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Faced with 'OTMs,' Border Patrol shifts manpower
Posted: Saturday, April 13, 2013 9:58 pm
By Dave Hendricks The Monitor

WESLACO — Border Patrol announced plans last week to shift agents
from the Laredo Sector to the Rio Grande Valley Sector, where they'll
form a dedicated processing team.
The agents have been re-assigned to the Weslaco Station, where
they'll process people apprehended by Border Patrol. That should
reduce the strain on local agents, who have struggled with the
extensive paperwork required to process so-called "Other Than
Mexicans" — an actual category used by Border Patrol on statistical
Border Patrol wouldn't release details about the manpower shift,
including how many agents had actually been re-assigned, citing
operational security.
"This is a win-win," said Agent Enrique Mendiola, an agency
spokesman. "We get additional resources. Those agents aren't having
to commute long distances."
Border Patrol took similar action in the mid-2000s, when local agents
encountered large numbers of immigrants from Brazil who entered the
United States illegally. Agents must complete special paperwork,
called an "A File," for people who aren't from Mexico. The time-
consuming paperwork has strained the agency's resources.
The number of Other Than Mexicans — most agents simply call the
classification OTMs — has steadily increased during the past decade,
especially along the Texas-Mexico border.
"Over the past three years, OTM apprehensions have more than tripled
nationwide and have been concentrated along the South Texas border.
The reasons for this dramatic increase, and its geographical
concentration in Texas, are not altogether clear," the Congressional
Research Service reported in 2005.
For Border Patrol agents assigned to the McAllen Station, which
handles a 30-odd mile stretch between Hidalgo and Sullivan City, the
problem reached critical mass during the past two months.
Statistics provided by Border Patrol show agents assigned to the
McAllen Station apprehended about 2,800 people during December and
another 2,800 in January. The number spiked to nearly 4,800 people in
February. Agents told The Monitor that they appended more than 7,500
people last month, but Border Patrol didn't respond to a request for
Combined with an influx of OTMs, who require additional paperwork,
agents have struggled to process everyone they've detained. Agents
have complained about overcrowding and unsanitary conditions at the
McAllen Station, and called the city's fire marshal to complain.
Adding agents at the Weslaco Station, which will have a dedicated
processing unit, should help reduce the burden.
"This was going to be a no-cost fix for us," Mendiola said. "It was
basically your low-hanging fruit."

Note: Following local stuff, computer translations

Published April 14, 2013, 1:49 AM
Seized weapons in military raid
One of the homes cateados south of the city in the Colonia Libertad.
Two people were arrested in Ciudad Obregon
Martin Alberto Mendoza
Ciudad Obregon, Sonora - New Day

As a result of the intelligence work of the military and federal
police to restore calm Ministerial in Cajeme, yesterday afternoon,
were cateados two homes, obtaining the arrest of two individuals in
possession of four long and two short arms in different sectors of
the city.
Initially, shortly after 16:00 pm on February 5th Street, number 736,
between Cajeme Tetabiate and in the northern residential area,
federal agents and military, with support of the Municipal Police and
Public Safety State, stormed apparently abandoned residence.
Inside were the apprehension of an individual who was in possession
of four rifles, among these, at least two AK 47 rifles and the rest
did not give details because of the secrecy of the military-police
Unofficially, it emerged that the property belongs to a man named
Quijada, who allegedly was captured weeks ago by the Mexican Army in
the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos.
The judicial process was conducted by a Public Prosecutor of the
Federation, with the support of members of the PFM, while the area
was guarded by soldiers of 60 / Infantry Battalion and agents PESP
and the Reaction Brigade Tactical Operations and Municipal Police.
The raid lasted for an hour, while vehicular traffic was closed on
February 5th Street in both directions, as security for residents and
motorists, who at that time was moved by that sector locality.

Then, shortly after 18:00 pm, the convoy of units moved to Colonia
Libertad and surprisingly surrounded a two-story house is located in
Tula River Street near the corner of Rio San Fernando.
At home, yellow with melon and a metal security gate, was arrested an
individual who is a lawyer said.
The alleged trial was held two handguns, not pormenorizaron
The search warrant procedure lasted for about thirty minutes before
the bewildered gaze of dozens of residents of the southern urban city.
Although some tried to approach the site, were removed by military
personnel who are responsible for protecting the area and likewise
restricted to pedestrians and vehicles to ensure their safety.
Until Saturday night, total secrecy prevailed an official result of
these actions, which were implemented since last Tuesday April 2 to
contain the crime wave that so far has left 45 people killed in three
and a half months this 2013 in the Municipality of Cajeme.


Ensures drug and weapon SEDENA in Cajeme
Details Published on Sunday 14 April 2013, Written by Editorial / The


Elements of the Secretary of Defense and the Federal Preventive
Police and State Research and Creditable managed arrests

The arrest of five people, and the assurance of several portions of
marijuana and glass, a gun and a vehicle theft report was achieved
during the last few hours, resulting in the prevention and
surveillance tours performing in Cajeme SEDENA, and the Federal
Preventive Police, State Research and Creditable State who are
working in a coordinated way.
At 12:00 am on Saturday, stopped in Bacum Buitimea Ezekiel Reyes, 32
years old, who was out of a home located in Cuauhtémoc alley and
noting the presence of official units threw a bag on the floor white
polyethylene, inside which 50 were transparent plastic small bags
containing the synthetic drug known as glass, with a weight of 2.67
The elements of the Department of Defense and Federal and state
police located in the Yaqui Valley brand vehicle Ford pick-up truck,
Ranger line, color blue, 1998 model, with plates of the state of
Sonora, which has reported robbery in the town of Bacobampo.
The unit was led by Misael Soto Espinoza, 30 years old, who has a
criminal record for crimes of theft at night with violence, injury,
vehicle theft and drug dealing in the trade mode metanfetamians. Soto
Espinoza and insured vehicle, were made available to the Public
Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction
At 14:45 pm yesterday, the police officers and elements of the Army
arrested in Colonia Hidalgo Marco Antonio Valenzuela Anduro, 22 years
old, who has secured a package of white plastic, containing within it
about 125 grams of marijuana. Moreover, among his belongings was
found a small box with white cardboard legend Clonazepan Rivotril,
containing 60 psychotropic pills.
People were made available to the appropriate authority, who in the
next few hours determine the legal status of the detainees.


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