ) . - The federal government will continue with the implementation of the Public Safety Policy and Law Enforcement of the Mexicans, with the primary purpose of reducing violence , crime fighting and recovery of the public peace , said the Interior Minister , Miguel Angel Osorio Chong , who in this second part of my interview for the readers of OEM , said that the administration of President Peña Nieto will work to their fullest capabilities in Mexico to achieve peace.

* Mr. Secretary , Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, safety , what is the critical path for 2014 and when we can expect strong results ?

The route is to continue with care of the criminal phenomenon from an integral vision that puts people and respect for human rights at the center of public efforts.

In this context, the federal government will continue with the implementation of the "Public Safety Policy and Law Enforcement of the Mexicans" that instructed the President of the Republic.

The fundamental purpose of this public policy is the reduction of violence , fighting crime and recovery of the public peace .

Continuity to the actions arising from the 10 priority care strategies , among which crime prevention and social reconstruction will ; transformation Criminal Justice System to give legal certainty and security to the Mexicans, and the professionalization strengthening the police forces , the transformation of the prison system ? a more effcient and effective coordination between authorities , strengthening of intelligence with timely information to enable better decision -making , a regionalization scheme to align and strengthen capacities state to combat crime , improve the mechanisms for international cooperation, particularly with countries in our region , and particularly promoting and articulating broad citizen participation with timely information.

The results are already being made , and I quote some, Mario : In 2013, Mexico recorded for the first time in four years , the reduction in the number of voluntary manslaughter . Between December 2012 and November 2013 decreased 15 percent compared to the same period last year.

These positive results are even more evident in various entities who were stalked by crime in past years : feature , for example , reduced almost 50 percent of intentional homicides in Nuevo Leon , 43 percent in Tamaulipas , 32 per percent in Chihuahua and Veracruz 40 percent compared with the same period last year.

On 8 January, the transformation of Social Care Ombudsman for Victims of Crime ( Provictima ) to the Executive Committee for Victims materialized.

Progress has been made in strengthening and professionalizing the police force , specifying the training of 45 thousand or ? Ficial police and accreditation of 38 Centers for Evaluation and Control of Con? Bail.

I note that on 21 December, the National Public Security Council approved a new control model confident that an assessment of the police forces way more ? Sufficient .

Despite this , we know that many challenges remain . The Government of the Republic will continue to work to their fullest capabilities , with the goal of having the most advanced elements to achieve a peaceful Mexico .

It is noteworthy that this includes cooperation with our international partners.

Mexico is a leader with overall responsibility and in this context our security cooperation favors a policy of secure borders , marked by responsibility and reciprocity with our neighbors and coordination with other countries and the promotion of human rights in the world .

* Mr. Secretary , there was much talk that security the government has focused its efforts on prevention, could you give me some details of this strategy?

Mario , in the Government of the Republic recognize that insecurity can not be fought only through the use of force .

Therefore, we created the National Crime Prevention Program , which aims to create public policies, strategies and actions to prevent violence and crime to influence from a cross , interagency and intersectoral approach in improving safety and citizen and strengthening community cohesion coexistence.

The actions that have been implemented under this program are intended to strengthen social cohesion , combating addictions, promote productive projects , public spaces rescue and implement participatory actions that create community identity and belonging.

Has been allocated 2 billion 500 million pesos grant to operate the program directly in 61 districts of the country, bene? Ficiando nearly 4 million inhabitants , and over 118 billion pesos , taking into account the various programs all units during 2013. By 2014 , this budget will grow to 131 billion pesos , clear sign of commitment to social prevention.

In addition , Mario, community networks are being built and youth brigades to strengthening peaceful coexistence ? Ca 168 thousand in colonies that form the boundaries bene? Ficiadas you .

