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Note: Still no sign of TX truck driver Jabin Bogan, 27, of Dallas
who was arrested after crossing into Cd. Juarez with ammo in his
truck. He was allegedly sent to Vera Cruz, in a highly unusual or
even suspect move by Mexican authorities. The SOP is to send people
accused of federal crimes to Mexico City.

Note: the 23 dead in Nuevo Laredo didn't seem to make the news on
the TX side of the river.

Lawyer: Accused border agent won't go to Mexico
The Associated Press
Posted: 05/04/2012 07:12:18 AM MDT

EL PASO, Texas—The lawyer for a U.S. Border Patrol agent charged in
Mexico in the shooting death of a teenager along the Rio Grande is
rebuffing calls from a Mexican government official that he be sent to
there for trial.
Gov. Cesar Duarte of the Mexican state of Chihuahua demanded Thursday
that Jesus Mesa be extradited to face murder charges in the June 2010
killing of 15-year-old Sergio Adrian Guereca. Mesa was on a bicycle
patrol alongside the river that divides Texas and Mexico when the boy—
among some youths tossing rocks at the officer—was fatally shot.
Lawyer Randy Ortega tells the El Paso Times (
that Mesa was acting in his official capacity and doesn't believe
there's any treaty that requires Mesa to be extradited.
Information from: El Paso Times,

Published: 05/04/2012 2:35 By: Jose F. Ponce
'Shield' border of Sonora and Sinaloa
Federal and state authorities and the army check points operate
mobile surveillance.

Hermosillo, Sonora (PH)
Come into operation in the coming days check points and mobile
surveillance on the border between Sonora and Sinaloa, coordinated
efforts by state forces and the federal Department of National
Defence, announced Ernesto Munro Palacio.

Secretary of State Public Security reported that it will invest about
100 million pesos for high-tech equipment with infrared cameras, arc
plate reader vehicles and other tools to be used in the check points
from June.

He explained that the purpose of installing these check points that
will start operating this month in temporary facilities, is to shield
the southern border of the state from incoming criminal groups from
Sinaloa and Chihuahua.

As the check points are built that will be fixed in South Huatabampo
mentioned, the state force in that area will make use of Civil
Protection team for natural disasters, such as bathrooms, kitchen and

The state official said that the check points will begin operating in
May and June but will be fully equipped with technology to inspect
all 24 hours on the International Highway 15.

"It will be a good thing because we have bases all over Mexico
against criminals, plate readers, infrared cameras in different
parts of the border of Sinaloa and a monitoring center," said Munro

The need to shield the southern border of the state, he said, is for
the force to block Sonora of criminal groups and the intention is to
close them all access, all gaps that no other entrance than Highway 15.

Note: some will remember this case. Major news story about a year
ago, Another defenseless victim. Barraza had confessed and led to
the body, but being a cartel associate, was released.

US provides asylum to granddaughter of Marisela Escobedo
More than a year of the crime of the activist, the child is in U.S.
territory in the care of close relatives who also fled Mexico

Impunity 'A kill anyone with impunity'.
Gustavo De la Rosa, Chihuahua Human Rights condemned the murder of
Marisela Escobedo, who died before the palace of justice in
Chihuahua, where she held a protest against the murder of her daughter
EL PASO, TEX. | Friday May 4, 2012
Reuters | The Universal

A four year old granddaughter of Marisela Escobedo activist and
daughter of Rubi Marisol Frayre, both murdered in Chihuahua, received
political asylum in the United States, said the uncle of the child.

John Frayre Escobedo said the small child is in U.S. territory is in
the care of close relatives who also fled to Mexico and live in a
place that chose not to disclose for security reasons.

"It's OK (the lowest) and even goes to school, but their adaptation
will take time because it has gone through very hard situations like
the loss of her mother and grandmother," he said.

Rubi Marisol Frayre, 17, mother of the girl, disappeared in August
2008 and it was not until January 2009 when his mother, Marisela
Escobedo filed a complaint against Sergio Barraza, who was a partner
of her daughter.

Escobedo located the suspected murderer in the city of Fresnillo,
Zacatecas in the state, and informed the authorities, who arrested
him on June 16, 2009 and released him soon after for lack of evidence.

The woman then began a protest outside the government palace in
Chihuahua to demand the arrest of the murderer of her daughter and
was murdered in December 2010.

Since then family members seeking justice were threatened with death.

Child entered the United States along with four uncles and other
relatives days after the death of Escobedo and all are in the process
of political asylum.

Upon request asylum in the international crossing Ciudad Juarez-El
Paso, uncles of the girl were sent initially to the Detention Center,
Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in El Paso, while
she was moved to a shelter in Houston (Texas) for young immigrants.
Was handed over to relatives after a little over a month in the
shelter, said the uncle.

John said Frayre Escobedo feel hopeful that your family can start a
life without fear in America, and announced from exile that they
continue to demand justice for Ruby and Marisela.


Note: flipping burgers seems to pay really well

Eagle Pass Daily - News
Arrested for bringing a 140 thousand dollars in cash and another for
fleeing the scene of a crash Written by Staff
Thursday, 03 May 2012 21:26

EAGLE PASS, TEXAS - Juan Antonio Castaneda, chief of the Eagle Pass
Police, announced that on Thursday afternoon arrested a 17-year-old
to have about 140 thousand dollars in cash and arrested three people
besides who fled the scene of a car crash, among those arrested, one
was carerring a bullet. Both cases were recorded separately.

The first incident occurred at about 6 pm when officers patrolling
near the school they stopped the high LDC Sergio Francisco Cervantes,
17, aboard a 2001 Chevy Impala for a minor traffic violation. By
making contact with the young man, the officers found the young man
was not carrying a driver's license so they proceeded to arrest him.
During the process, the officers found the cash in a dustbin (garbage
can) and therefore they added more charges. The police chief said the
case will be transferred to the agency DEA.

The other case was reported at about 8 pm behind the Memorial Junior
High School, where a 2003 Ford Expendition crashed against a 2011
Land Rover driven by a young woman named Ramon. The van, where five
people were aboard fled, causing intense police searchng until she
was arrested in the Las Quintas. Three men, identified as Christopher
Corpus, 27, John G. Escalante, 18, and Francisco Benavidez, 25, were
arrested, according to Castaneda information.

The latter, Benavidez carried a bullet in his right shoulder and
fractured his leg, so he was transferred to Fort Duncan hospital.
Castaneda reported that Benavidez had already served several years in
prison for murder and was arrested for possession receintemente
weapons, and that is why the authorities investigate the case.

Patrol boats arrive in Laredo

Congress met the boats that will protect the border of Texas.
Courtesy Photo
Congressman Henry Cuellar and Michael MaCaul presented two boats that
will help the use of technology to facilitate trade and provide
security to the border.
Thursday, May 03, 2012
By: Francisco Diaz, The Laredo Sun

LAREDO, TX. - One of them is a big boat full of high-caliber weapons
to patrol the border area of Rio Bravos and the other is loaded with
technology, cameras, and radar that will also provide security for
this border area.
The Texas Department of Public Safety, led these two boats to the
banks of the Rio Bravo to present them to Congress and show their use
to patrol the border.
MacCaul and Cuellar did not lose the chance to go and see first hand
the works of these boats.
They boarded the small boat full of technology and drove it to the
banks of the river.
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