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Note: Some will be familiar with the saga of this family. Involved
in fight against drug gangs and corruption. Several of them also
hold dual citizenship. Located out west of Cd. Juarez. Other
report says the vehicles used were allegedly not in service. Unusual
for report to appear in Proceso.

Reported attempted abduction of brother Julian Le Baron
December 28, 2012 ·

MEXICO CITY, (ap). - On Monday 24, hours before Christmas, the
younger brother of Chihuahua activist Julian Le Baron crossed the
border from Douglas, Arizona, to Agua Prieta, Sonora, where he was
arrested by a police Federal Police (PF) near the border crossing.

At the time of show identification, the officer was asked if Le
Baron, a community-named family and is located in the municipality of
Galeana, in the state of Chihuahua. The brother of exactivista
Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD) nodded.

The Julian family said that he was leaving the city, the patrol
Highway PF began to follow him and remained so for nearly 50 kilometers.

"I was nervous the boy and observed characteristics of the patrol,
their numbers, letters and glued with blurred by time and dark tinted
windows," said Le Baron family said in a statement that binds the
elements of the alleged PF attempted kidnapping.

According to them, when the boy arrived at army checkpoint at
kilometer 125 of the Highway Agua Prieta, Puerto San Luis, two
unmarked vans that were in place on the road accelerated to pursue
the young.

"At that time the Highway Patrol PF with number 12089, to see these
trucks start after the young man stopped walking, turned around and
went back.

"In turn, the two trucks followed the young man speeding over 40
miles at speeds exceeding 200 kilometers per hour," revealed the
family in the statement.

The family has reason to express concern. Twice members of this
family have been victims of kidnappings and murders.

On May 2, 2009 was kidnapped Erick Le Baron, 17, a member of the
family that gave its name to the village and demanded his release the
amount of one million dollars. The community publicly refused to pay
the ransom and began a campaign in national and international media
against rising insecurity and secured the release of the young on May
10 of that year.

A couple of months later on July 6 were kidnapped and later killed
Benjamin Le Baron and Luis Widmar Stubbs, another member of the
community. The alleged murderers left a blanket in front of their
homes where they specify that the murder was in retaliation for his
activism against insecurity.

Last year, Julian Le Baron, joined the Caravan for Peace with Justice
poete Dignity led by Javier Sicilia with the same claim.

Hours after Julian denounced the attempted kidnapping of his brother,
the family released a statement detailing the times of trouble which
his family lived.

By this development, the local MP, Alex Le Baron, filed a complaint
for attempted kidnapping in prejudice of brother Julian Le Baron.

There are eight gunmen arrested with arsenal ( Sonora)
Details Published on Saturday 29 December 2012, Written by
Editorial / The Journal
Ciudad Obregon

Special Forces personnel of the State Police Public Safety (PESP),
supported by the Mexican Army, conducted a major operation Thursday
in Ciudad Obregon where they captured eight members of a criminal
group, who were in possession of 10 rifles , three vehicles,
ammunition, a grenade and tactical gear.

The armed group was detected while driving to speeding on nearby
streets Effective Suffrage and No Reelection, in the heart of the
city, where the subjects attempted to avoid arrest by pointing guns
and threatening to throw a grenade at police and military elements,
but were secured immediately.
Those arrested were identified as Jesus Zazueta Ernesto Ortiz, 23,
Gildardo Millanez Ortiz, 21, Bernardo Vega Rivera, 25, Erick
Hernandez Jair Espejel, 26, Zito Robles Pablo Melendrez, 25, Juan
Jose Flores Garcia, 24, Jose Luis Morales Jimenez, 24 and Juan
Ontiveros Mendoza and / or Ramon Mendivil Francisco Lara, 27, who is
active Etchojoa Municipal Police.
The scene was also seized a total of 10 guns and about 1,200 rounds
of ammunition, 31 magazines, one grenade and six tactical vests and
the three manned vehicles and were reported as stolen .
Detainees reported belonging to a criminal group operating in the
southern part of the state, so that together with the secured weapons
and cars were available to the Federal Public Prosecutor for
appropriate investigations are conducted.
The Special Forces group of the PESP supported by the Mexican Army
special operations continue for safety of Sonora.

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