The Interministerial Commission for Social Prevention of Violence and Crime , which ranks 85 federal programs that are implemented at local level in a targeted manner to prevent risk factors in vulnerable environments exposed to violence and crime we have also consolidated . Additionally, we have contributed to the design of four strategies that seek to influence specific issues cas potentially generating violence : 1) Prevention of Violence in the School Environment , 2 ) Addiction Prevention , 3) Detection of Learning Disabilities and Behavioral and 4 ) Prevention of Violence Against Women .

For ? Finally, it is important to note that prevention requires the coordinated efforts of all agencies of the Government of the Republic, the authorities of the three levels of government and citizenship.

* Figures or ? Ficial speak that has decreased the number of voluntary manslaughter , but also shows an increase in other crimes like kidnapping . What is reality?

Progress in the fight against criminal organizations have pushed its members to seek other means ? Financed. Like I said , Mario, there is a decrease of 15 percent in the intentional homicide , but also the number of robberies in all its forms has been a decrease with a decreasing trend .

The federal government is working on the formulation and implementation of policies against all crimes , especially those most hurt society.

A fundamental change is the decision to attend not only the effects of crime , but also its root causes .

In this context, Mario , the National Programme for Social Prevention of Violence and Crime , which aims to reverse the social and economic conditions that favor the offense is created .

One issue of particular concern to the President of the Republic is the case of the kidnapping , a crime that has presented an upward trend . Therefore, the President instructed us to develop a specific strategy? to combat this Scourge.

On January 8th , I met with the governors of ten states of the Republic to assess the status of security in their organizations and to address the new strategy to combat kidnapping. We will give results , is an unwavering commitment of this Government .

* When do you field the National Gendarmerie completely ?

In training are 2,726 gendarmes. In this month began the process of training a thousand more . Importantly, we are selecting the best among more than 50,000 applications were received.

Cadets of the Gendarmerie and had their first experience during the holiday period , helping the population.

We anticipate that it is running at ? After the first half of this year. Also , keep in mind that the Gendarmerie will function and territorial control will be essential for the actions that we implemented in the most troubled regions , due to its high level of violence .

* Mr. Secretary , Michoacan is living a complex situation , how is it being treated ?

Mario , the Government of the Republic strengthened an effort that began seven months ago when we started working to regain the tranquility of the inhabitants in regions with greater impairment.

During this period have been deployed actions seek to address the problem of state from a holistic perspective , because we are convinced that the use of force is not his ? Sufficient to address the complex situation in the state.

In this sense , there has been close cooperation with society and there is intense application of federal programs in all its dimensions .

This has allowed us to recover territory and advance the solution with ? Conflicts which for many years had not been served. For example , Mario, through the operating Corredor Franco regain control of the roads in the regions of Costa and Sierra Tepalcatepec , retake control of the port of Lazaro Cardenas to remain one of the most important ports.

In recent days the local government requested our support to deal more e? Ficiency violence and, on instructions of President Enrique Peña Nieto, went with the full force of the state to support the Michoacan .

I note the recent creation of the Commission for Security and Integral Development of Michoacán to align all efforts of local and municipal authorities in the state, with federal authorities in political , social, economic and public safety fields. Commissioner Alfredo Castillo has the full support of the Government of the Republic to meet efficiency ? Ness these tasks .

This coordinated effort is in the early results. Mario , so far we have dealt with safety in city in 27 municipalities in the southern part of the state , are evaluating just over 200 thousand members of the municipal police and those who pass will train

But, as commented, Mario , we know that the real solution is to achieve better development and more employment opportunities , better education. Our goal , and we are already working on it , is to align all efforts, federal and local , to achieve it.

This is to implement short-, medium and long term and we are working with light in each objective .

Let shutting crime, strengthen institutions , and quiet back guarantee better life conditions for return , shortly, to normal.

* Mr. Secretary , the situation in Michoacán was attempted in the previous administration and was not achieved , what is your strategy different ?

Mario , there are substantial differences in the effort we are undertaking , and I share some of them: coordination, this means that all agencies , local and federal , working with a shared purpose and concerted actions .

