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Janet Napolitano has this week working visit to Mexico
Trip will be the first job of a senior U.S. official in Mexico under
this administration.
Organización Editorial Mexicana
December 11, 2012

Washington, DC-Secretary of U.S. Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano
will travel to Mexico this week for meetings with officials of the
new government of President Enrique Peña Nieto, his office said Tuesday.

This trip will be the first job of a senior U.S. official in Mexico
since Peña Nieto was sworn in on December 1.

Napolitano, who will start on Wednesday at the head of a delegation
of officials and border security, visiting first the U.S. state of
Arizona, to monitor border operations, said the statement from the
Department of Homeland Security.

Then come to Mexico City, where she will talk to cabinet members of
Peña Nieto "bilateral efforts to facilitate legitimate travel and
trade, the exchange of information and to ensure a secure global
supply chain," the department said.

Napolitano traveled to Mexico several times during the term of the
predecessor of Peña Nieto, Felipe Calderón, whom the Obama
administration reached unprecedented levels of cooperation in
safeguarding the long common border and fighting drug cartels.

Peña Nieto has expressed his desire to strengthen its cooperation
with Washington, but he wants to emphasize in reducing the violence
of the fight against organized crime, whose wave of violence left
more than 60,000 dead during the presidency of Calderon.

Note: just had to send this one. Onto a empty field. The
backpacking continues full course in other parts of AZMEX border.
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Marijuana shot over border fence with cannon seized
December 11, 2012 5:02 PM

An attempt by drug smugglers to propel cans of marijuana into the
United States with a pneumatic cannon was thwarted Friday evening by
U.S. Border Patrol agents.

The incident happened in a field near County 22nd and the Colorado
River just to the northwest of San Luis, Ariz.

The drug smugglers crossed the Colorado River with the pneumatic
cannon into the area of U.S. territory outside of the border fence.
They then used a carbon dioxide canister to propel the marijuana over
the Salinity Canal and the border fence into a field abut 500 feet away.

The marijuana was tucked inside what appeared to be soup cans inside
of larger cans and sealed on the ends. A concerned citizen discovered
the cans, which had landed in a freshly plowed field, and contacted
the Border Patrol.

Responding agents conducted an extensive search of the area and
recovered a carbon dioxide tank outside the border fence. Mexican
authorities were contacted and also searched the border, although no
arrests were made and the smugglers were able to escape with the cannon.

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