Wednesday, December 5, 2012

AZMEX EXTRA 30-11-12


Note: A look at the real world of military arms / weapons / dual
use / items.
There is a very extensive paper trail for all of this. BTW, even
after importing tens of thousands of weapons, the Mexican government
still has not updated their info with the UN. Another note of
interest, the US sourced AR15/M16/M4 platform seems to have become
the primary small arm for Mexican forces. Followed by the Beretta
ARX 160. The home built FX05 seldom seen. Would also be interesting
to learn how many .50 rifles have been exported from US to Mexico.

IFS Releases Export Control Extension For Exporters Of Military Or
Dual-Use Items
11/28/2012 ( 8:19am)

IFS, a global enterprise applications company, has released a new
module to help companies in the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) market
manage the complex timing and legal needs associated with product
export compliance. The extension manages compliance with ITAR, EAR
and UK Export Controls.

As part of the IFS Applications suite of enterprise resource planning
software, the Export Control extension is designed to give users
peace of mind that their exports comply with trade regulations within
their markets.

IFS Export Control is a complete customizable export control system
which allows suppliers with multi-site operations in different
geographies to create a fully integrated database of export products
and regulations. By entering the parameters of the exporter's product
developments, current licenses and the relevant trade regulations,
exporters of military or dual-use items can have complete control
over supply chain compliance according to their own needs.

Instead of the costly and time-consuming process of individually
checking each order against current licenses and regulations, Export
Control automatically flags up potential breaches of export
regulations and a series of alerts warns exporters of non-compliance

"For multinational exporters operating in several jurisdictions, the
challenges of making certain that every order complies with every
regulation can be immense," commented Dave Holroyd, Managing
Director, IFS Defence. "Our new solution has particular relevance in
the A&D market, where a simple oversight in order processing can be
extremely dangerous for a company's reputation. Export Control flags
up potential breaches of export regulations, including the export of
dual-use items, to ensure that users have the information they need
to assess whether orders can go ahead."

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