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Secretary Napolitano likes photo ops with uniformed managers (they
are forced to stand with her and look official for the cameras – even
though 99% of them don't support her) and she likes to say that she
has "worked the border for 20 years". But the facts are that she has
never worked one single day on the border.

We hate to break the news, but flyovers and being helped up on a half-
dead horse for a photo op is not "working the border". She has never
been in danger, never arrested anyone, never worked a midnight shift
facing down armed thugs in extremely remote areas, never had to
arrest over 100 people in a remote area by herself with backup miles
away and she has never been a Border Patrol agent or any other real
law enforcement officer.

Secretary Napolitano is simply selling a product. That product is
called amnesty. Her press conferences belong on a late-night
We recommend hiring a salesman with a thick British accent to further
confuse the people watching since that seems to be a popular sales
tactic the last few years. Salesmen must seem more knowledgeable or
cute if they have a British accent. Maybe Secretary Napolitano can
take a few classes and learn the British accent herself so that when
she tries to sell herself as a hardened "law enforcement officer"
with lines like "I've worked that border for 20 years." and "I know
every inch of that border." people might actually find it believable.

Those of us who know the real truth can only laugh though. "But wait,
order now and get another dose of amnesty absolutely free. Just pay
for processing, food stamps, welfare, education, incarceration,
stolen identities, massive fraud, ESL classes and assorted other add-
ons. Order in the next 15 minutes and as a special bonus we'll
include higher taxes, more unemployment and less security."

We have been sold down the river, and we find it disgusting. We
support LEGAL immigration. It's called playing by the rules and doing
things the right way. Selling America to millions of people who have
no respect for us or our laws is a recipe for disaster.

See an interview of Local 2544 President Art Del Cueto here.


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