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Deliver new uniforms and weapons to police in DF (Mexico City)
The head of city government , Miguel Angel Mancera, presided over the 180 thousand uniforms, equipment and weapons to elements of the SSPDF
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The delivered equipment complies with international quality standards , because it was designed by the Ministry of National Defense and developed by the Mexican Armed Forces. photo Cuartoscuro
August 1

MEXICO CITY , Jan. 17 - . The head of government of the Federal District , Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, presided over the 180 thousand uniforms, equipment and weapons to members of the Ministry of Public Security ( SSPDF ) , whom he urged to comply his duty in Mexico City .

Equipment delivered

176,472 uniforms
10,614 riot squad gear
10,54 armored vests
1,969 handguns and rifles (no details)
33,118 pairs of shoes
327 investigation teams
2,813,594 rounds of ammunition
12,020 sets of protective clothing

Mancera Espinosa explained that the equipment and weapons delivered this morning , meet national and international standards of quality, as the gear was designed by the Department of National Defense ( Department of Defense ) and compiled by the Mexican Armed Forces.

The security forces must operate precisely for that, for balance , stability and , of course, act as required. We will follow in the line of modernization - as announced - certification in all aspects , "he reiterated .

Meanwhile, the director of the SSPDF , Jesus Rodriguez Almeida, the capital's police detailed that receive 176 000 472 uniforms, 10 000 614 riot gear , body armor 10 000 654 thousand 969 handguns and rifles , 33 000 118 pairs of shoes 327 research teams, 2 million 813 000 594 12 000 20 ammunition and protective clothing.

He said that with this release , providing compliance elements SSPDF , tools and equipment to comply with the tasks of public security in Mexico City that create better conditions in the state .

Uniforms I have presented, they are identified by the public more easily and are committed to making use of them gallantly , pride and great responsibility to meet the inhabitants of Mexico City , "he said .

Significantly, the presence of the presidents of the Superior Court of the City, Edgar Elías Azar and the Citizen Council for Public Security and Law Enforcement , Luis Wertman Zaslav , as well as the First Superintendent Luis Rosales Gamboa .


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