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Note: a unpleasant report from BBC on human trafficking from Mexico
to the US.

Note: of interest mostly to us locals.

San Luis Rio Colo., Son., residents protest border violence
May 21, 2012 9:48 PM

SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO, Son. — Two days after the slaying of this
city's police chief, more than 100 residents gathered Monday night in
a march along the border in what they intended as a public appeal to
the authorities to stop further bloodshed.

The march, which started at about 7:45 p.m. at International Avenue
and 22nd Street on the northeast corner of the city, brought together
residents of all ages with a unified message.
"Don't let San Luis become another Nuevo Laredo or Ciudad Juarez,"
they said as they carried banners with the same message.

The reference was to two Mexicans cities along the Texas border where
tens of thousands have been killed in fighting between rival drug-
smuggling organizations and between the cartels and Mexico's military
and police.

But participants in Monday's march who were interviewed by Bajo El
Sol declined to speculate as to what led to the slaying of Luis
Rodriguez Soqui.

Rodriguez, the city's director of public safety, was fatally shot by
gunmen in another vehicle as he was driving away from his home on
east side of the city shortly after 9 p.m. Saturday.

Mexican media have reported he was hit by no fewer than 30 rounds
from high-powered weapons.

Police have released little information about Rodriguez's slaying,
but some details emerged Sunday and Monday.

Police theorize that after the shooting, the gunmen, traveling in a
sport utility vehicle, fled to Sonoyta, a Mexican border town across
from Lukeville, Ariz., and then into the interior of Sonora.

Mexican news media have reported that Rodriguez, the city's police
chief for about two years, did not typically travel around the city
with a bodyguard.

Media outlets south of the border also have been very careful not to
speculate on any motives in the killing.

But the city's mayor, Joel Aguirre Yescas, said the police chief's
slaying had been prompted by his success as a crimefighter in the
border city of more than 200,000.

The march had been expected to bring out hundreds of marchers, but
estimates at the scene placed the number closer to 150. Some
participants said that perhaps Monday's heat had discouraged some
would-be marchers from joining the event.

The marchers walked west on International Avenue, alongside the fence
separating San Luis Rio Colorado and San Luis, Ariz., before ending
up at Benito Juarez Park, next to City Hall.

One of the organizers of the march was Luis Alberto Larios, a
longtime San Luis Rio Colorado resident who has seen his city escape
much of the violence that has touched other Mexican border towns and
spread into the interior of the nation.
"The intention (of the march)," he said, "is to appeal to the
authorities to prevent San Luis from becoming another Juarez or Nuevo

Also helping organize the march was Humberto Melgoza, a San Luis-
based newspaper editor, who said journalists are concerned about
violence in Mexico, given that much of it has been directed at those
in the media.

Last week, he noted, a reporter in Ciudad Obregon, Son., who covered
crime news was abducted and is presumed to have been murdered. That
killing, he added, has served to have a chilling effect on other

Also taking part were about 30 people wearing T-shirts with the logo
of Mexico's left-leaning Democratic Revolutionary Party, which will
be fielding candidates in the San Luis mayoral race and other
elections in July, including the presidential election.
"This has nothing to do with politics," said Concepcion Sandoval, a
party supporter who took part in the march. "We are here because we
are worried that what has happened elsewhere can happen here."

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Duarte leads inauguration of new Brigadier General of Military Zone 42
David Ortega | May 22, 2012 | 15:18 pm

Hidalgo del Parral. - The guest of honor the Governor of the State of
Chihuahua led the inauguration of the new head of the military zone
that was conducted on the premises of 76 Infantry Battalion.
State where the president recognized and emphasized the work of the
Mexican Army for our society in the rescue of values, work with
humanitarian and security especially as the main pillar of institutions.
The new Brigadier General Certificate of Staff Miguel Andrade
Cisneros, comes from the town of Valladolid in the Yucatan, where he
has established the 32 military zone to which was attached, who
assumes this important position in this state, which also relieved
from office General Jesus Pedroza Ayala.
After the inauguration, held a breakfast in which were various
officials and authorities of different orders of government.

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