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Note: another take on the FCH six years. Think he did become aware
that the cartels were a threat to the state, but was ineffective.
Will predict the PRI administration will not be restrained by human
or other rights concerns as it regains control of the drug/human
smuggling trade.

Note: interesting stack of the charges. BTW, using the old border,
Welton is about 40 km north. If using I-8 as the border, it is about
2 km. Have a copy of the indictment if anyone wants, it a pdf attach.

Blog: 'I'm f***ed,' Arizona border agent says after drug arrest
Arizona Daily Star 2008
20 hours ago • Tim Steller, Arizona Daily Star
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Complaint, affidavit against border agent

The FBI arrested yet another U.S. Border Patrol agent this week after
watching him go to the border fence near Wellton, Ariz. and pick up
bales of marijuana.

After his arrest, the investigators asked agent Aaron Anaya if he'd
speak to them.
"I'm f***ed," he responded, according to an affidavit by FBI special
agent Jesse Marotta. "You guys got me on video."

Then Anaya clammed up, the affidavit says.

The arrest of Anaya is the latest of many U.S. agents on the border,
as my former colleague Brady McCombs showed in this story last year.

Federal agents apparently had been watching Anaya. They had both
fixed-wing and rotor craft (planes or drones and helicopters) in the
air Sunday evening when they saw Anaya's Border Patrol vehicle pull
up to the fence, the affidavit says.

A vehicle pulled up from the Mexican side, and three men passed bags
over the fence to Anaya, who loaded them into the Border Patrol
vehicle and drove away, Marotta said in the affidavit. The agents
arrested Anaya at about 10:40 and found in his official vehicle three
duffel bags containing 147 pounds of marijuana.

Anaya faces charges of possession of marijuana with intent to
distribute, and possessing a firearm in a drug-trafficking crime.

Chihuahua state police seize 280 U.S. passports, and visas; two
suspects arrested
By Marisela Ortega Lozano \ El Paso Times
Posted: 12/05/2012 12:00:00 AM MST

Chihuahua state police in Juárez seized 280 U.S. documents, including
passports and visas, and arrested a brother and a sister suspected of
renting the documents to undocumented people wanting to cross to El
Paso, state officials said Tuesday.
The seizure took place Tuesday morning at Guerrero Negro and Arroyo
Café streets when the driver of a red 2002 Windstar sped up upon
seeing police patrols in the area, officials said.
After a brief chase, state officers arrested the pair around Héroes
de Nacozari and Encinal streets.
In a search inside the vehicle, officers discovered
66 U.S. permanent resident cards,
45 U.S. passports/cards,
33 laser visas VISA/BBC,
31 resident alien cards,
25 visas B1/132,
24 green cards,
six U.S. driver's licenses,
seven ID cards issued by the state of Texas,
two U.S. driver's licenses issued for minors,
five U.S driver's licenses from several states,
24 U.S. passports,
seven Social Security cards
and a U.S. birth certificate.
Luis Chavira Ramírez, 47, and his sister Alejandra Chavira Ramírez,
38, were arrested on charges of crimes against immigration laws.
According to the state police, Luis Chavira said the documents
belonged to his sister and, once in a while, they rent those
documents to people who want to cross to El Paso.
Alejandra said two men, known only as "Balín" and "Berna," pay her up
to $100 to store the documents, police said.

Marisela Ortega Lozano maybe reached at;

Note: If he really from Oaxaca, unusual for southerner to operate here.
Man gets prison in human-smuggling case

By Associated Press
Originally published: Dec 5, 2012 - 1:50 pm
TUCSON, Ariz. -- Authorities said a Mexican man has been given a 15-
month federal prison sentence in a human smuggling case in Arizona.

Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that Timoteo Reyes-Ambrosio, 52,
from Oaxaca, was arrested in September by U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Reyes-Ambrosio was taken into custody after authorities discovered he
was hiding illegal immigrants inside a home in Eloy, south of Phoenix.

The U.S. Attorney's Office prosecuted Reyes-Ambrosio on charges of
for human smuggling and harboring.

Prosecutors said he will deported from the country after serving his
prison term and he's banned for life from any legalization process.

Note: interesting, and why did the Chinese / Nigerians use him?

UK gun dealer jailed for 7 years for rifle trade
The Associated Press
Posted: 12/05/2012 09:53:33 AM MST

LONDON—A British arms dealer who helped ship thousands of assault
rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition from China to Nigeria has
been sentenced to seven years in jail.
Gary Hyde was convicted on two counts of breaching U.K. trade
controls and concealing criminal property for moving the weapons
without a license and hiding more than 620,000 pounds ($1 million) in
commission payments.
While the 2006 deal between the Chinese and Nigerian governments was
lawful, Hyde failed to get a license for his part in it—something
Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith chalked up to greed.
Sentencing Hyde at London's Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday, Smith
said it would have been easy for him to apply for a license. He
called Hyde's offenses a "sustained and deceitful flouting of the law."

Confirma PGR que "miss" sí disparó
María Susana Flores Gámez, Mujer Sinaloa 2012, sí accionó una arma de
fuego en el enfrentamiento entre militares y un grupo delictivo, en
el cual perdió la vida, confirmó Enrique Feregrino Taboada

María Susana Flores Gámez, Mujer Sinaloa 2012, sí accionó una arma
de fuego en el enfrentamiento entre militares y un grupo delictivo,
en el cual perdió la vida, confirmó Enrique Feregrino Taboada.

El delegado de la Procuraduría General de la República en Sinaloa
dijo que las diversas declaraciones que existen respecto al
enfrentamiento, confirman que la mujer realizó diversos disparos, lo
cual quedó comprobado con los resultados de las pruebas de
laboratorio que se le practicaron.

"Existen diversos dictámenes en los que se desprende que
efectivamente (María Susana Flores Gámez) disparó".

El funcionario dijo que la PGR investiga si Orzo Iván Gastélum, alias
"El Cholo", supuesta pareja sentimental de la reina de belleza,
utilizó el vehículo propiedad de ésta para escapar del
enfrentamiento, así como la posible participación delictiva de la
joven en los hechos de ese día.

"Por lo que respecta a la relación sentimental, realmente no es parte
de la investigación, no nos interesa establecer si tenía una relación
sentimental o no con el líder de esa organización criminal, sin
embargo, la participación delictiva que pudiera haberse suscitado,
eso sí interesa a la Procuraduría General de la República".

El enfrentamiento en el que falleció Flores Gámez ocurrió el 24 de
noviembre en el poblado Caitime, Salvador Alvarado, cuando elementos
del Ejército le marcaron el alto a varios vehículos sospechosos.

Los conductores ignoraron la señal de los militares y se inició una
persecución, luego un tiroteo en el que fallecieron dos militares y
tres civiles, entre ellos María Susana Flores Gámez, Mujer Sinaloa 2012.

"Existen diversos dictámenes en los que se desprende que
efectivamente (María Susana Flores Gámez) disparó".
Enrique Feregrino Taboada, delegado de la PGR en Sinaloa

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