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Note: Compare this report with info from AZMEX ACTIVITY 3-4-13.
Just the numbers of groups / individuals sighted were 116 / 593.
Rest "getaways"? Info on number of IA apprehensions continues to be

Yuma Border Patrol arrests drug smugglers and seizes marijuana
April 02, 2013 6:20 PM

Border Patrol agents from the Yuma Sector arrested six drug smugglers
and seized 209 pounds of marijuana on Monday.

Agents who were working 10 miles southwest of Gila Bend spotted a
group of drug smugglers using their night vision equipment and
apprehended them.

The group, which was comprised of Mexican nationals, entered the
United States illegally through the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

The 209 pounds of marijuana had an estimated street value of $104,500.

Yuma County residents can help the Border Patrol and U.S. Customs and
Border Protection by calling 1-866-999-8727 toll-free to report
suspicious activity. Callers can remain anonymous.

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This has been coming on for a while. Every time Barack Obama, Janet
Napolitano, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Chuck Schumer and Lindsey
Graham pop off about amnesty you can hear thousands more illegal
aliens gearing up for a run at the border.

Couple that with the on-again, off-again, on-again cut in patrol
hours for those of us charged with securing the border and you have a
giant recipe for disaster.

We have warned about this for months, but it seems nobody listens
until the bodies start swarming over the border. It will not take
much to overwhelm us, no matter how much the politicians thump their
chests and talk about how "secure" the border is.

RGV is already overwhelmed and things are heating up in Tucson
Sector. We have photos of large groups massing south of the line and
more photos of large groups that have crossed into the United States.
We predict that illegal aliens will be searching out agents to demand
their hearings, knowing damn good and well that Aunt Janet and Uncle
Morton will not keep them in jail. Not too long ago we had Border
Patrol agents practically hiding from hordes of Brazilians who
aggressively searched us out to be arrested so they could get their
Notice to Disappear and move into the United States. We were
overwhelmed by the shear numbers. We see the same scenario playing
out again. This little false sense of "security" that people who
don't have a clue about reality have been yammering about for
political reasons is about to be exposed for the fraud that it is.

Fox News has posted a story here.
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Note: A anti Hispanic federal government totally out of control.

Woman accused of trying to smuggle chicharrones across border
A trained dog helped border officers find pork treats that were
wrapped in a towel and stuffed inside a cereal box Monday as a woman
tried to drive across the Mariposa port of entry in Nogales.
6 hours ago • Arizona Daily Star

Border agents used to intercepting massive loads of drugs and piles
of money busted a woman with unusual contraband — chicharrones.

The pork treats were found wrapped in a towel and stuffed inside a
cereal box Monday as the woman tried to drive across the Mariposa
port of entry in Nogales, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in
a news release.

The woman had told officers she had nothing to declare, but an
agriculture canine sniffed out the concealed meat.

The pork was destroyed and the woman was fined.

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