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Holy Week update;
Sonora quiet, a few of the usual traffic accidents and couple
domestic incidents
Sinaloa fairly quiet also, 13 killed, 9 others in drownings and
traffic accidents.
Chihuahua also fairly quiet .
East side of country business as usual.
Still waiting on reports of conduct of Mex. Customs, if they have
returned to their thieving ways under PRI govt.

Note: Trafficking a revolver and six rounds? Also a stolen 9mm
pistol with some ammo? following mostly computer english.

Arrested four people for allegedly trafficking in drugs and weapons
Border Patrol agents intercept narcotics and weapons at security

San Diego • In the last six days, Border Patrol agents arrested four
people in security checkpoints on the highway, carrying drugs or
weapons, federal officials said.

In the most recent case, last Sunday, agents assigned to the
checkpoint on Interstate 8 Pine Valley area arrested a man of 27
years of American nationality.

Upon inspecting the vehicle, officers found 19 packages of
methamphetamine hidden near the gas tank. The drug had a weight of 19
pounds and a cost on the streets of $ 370,000.

In other incidents, officers found weapons and ammunition. First,
last Friday, officers questioned two women to board a vehicle
Chevrolet Sonic.

After reviewing the unit, a canine team found a loaded firearm with
six ammunition. The driver of the car was stopped and called to
federal charges.

Days earlier, authorities arrested a 27-year-old American citizen at
the checkpoint on Interstate 5. Upon inspecting the vehicle Ford
Focus, officers found a 9 mm pistol in a box along with a makeup box
of bullets. Records indicate that the weapon had been stolen.

Those arrested were brought before the Sheriff's Department for


Border Patrol seized 13,000 pounds of pot last week
Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 11:11 am
Dave Hendricks | The Monitor
Posted on April 2, 2013

Border Patrol agents seized more than 13,000 pounds of marijuana last
week at the Falfurrias checkpoint, according to a U.S. Customs and
Border Protection news release.
Overall, agents assigned to the Rio Grande Valley Sector seized
nearly 26,000 pounds of marijuana last week, according to the news
release. Border Patrol valued the marijuana at $20.5 million.
Other major incidents last week included 1,200 pounds of marijuana
seized near Madero and 1,000 pounds found near Garceno. In both
cases, the drugs had been stuffed inside SUVs found abandoned near
the Rio Grande. Both drivers fled to Mexico and escaped arrest.

CBP drug bust nets heroin and meth during vehicle inspection at bridge
Special to the Times
Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 11:51 AM CDT

More than half a million dollars worth of heroin and methamphetamines
is off the streets following a drug bust at the Gateway to the
Americas Bridge.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers made the discovery during
a secondary vehicle inspection Saturday, March 30. They found
approximately 18 pounds of heroin and three pounds of meth, all
wrapped in bundles. The heroin has an estimated street value of
$576,000. The meth is valued at about $96,000.

A female driver from Dallas and two adults were arrested and
transported to the Webb County Jail.


Juárez homicides spike in March
By Lorena Figueroa \ El Paso Times
Posted: 04/02/2013 10:53:42 AM MDT

A beheaded body on the street and a dismembered corpse inside a metal
barrel full of concrete were found in different locations in Juárez
over the weekend, adding to the list of violent deaths in March.
A total of 45 homicides were reported last month, a jump in the
number of killings compared to 26 in January and 25 in February,
according to the Chihuahua Attorney General's Office in Juárez.
Still, the number of homicides in March is a fraction of what was
reported in the same month in previous years, the spokesperson for
the state attorney general's office, Arturo Sandoval, said on Monday.
In March 2012 there were 106 killings, while in March 2011 and March
2010 there were 176 and 240, respectively, he
"Although we saw an increase of killings last month, the number of
homicides in Juárez is within what the Mesa de Seguridad -- a group
of civilians working on security issues in Juárez -- established for
the city's parameters this year of 50 homicides per month," Sandoval
Twenty-five people were fatally shot and 11 died from knife related
injuries. Nine more were beaten to death, he said. Not all of last
month's killings were related to organized crime, he added. Over the
weekend there were eight reported slayings -- four on Friday, three
on Saturday and one on Sunday.
On Friday afternoon state authorities discovered the body of a man in
his 30s inside a metal barrel full of concrete in the Granjas
Polo Gamboa neighborhood in south Juárez. The victim had a wire
tourniquet around his neck and both of his legs cut off, according to
the state attorney general's office.
Early Saturday morning the beheaded body of a man wrapped in a
blanket was found at Melchor Ocampo neighborhood in central Juárez.
About an hour later neighbors at Pradera Dorada neighborhood, in
south-central Juárez, reported to police a human head inside a black
plastic bag found on top of a parked car's trunk, according to the
state attorney general's office.
State authorities believe the body and the head are from the same man.

Lorena Figueroa may be reached at lfigueroa@ elpasotimes.com; 546-6129.


Cache of two & half tons of pot, 6 long guns, 20 mags found near
Plutarco Elias Calles, Son.



Five killed in Sinaloa.
Report 5 killed by gunfire in the receivership of San Marcos, Mazatlan
This is a family, three brothers and two nephews
Northwest / Newsroom
04.02.2013 | 6:30 a.m.

SAN MARCOS._ ministerial authorities disclosed that the community's
chilacayota in receivership San Marcos, a family of five was shot
dead by an armed group.

These three brothers and two nephews, according to the official report.

Right now one composed volanta security forces of the three levels of
government move to the area in armored vehicles to cordon off the
area and find those responsible for the deadly attack.


Mexicali operate in two bands of human trafficking
Antonio Heras

MEXICALI, B.C. (Ap). - In Mexicali cells operate two networks of
human trafficking: "The Michoacanos" and "Jalisco", according to a
report from the Deputy of Organized Crime of the Attorney General of
Baja California.

On March 7, 2013, members of both bands staged a showdown in the
ejido Heriberto Jara, the Mexicali Valley, which left an immigrant
shot dead 9mm bullet and a minor injured. The cause of the shooting
was the "win" of goods, as referred to immigrants and the cargoes are
forced across the border.

These bands used several routes, especially the dune areas west of
Mexicali, where operators of these networks use four-wheel
motorcycles to transport immigrants carrying backpacks on their backs.

Crossing to U.S. territory are confused with motorcycle practitioners
attending this desert tracks and then pick them up in vans and
adentrarlos to cities where their families expect, although
previously left their cargoes in the hands of organized crime networks.

In late March, Border Patrol agents arrested three Mexicans who tried
to board a plane at the airport in Imperial County, California,
bordering Mexicali.

Around 7:00 pm on Saturday, March 30, federal agents from the El
Centro sector in the area stopped the aerial port of embarkation
three immigrants who got out of a van and headed for a small plane.

The immigrants said they were Mexicans and lack of immigration
documents for legal stay in the United States, while the pilot denied
knowing the identity of those who sought to boarding the plane. The
four were placed under arrest and the aircraft was seized by the
Border Patrol.

Since 2010, the Border Patrol sector has secured five planes related
to the smuggling of immigrants who were in Imperial County Airport,
also known as Boley Field, which has two runways and is used by a
commercial line, although most private flights are performed.

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