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Today's Milenio poll;
EPN 48%, JVM 26%, AMLO 21% GQT 5%

Note: Today's Eagle Pass Daily has some interesting stats from
Sheriff Tomas S.Herrera who is running for re-election. ( in
english) Don't know how to copy it to this format.

Note: for the locals, an important hit. The drug gangs have taken
quite a few losses over the last few months in this area. Have also
heard that couple of the local army commanders have been re-
assigned. No big busts in the area for several weeks now. Higher
ups betting on PRI regaining the presidency?

Published: 05/21/2012 10:58 By: Agencies
Commander was killed for doing his job: Mayor
Luis Rodriguez Soqui was killed last Sat.

Mayor Joel Yescas Aguirre said the local police commander, Luis
Rodriguez Soqui, paid the price for making this the safest city
border of Sonora.

The mayor made the remarks after meeting with staff of prosecutors
General of the State (PGJE), General of the Republic (PGR) and local
commanders of the Mexican Army.
'All agencies responsible for the promotion of justice will use all
resources at its disposal to clarify the attack and apprehend those
responsible, "he said.

Last Saturday Soqui Rodriguez died after being shot as he left the
Diana Residencial subdivision where he lived aboard his vehicle,
subjects arrived in a white color van.
"The tranquility is priceless and I think Mr. Rodriguez Soqui has
paid the price for turning San Luis Rio Colorado in Sonora safest
city ', said the mayor.

Aguirre Yescas said there is peace living in the city compared to
other regions, 'so there is full coordination between all spheres of
government to keep the peace'.

On Monday, the body of the late police chief was taken in a hearse to
the city of Hermosillo, he came from is also a former federal

So far, prosecutors said Common Law prefers to maintain the
confidentiality of preliminary investigation, but is expected in the
next few hours to make themselves known early gains, citing the mayor.

Note: yet another case for the restoration of the RKBA, for the
Mexican people. And just like here, not reported, didn't happen.

Published: 05/21/2012 2:23 By: Editorial ElImparcial
Crime down 11%, but up in violent home robberies.
According to figures from the National Public Security System from
March to April there were 333 fewer crimes.

Hermosillo, Sonora (PH)
Although March and April offenses were generally reduced about 11% in
Sonora, is illegal and violent robbery in houses and stolen vehicles
reported an increase, revealing the Executive Secretariat of the
National System of Public Security.

The latest statistics published by the federal agency on their
website state that in April, they investigated 2,860 crimes against
the 3,193, a month earlier, ie, 333 less.

On high impact illegal as murder with a firearm, it was down so no it
was committed with a knife that went from 3 to 12 in April.

The theft was generally a reduction of 7%, but when the details are
taken up shows that the burglary to dwellings and auto theft
increased between March and April.

The Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security last month
stated that the Public Ministry received 97 complaints of housing
violent robbery against the 73 recorded in March, ie 24% more.

Vehicle theft rose from 323 in March to 336 in April, up 4.02% over
the period, the violation is another crime that showed a variation of
0.7% to 40 inquiries recorded in the fourth month, 17 more than in

The offense of grievous bodily harm increased from 260 to 290 cases
in the same period, 11% more.

The rustling, kidnapping, abuse of confidence, damage to property,
extortion, fraud and robbery were illegal were down in March and
April, cites the Executive Secretariat of the National System of
Public Security.

Research PGJE the 5 weekend killings
Details Posted on Monday, May 21, 2012 8:38
Written by Editorial / El Diario



The spokesman for the Attorney General in the State, Jose Larrinaga
Talamantes, reported Sunday that investigations are conducted five
murders apparently committed by members of organized crime, this

Those killed are the reporter Marco Antonio Avila Garcia, the chief
of public safety of San Luis, Luis Fredy Rodriguez Soqui and the
grave with three bodies of unidentified persons who were located in
the town of Empalme, in the south of the state .

He noted that in the case of journalist Marco Avila, are yet to
declare co-workers of the communicator, but his relatives have begun
to do so.

"There are several open lines, of course including the action of
organized crime, are expected to attend Monday's other co-workers of
Marco Antonio Avila to testify," he said Sunday Larrinaga Talamantes,
who until next May 30 occupy the position at the State Office of
Justice because as announced two weeks ago resigned.

On the other hand on the case of the execution of the director of the
Preventive Police and Traffic San Luis Rio Colorado, Fredy Rodriguez
Soqui said that he was killed Saturday night by the crew of two
vehicles, who have not been identified and units in which they
traveled have not been located.

