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Agents rescue injured border crosser SW of Tucson

Border agents used a helicopter to rescue a injured illegal immigrant
who fell in the Baboquivari Mountains southwest of Tucson. The
woman's husband called for help Friday after he said his wife was
unable to get up after a fall.

The couple from Guatemala had crossed the border illegally and had
been crossing the rough desert terrain for about two days when she
fell about 45 feet, breaking her leg, according to a news release.

The Border Patrol's Search Trauma and Rescue team found the pair
halfway up Baboquivari Peak. Agents deployed from a Blackhawk
helicopter, lifting the woman to safety in a rescue basket. The
agency posted a video of the rescue on Youtube.

The woman was hospitalized.

10,, 2012
Previous polls
Would you go on holiday to the Sierra Tarahumara?
Sure! 27%
Depends on the weather 4%
It depends on the economy 4%
Security depends 18%
No, I'm afraid 46%
Total votes: 114

More than 40 men took Guadalupe y Calvo: Attorney General
By: Editorial 2 | 10-Dec-2012 8:03

The commando that besieged the town of Guadalupe y Calvo on Friday
night and Saturday morning, arrived in ten trucks filled with at
least 40 heavily armed men, confirmed this morning the Attorney
General Carlos Manuel Salas .

He confirmed that the town had about seven members of the judicial
police "who sought to regroup" and respond, but were overwhelmed by
the superior numbers of offenders.

Attorney Chambers said the Army will issue its own report on the
reasons, for which there was no military presence in the town, when
in close proximity is a detachment at the military base of El Zorrillo.

He said both the army and federal police, must be proactive in the
care and prevention of violence in the Sierra, where armed groups are
active, traveling in several vehicles, use heavy weapons, which ranks
as organized crime .

He located the rise of violence in the mountainous area as a turning
point, "a struggle to fill the gaps" and the quarrels, debts and
revenge between families, who often face some recurrence, especially
late in the year, and to that extent can deploy a prevention strategy
supported by federal forces.

"What happens in the Sierra is not insurmountable. There are enough
elements to cope. No waiting recurring actions to address them are
preventable, "the prosecutor insisted.

Note: Just south of Yuma.

Published: 12/10/2012 10:02 By: Drafting ElImparcial
Authorities seize 1.7 tons. roadside drug SLRC
San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora (PH)

About two tons of marijuana were seized by the Mexican Army to
conduct a military operation in security since "El Sahuaro," says a
statement from the Ministry of National Defense.

When performing a routine to a tractor, the military located hidden
in a false bottom 497 packages with a total weight of 720 kilograms
thousand, so the driver stopped.

The insured were arrested and made available to the appropriate

Through these actions, the National Defense Secretariat, contributes
to the development and security of the country, confirming its
commitment to the citizens to strengthen the climate of peace, order
and security they deserve the Mexican people.

Note: Significant.

Kidnapped former director of the PEP Alfredo Perez Mejia
The abduction occurred in a country house fractionation San Francisco
County north of Culiacán output up to the town of La Presita
10.12.2012 | 02:39 PM

CULIACÁN._ A heavily armed commando who identified themselves as
agents of the Federal Police, kidnapped the former director of the
State Preventive Police, Alfredo Mejia Perez at the time was in a
cottage on the property suburb of San Francisco County, located off
north of Culiacan, of the town Presita.

According to information provided by security authorities, the
imprisonment of Alfredo Perez Mejia occurred at 13:00 pm today, at
the time in the company of one of his sons was in a country house

It also established that the Mexican Army retired Major, was watering
the garden of his house and then arrived at the site two Toyota
vehicles, which exited at least nine gunmen with assault rifles
AK-47, who shouting " Federal Police! " took Perez Mejia and
threatened his son to not intervene.

Alfredo Mejia boarded one of the vehicles and taken away to an
unknown and so far his whereabouts are unknown.

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