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Today's Milenio poll
EPN 44%, JVM 25%, AMLO 25%, GQT 6%

Note: on the direct line from Sinaloa through the res to Phx.
Shotgun usually mark of local home boys.

Pinal County deputies seize marijuana, expose smuggling camp
by John Genovese -
May. 17, 2012 03:49 PM
The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team

Authorities say a helicopter helped Pinal County deputies on
Wednesday seize more than a ton of marijuana and two vehicles, and
expose a suspected smuggling camp.

A Sheriff's Office helicopter was called to assist the West Desert
Task Force, made up of Pinal County deputies and several federal
agencies, to track a suspected drug load in the Vekol Valley, north
of Interstate 8, said Elias Johnson, a Pinal County Sheriff's Office

As Border Patrol in the area moved south, the air unit reportedly
traveled north with a border agent on board. Shortly after landing,
Johnson said, a white Ford F-150 truck was discovered in thick brush
and loaded with 2,010 pounds of marijuana. Footprints from the
vehicle were tracked east, he said, but authorities were unable to
locate any suspects.

Later, PCSO said the helicopter moved southwest to track another
suspected drug load along Freeman Road. A Chevrolet Suburban was
found hidden in the brush, and after a registration check, the
vehicle was found to be reported stolen from Phoenix, according to
the Sheriff's Office. Authorities believe it was used to smuggle

During the flight back to Casa Grande, sheriff's officials said the
helicopter tracked a suspected scout position and discovered a
smuggling camp on a large hill top northwest of Interstate 8 and
Arizona 84. The helicopter dropped off two deputies who discovered
multiple sleeping bags, supplies, clothing, food and water that could
sustain two to three people for several weeks, officials said.

According to deputies, a solar battery charger, multiple cell phone
and hand held radio chargers, and a shotgun hidden in a rock crevice
were seized from the area.

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Note: Who does what and where still doesn't seem to be quite
settled, last two or three seem to have been travel agents (polleros/
coyotes) for area between Nogales to Sonoyta. Like Sinaloa, the AZ/
SON border area not all that much in order as to who is in charge of
specific locations. There has been a significant uptick in
activity along the AZ/SON border over the last few weeks. Will have
to see if the latest personnel actions affect the levels.

Published: 05/17/2012 14:35 By: Ruben A. Ruiz
Red light after murders in Nogales

NOGALES, Sonora (PH)
A "hot spot" which fortunately has not reached the levels of murders
in 2010, was the one caught in Nogales with recent performances,
acknowledged the mayor José Ángel Hernández Barajas.

He said that in relation to these latter cases is not aware of why
this happening.
"Nothing that we know we at the municipal level, such situations the
Agency reserves the right information (State of Sonora).

So far in May have added seven murders, when last year in this month
there were a total of six cases.

The director of public security, he added, was in Hermosillo
especially following up on requests for support equipment.

The City of Nogales is in the process of acquiring a total of one
hundred long guns, and ten more patrols vehicles, which have already
been tendered and expect to have them ready in a month.

Also handguns were delivered to 200 staff of the Police Force.

Chihuahua City requires the delivery of 700 weapons, Federal govt.
was paid in advance (Chih. Chih.)
The National Public Security System still does not meet with the
delivery of weapons to local police, so the City Council indicated
its estrangement from the failure of the deal.
Chihuahua City Council clearly indicates estrangement to the National
Public Safety under the Ministry of National Public Safety, because
not even equip weapons to local police and the federation does not
meet the agreement performed 17 months ago.

It also clarified that the current municipal administration remains
highly respectful relationship with the country's armed forces, who
were recognized in all his work done for the safety of all of
Chihuahua, as the heroic work undertaken by elements of Army, Navy
and Air Force, is invaluable to all good citizens.

On the issue of weapons that the federation is still undelivered, the
City of Chihuahua for more than 1 year and five months deposited just
over 12 million pesos, corresponding to full payment of 500 rifles
and 200 handguns and Ammunition, still not delivered by the federal
authority is not understand this attitude, especially when the
intention of acquiring such weapons is to have the best equipped
municipal police to fight crime.

Note: two 40 mm grenade launchers, etc.

Seized weapons linked to killing of 18 people in Jalisco
MAY 16, 2012

GUADALAJARA, Jal. (Approved). - A week after the discovery of 18
bodies left inside two vans, located less than 200 meters from the
asphalt of the highway Guadalajara-Chapala, agents of the state
Public Security Secretariat (SSP) secured a arsenal in a safe house
for rent at Rancho del Oro in Ajijic.

Police authorities noted that the material seized two AK-47 rifles,
two AR-15 type, two 40-caliber grenade launchers, three fragmentation
grenades, 50 magazines for various calibres and 1,867 cartridges,
two industrial refrigerators, that might be linked the killing in
Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos.

The farm is located at the intersection of Rio Maracaibo and Rio
Amazon, and the finding occurred when the state police were
conducting a tour of surveillance and observed a subject acting
suspiciously, just as he entered the real estate development.

According to the corporation, the subject was able to flee from the
rear of the building after observe the presence of security agents.

"Additionally, we found a notebook in which they have a record or
arms control and annotations on (various) payments, which is even
mentioned the purchase of two refrigerators."

The seized material was made available to investigating authorities
to inquire whether it is related to the 18 executed were left in
Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos.

The sergeant of the State Police, Manuel Marquez Gutierrez said in
the notes recovered on certain purchases, "mention is made of two
refrigerators industrial and we could boast were used to put people
in the event of Ixtlahuacán".

So far, PFS has detained six people allegedly involved in the
multiple murders of 18 people whose bodies were left in Ixtlahuacán,
and the kidnapping of 14 people in Ahuisculco, in the town of Tala.

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