He confirmed that three and not two bodies that were found on
Saturday evening at kilometer 11 of the International Highway in the
town of Empalme. He noted that until Sunday the bodies were not yet
identified, but that they were extracted by personnel of the agency.

Former sheriff's deputy gets prison in drug conspiracy
May 21, 2012 6:10 PM
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Jared Taylor
The Monitor

McALLEN — As he stood in federal court facing judgment Monday
morning, Omar Salazar had only one word to describe what drove him to
toss his law enforcement career away:

The former Hidalgo County sheriff's deputy admitted to a marijuana
trafficking conspiracy and testified against his onetime partner in
burglary investigations — and selling drugs.

Flipping on Heriberto Diaz, 43, a former investigator himself serving
an 11-year sentence for the crime, led Chief U.S. District Judge
Ricardo Hinojosa to sentence Salazar to two-and-a-half years in
prison — less than half the typical minimum sentence for a marijuana
conspiracy case.

"You are paying the price for your decision — you admitted it,"
Hinojosa told Salazar, 44, at a sentencing hearing Monday morning in
U.S. District Court. "So after the price is paid, you can go back and
serve your community once again."

For Salazar, that service won't be in law enforcement. He told the
judge he has learned a new trade — cutting hair — that he said he has
performed on other inmates while awaiting sentencing.

Monday's sentencing hearing marked the latest high-profile case
involving Rio Grande Valley law enforcement officers betraying fellow
officers and the communities they serve.

"It was a real tragedy all the way around — a tragedy in that they
betrayed the public and the badge and now his kids are going to be
without a father for a while," Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño
said Monday. "The guy messed up, the guy got adjudicated and now he
got sentenced so he can go pay for it.
"It's a done deal."

The case traces back to late 2009, when a Mission police officer
responded to radio traffic and found Diaz and Salazar inside a
residence with 354 pounds of marijuana inside. Loading the bundles
into a pickup truck were Joel and Jorge Duncan, father and son drug
smugglers who tipped off the deputies to the drug load and stood to
benefit from the scheme.

Hinojosa sentenced Joel Duncan to 98 months in prison Monday afternoon.

Unlike Salazar, Diaz maintained his innocence through a jury trial
that ended with a guilty verdict and a sentencing hearing in March
that gave him more than a decade behind bars. Agents said Monday that
unlike Diaz, Salazar did not fail any lie detector tests administered
when investigators unraveled their drug trafficking scheme.

Clad in a powder-blue, collared shirt with trim black hair, Salazar
learned his sentence Monday without any family members present in the
courtroom. His body occasionally shook as he looked at the floor
awaiting his turn to go before the judge.

Salazar's apparent nervousness showed before Hinojosa, whose incisive
questioning left the former deputy to respond with fragmented, quiet
responses barely audible in the courtroom.

"Were you ever tempted to say anything to stop or not do this?"
Hinojosa asked.
"I never wanted to do it until it happened," Salazar responded. "I
didn't want to do it."
"But you did," Hinojosa said. "How much did you get paid for this?"
"I don't know," Salazar responded.
"So you were greedy, but you don't know how greedy?" Hinojosa fired
"No," Salazar said.

Salazar claimed the decision to act on the Duncans' tip that
marijuana could be found at the Mission residence happened on a
moment's notice, so much that it turned him into "a different person
for 20 minutes."

"This wasn't just a 20-minute thing," Hinojosa said. "Let's face it,
"No, sir," Salazar mumbled.

After about half an hour answering the judge's questions, Salazar
learned his cooperation with prosecutors and FBI agents would prove
beneficial, with a prison sentence less than half the recommended
amount under federal guidelines.

"There is no doubt that during the time you did this, you stepped on
what you did in public service your whole life," Hinojosa said.
"There is nothing that will change that day. There is nothing that
will change your prison sentence."

Ejecutan a director de la policía de municipio tarahumara
CHIHUAHUA, Chih. (APRO).- En una emboscada, el director de seguridad
pública del municipio Guadalupe y Calvo, Eleazar Salas Martínez, fue
asesinado. En su cuerpo se contabilizaron 15 impactos de bala,
informó la Fiscalía General del Estado.

De acuerdo con el vocero, Carlos González Estrada, junto con Salas
Martínez viajaba un agente policiaco que quedó con vida y quien narró
que cuando viajaban en una camioneta fueron interceptados por un
grupo de hombres armados y encapuchados, quienes los bajaron,
esposaron y vendaron los ojos.

Cuando el agente ya no escuchó voces, se destapó y vio una señora que
le prestó ayuda.

La zona de Guadalupe y Calvo, enclavada en la Sierra Tarahumara,
históricamente ha registrado hechos delictivos relacionados con el

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