Monday, December 10, 2012



Note: some interesting AZ trail footage.

Note: Of interest mostly to the locals. Here in the NW, the guys
try to not make a mess and still people not satisfied. As opposed
to the NE, Tamaulipas, etc where the bodies are left everywhere.

4 bodies discovered in Sonora sewage pond
8 hours ago • Arizona Daily Star

In a gruesome discovery that shook Northern Sonora, at least four
bodies were found last week in a small town about six miles from the
U.S. border, Mexican newspapers have reported.

The bodies, according to border newspapers such as El Imparcial, were
dumped into a sewage-treatment lagoon on the outskirts of Santa Cruz,
a town of about 1,000. Two of the bodies were found wrapped in
blankets, the other two inside 55-gallon drums.

All the bodies were decomposed, said Sonoran state police, who were
assisting the small police force of Santa Cruz, just south of
Lochiel, Ariz. Mexican federal investigators were also at the scene,
according to El Universal, one of Mexico's largest national newspapers.

Workers doing maintenance work at the lagoon noticed Thursday that
something was floating on the dark water. When they looked closer,
they realized they were bodies.

Local firefighters tried to get to the bodies Thursday, but darkness
thwarted their efforts. Rescue work continued Friday. Mexican
authorities are trying to identify the victims, said El Universal.

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