Do not bet on isolated actions , we believe that the combined efforts is the best way to achieve the results you require Michoacan .

The avoidance . Our actions are focused on reversing the causes that have led to this situation, and strengthen the programs that we were making a direct investment of over 200 million pesos. We are to restore economic and social development of Michoacán.

Another action is the lineup : All branches of the Government of the Republic are working in the state, not just security , because we are aligned in a comprehensive strategy.

Education , Mario, are promoting specific ? Cos programs and investing in education. We are convinced that strengthening the educational development background will bring results in the long run .

Similarly , the appointment of a commissioner, who , as I mentioned , will be responsible for coordinating the efforts of all agencies and monitor the actions taking place in the various levels of government occurred .

And obviously , institutional strengthening . The federal safety bodies have temporarily assumed the duties of security in the municipalities of the region, with give immediate results while strengthening their capacities.

This will be done through training, professionalization and evaluation of police and local prosecutors .

Feature Institute for Police Training Researchers and the creation of the Master for Public Prosecutors, in coordination with the State University .

In short, we are putting in place a comprehensive strategy to restore tranquility and development of Michoacan , which, Mario , I am sure , will give results.

* In recent months we have seen the emergence of self-defense groups in Michoacan , Mr. Secretary , what responds and how it is being served?

It is important to remember that the problem of Michoacán is extremely complex , given the social and economic conditions that the state has experienced over the last decade . Lack of attention to these issues allowed a weakening of institutions and growth in? Influence of organized crime in some areas of the state.

While we understand his argument, it is not justified Mario. As we have regained control of security throughout the region, ensuring peaceful conditions for the population.

If you want to contribute , they should channel their participation joining institutional efforts . To be clear , no person may act above the law. The use of force is a matter reserved to solely the Mexican state , and so we have made ​​it known on several occasions . (To be continued )


No legalizing drugs will raise , says Osorio Chong
Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, Mario Vazquez Rana told a national debate on the use of drugs is necessary. With them, Jimena Saldaña.
January 23, 2014

(Third and last part )

By Mario Vazquez Rana

MEXICO CITY . (OEM - INFORMEX ) - . Stating that the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto continue willingness to forge agreements that are for the good of Mexico , the Interior Minister , Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, said in this third and final part of the interview for the readers of Organización Editorial Mexicana ( OEM ) in the Mexico Pact there are still a number of commitments to be drawn on. He also referred to the issue of drugs, and expressly asks whether Mexico will raise the legalization of drugs , the federal official said resounding no, adding that a national debate about its consumption is necessary .

Mr. Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong , impunity remains a serious problem. How to fight it more effectively ?

First we have , in the Government of the Republic, the will to do so . We are fighting crime firmly and relentlessly.

We are working on the implementation of the new criminal justice system throughout the country , which has among its objectives more effectively combat impunity.

Mario , which will be running throughout the country, in 2016 , as stated in our Constitution and Recall .

It is an inclusive cultural change that will affect the daily work of all public servants and security related to the administration and enforcement.

Is more training protocols achieve adequate performance as reach the goal we have set .

Mario , we must also encourage the culture of reporting and to achieve this we must regain the trust of the citizens.

* Mr. Secretary, the Mexico Pact made ​​possible reforms in 2013. Will it continue on? Already he is talking to the PRD ?

The Covenant itself by Mexico there are still a number of commitments that we must move forward . One thing is certain ; continue our disposal to forge agreements that are for the good of Mexico , citizens and their families. Beyond names or designations continue dialogue and using politics , good policy , to continue delivering results for citizens and their families.

Mario , 2013 was only the beginning of the great change that the President of the Republic , Enrique Peña Nieto, is determined to promote .

Uruguay legalized in late 2013 production, marketing and consumption of drugs , in Colorado and Washington made marijuana legal . How does this affect our country?

Mario , we know that other nations have opted for this type of action , we will look at its evolution. We have designed a National Strategy for Prevention of Addictions at the hands of the Ministry of Health , with special emphasis on ten shares .

