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Note: Interesting that legislators in Mexico realize that signs are
useless in preventing crime. And so many north of the border don't.

Chihuahua officials want to get rid of "No More Weapons" billboard at
Juárez international bridge
By Marisela Ortega Lozano / El Paso Times
Posted: 12/30/2012 11:18:10 PM MST

A state representative from Juárez wants the huge "No More Weapons"
billboard taken down from its spot on the Mexican side of the Bridge
of Americas because it scares tourists.
The state representative, Gerardo Hernández Ibarra, has a filed a
bill in Chihuahua with the state legislature asking for permission to
tear the sign down.
The state legislature must approve the removal of the billboard
because the sign sits on government property.

"That sign (No More Weapons!) is useless to stop the influx of
weapons to Mexico," Hernández Ibarra said in a statement posted on
his Facebook page. "That billboard only discourages visitors from El
Paso, Texas, and Las Cruces, New Mexico."
In February 2011,
then Mexican President Felipe Calderón came to Juarez to unveil the
"No More Weapons!" billboard on the Mexican side of the international
The billboard was part of Calderón's effort to reassure Juarez
residents, and tourists, that the drug cartel war and the violence
that accompanied it was being battled and controlled.

"We are sending a clear message from this border region: no more
weapons to México," Calderón said during the unveiling ceremony.

But according to Hernández Ibarra, that sign leaves the wrong message
in the minds of visitors, and that message is: "There is still
violence going on in Mexico."

The weapons cross into Mexico by other means, not only through the
international bridge, Ibarra Hernández said. "The authorities know
where the weapons are being smuggled into our country," Hernández
Ibarra said in the statement.
Hernández said he supports the fight against the weapons trafficking
into Mexico, but he stressed that the billboard does nothing to deter
weapons from coming into the country.

Chihuahua Gov. César Duarte said he supports the bill to remove the
billboard. Instead of "No More Weapons!," the sign should read
"Welcome," Duarte said in a statement.
"The billboard (No More Weapons!) spreads a feeling of lack of
safety, even though Chihuahua is no longer an unsafe region," Duarte
told Juárez reporters during a press conference on Friday. "It is a
better idea to welcome the visitors."

Calderón, who left office in early December, blamed the U.S.
government for not doing its part to stop the flow of weapons across
the border.
Since 2008, Juarez has been in the midst of a violent drug cartel war
and thousands of weapons used in some of the slayings have been
traced back to the United States.

Marisela Ortega Lozano maybe reached at;

Note: more sadness from the Sierra Tarahumara. What happens when
good people loose their rights and means to an effective self defense.

Narco kidnappers to rape women in the mountains of Chihuahua, alert
DECEMBER 30, 2012 · 12 Comment S

Chihuahua, Chih. ( - Two weeks after the murders of
four professional women in the Sierra Tarahumara, the president of
the association Justice for Our Daughters, Norma Ledezma Ortega
warned that this may be a crime because of gender no history in that
region and called it "stupid" to only investigate the case of vehicle

"It's stupid to say that it was a robbery when women were tortured
and met with the coup de grace, which speaks only of the position and
the control they the drug cartels have in the mountains and collusion
of some authorities" he said Ledezma.

The victims were two sisters and two teachers engineers, also sisters.

Marisa Diaz Aidé Peinado, 32, was head of the Department of
Technology Management and Liaison Cuauhtémoc Institute of Technology
and her sister Mayra Lorena, 39, was production manager at a
maquiladora, Josefina Diaz was Rempening piano teacher and Elisa Diaz
Martinez, retired high school teacher.

Ledezma said that last year there was the case of two sisters who
were deprived of freedom and then murdered, which can not be isolated
from what is happening today in the mountains.

This is Nancy and Daisy Caraveo, who were 20 and 26 when they were
victimized, in August 2011.

The two were found Bahuichivo originating in the municipality in a
narcofosa (grave) at the town of Bocoyna.

They were employees of a Conasupo and left their home to go out
shopping. The father of a friend offered ride, but to get to San
Juanito, Bocoyna Township, the three were abducted. The man was
Gonzalo Díaz Molina, 52, and his body was found five days later.

The family reported the disappearance in Cuauhtemoc and to see that
the authorities acted, went to Justice for Our Daughters, who found
the inactive file, Ledezma Ortega recalled.

The women were found more than a month later. Justice for Our
Daughters collaborated with finding them, alongside family and

Ledezma Ortega felt that this is a case of two girls who were totally
innocent in the wrong place and day.

Since October 2011, the activist has alleged that criminal groups
settled in the Sierra have created concentration camps where they
recruit women of that region to sexually abuse them.

Job opportunities and student in the Sierra are few, "the narcos come
to the villages for food, look in the squares, in the streets and
take them because they are usually isolated," he added.

Ledezma called on families to come to the city to make a report, but
said it also requires a general alert the authorities have not
activated, arguing that they kill both men than women, without
recognizing that the vulnerability for women in that region is greater.

Since last year the proposal of the activist is to support families
with missing daughters so they can find them, because we often do not
know where they are and are resigned to maybe "married" or "went by
her will" but organized crime is a reality that stalks women, he said.

The priest Javier El Pato Avila said the killing of the four women
has generated a strong discomfort between the highlanders, and even
said it was "", the claim is that until now have not been given to
know neither mobile nor responsible.

He noted that statistics and deaths, do not lie, but added:

"It seems that today the dead buried with the past and no one
remembers the past, but should they should be stacked horizontally,
to remember, to see them."

The authorities claim, again, is impunity, he said, because it only
involved say that violence is down when it is not.

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