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Note: In Spanish, but take a good look at the video.


The ICE union has been very aggressive on matters of interest to
their membership. They have been battered by bad leadership in DHS.
Janet Napolitano has handcuffed them. Criminals thumb their noses at
them while protected by politicians. ICE is lead by John Morton, who
rivals David Aguilar in the bad leadership department. Morton is a
puppet of the Obama Administration. He and Napolitano released
thousands of criminals from prison and they are so arrogant that they
refuse to provide the information describing what crimes the released
criminals committed.

We hope the ICE union members appreciate the personal sacrifice that
its leadership must endure to stay aggressive. Effective union
leadership is under constant pressure to sell out its membership and
cave in to upper management and politicians. It is a longstanding
fact. Poor managers see strong union leadership as a threat to their
kingdoms because they are insecure. Good managers see strong union
leadership as an ally to help make things better.

DHS and CBP are riddled with very poor leadership. As always, it
starts at the top. In this case, Janet Napolitano has always been
more interested in catering to illegal aliens than she is in
supporting the rank-and-file agents who make this agency go. She may
jump on a half dead horse once in a while and pose for photographs
while proclaiming her thorough knowledge of "every square inch of the
border", but it's all for show. She has never arrested a soul, never
carried a gun, never been placed in harm's way and she gets away with
constant lies to the American people about how "secure" the border is.

Keep up the good work ICE Council. An article on shamnesty can be
read here.

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CBP in S. Texas facilitates Holy Week traffic, processes over 292k
tourist permits and seizes $17.8 M in narcotics
Written by Staff
Tuesday, 02 April 2013 19:24

SOUTH TEXAS – U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Office of Field
Operations in South Texas worked within its means to facilitate heavy
Holy Week traffic and posted significant results: $17.8 million in
narcotics seized and more than 292,000 tourist permits processed.

Over a 10-day period ending on March 31, 2013 CBP officers at eight
ports of entry extending from Brownsville to Del Rio seized narcotics
totaling $17.8 million in street value and processed more than
292,000 tourist permits, a 4 percent increase from the 280,765
permits processed during the same period in FY 2012. Nearly half of
the total permits, 140,715 were processed at the Laredo Port of Entry

Specifically, CBP officers at South Texas ports seized 5,987 pounds
of marijuana, 76 pounds of cocaine, 163 pounds of methamphetamine and
71 pounds of heroin. CBP officials also uncovered 938 violations of
immigration law and apprehended 42 wanted fugitives.

FBI nabs county detention officer in pot bust
By Derek Jordan
Wick News Service
Published/Last Modified on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 11:06 AM MDT

Local agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation have arrested
an employee of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office Detention Division
after 300 pounds of marijuana was found inside his home in Douglas.

Mark Melgoza, 31, was arrested on a charge of possession with intent
to distribute a controlled substance on Thursday evening, said FBI
Special Agent Manuel Johnson.

The sheriff's office obtained a tip earlier that day that a detention
division employee "may be involved with illegal drugs," according to
a statement released by the sheriff's office on Friday.

As a result of the information, Sheriff Mark Dannels and
administrative staff began the process to confirm or refute the
information, to include contacting FBI agents in Sierra Vista.

Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman Carol Capas said that Melgoza's house in
Douglas was searched Thursday night.

In addition to the marijuana that was found, authorities also found a
"small amount" of cocaine.

The information leading to the search and eventual arrest of Melgoza
was not part of any existing investigation on the part of the
sheriff's office.
"It was brand new information that was received by us," Capas said.

Special Agent Johnson said that Melgoza had an initial appearance in
federal court in Tucson Friday morning.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office, District of Arizona,
was not available to comment if Melgoza remains in custody or was

Melgoza would have been an employee of the sheriff's office for seven
years in May.

His most recent job in the Detention Division was in the booking
area, meaning he was responsible for the booking of incoming and
outgoing prisoners of the Cochise County Jail, Capas said, adding
that Melgoza could have performed other temporary duties within the
division as shifting manpower needs dictated.

The sheriff's office will be conducting an investigation into Melgoza
along with the FBI. "Any time we have anything involving a Cochise
County Sheriff's Office employee, historically we ask an additional
agency to investigate, and we conduct a parallel investigation,"
Capas said.

In a statement, Sheriff Dannels said Melgoza resigned from the
sheriff's office on Friday and that he violated the trust that the
sheriff's office works to cultivate with the community it serves.
"We, as an organization, cannot and will not tolerate a violation of
the law by members of this office or the public that we serve,"
Dannels said.


Note: have to wonder how this one went down.

PCSO arrests 10, seizes marijuana
Posted: Thursday, April 4, 2013 8:21 am
Staff Reports

More than 500 pounds of marijuana was seized Sunday by the Pinal
County Sheriff's Office in Cocklebur Village on the Tohono O'odham
Nation, according to a press release.
Officers found 10 people hiding in a shed with 567 pounds of
marijuana. The drugs have an estimated value of $425,000.

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