First, the generation and analysis of information to support public policies in the field of addiction . After the creation and strengthening of media for the dissemination of information and awareness of addictions. Also strengthening actions addiction prevention in vulnerable populations , with emphasis on children and adolescents. Another important action is the promotion of research and the training of human resources that address the problem of addiction .

Just as expanding the coverage of comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation. As recognition of professionalism and treatment centers serving residential addictions mode. Another important consideration in this vein , action is updating the regulatory framework for the reduction of demand for legal and illegal drugs .

Along with boosting the implementation of alternative models of justice for people with addictions in conflict with the law. It should also develop models of addiction treatment within prisons. And the strengthening of international cooperation in the prevention and treatment of addictions .

* Mr. Secretary, this trend seems to be spreading , not raise ? Mexico legalize drugs?

No Mario . The President noted that " this may be a position or an easy way , or perhaps even false, possibly more effectively combat crime that is very linked to drug trafficking and drug sales . "

In this regard , the President has been clear that what is needed is a broad discussion of regional character , as isolated decisions will not change the international markets, and the behavior of the criminal organizations that do not respect borders .

The global trend has been to decriminalize the possession and consumption of marijuana , in practice is what was done in Mexico since 2009 with amendments to the Health Act and the Federal Penal Code.

We will continue to inform the population about the risks of consuming these substances and preventing addictions with a new strategy that we are launching in conjunction with the Ministry of Health .

* In past years there were questions about the lack of a serious human rights policy . In this matter the government is doing what President Enrique Peña Nieto ?

The Federal Executive granted a high priority to human rights , so Mario , in accordance with its commitment to work for the rights society a reality , the Government of the Republic focuses on four aspects: First, the construction public policies that reflect the mainstreaming of human rights. Second, the diffusion of constitutional reform, it is widely known throughout society , third , coordination between all stakeholders to build a comprehensive and country-wide process , and fourth, the training of all public servants based in the new constitutional requirements .

The Interior Ministry has a new institutional design that strengthens , among other areas , responsible for human rights.

The law is fulfilled , and to do it with legitimacy and efficiency , we must always respect human rights and due process . This Mario , update and adjust our organization and programs such as Secretariat , and today we have results.

We have a new protocol for police forces , attention to victims of crime is a priority , giving effect to the judgments of international and , among others, signed an agreement to strengthen our work in developing a people search protocol not localized .

We established a strategy to accelerate the implementation of the Penal Reform, because it represents a fundamental advance the law , will make it faster and more efficient criminal, justice and promote alternative force that processes are public .

Also, besides enact and improve the General Law for Victims , has created the Executive Committee for Victims , institution management autonomy with 7 commissioners who have been elected by the Senate at the proposal of the federal executive , whom the proposed after listening to victims' organizations and civil society.

The Commission has the responsibility to operationalize the National System for Victims we installed last week, and in a coordinated manner involving representatives of the three branches of state and federal government agencies as well as human rights and self- Commission.

Mario Finally , I want to strongly emphasize that we work in preparing the National Human Rights Programme 2013-2018 and which will be presented shortly.

With democratic governance , legality and respect for human rights , is that we will achieve the objectives of consolidating a company picture .

It is with this conviction that we have promoted a cross human rights agenda . A policy that part of an integrated approach that coordinates the efforts of all public and private , national and international actors in order to achieve effective protection thereof.

* Mr Interior Minister, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong , I think we have reviewed much of the challenges facing the government of our country, obviously on the items that are incumbent upon you at the Secretariat in charge , but I feel that were still some issues along the way , do you have to add anything else ?

Well Mario , have certainly been very good and varied the questions you've raised me , as well mention it, probably missed some details but I think that overall we did a good analysis of current issues and hope I have clearly stated objectives which we have raised and that are intended to achieve the great change that the President , Enrique Peña Nieto, is determined to promote . I deeply appreciate this interview.


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