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Note: Despite all the problems, our friends in Mexico still want to
compete. The shooting sports are still alive, not that well, but
still alive in Mexico. Following couple stories about kids from
Sonora and Jalisco competing in the ISSF, Olympic shooting
competitions in Mexico over the next few days. Mostly air guns. But
there is also some .22 rimfire and for adults centerfire events.
Some of them hope to make it the the summer olympics. Run by the
Mexican shooting organization FEMETI. Some good photos of some of
the juniors in Nuevo Dia, in Sonora and El Informador in Jalisco.
Some of us still remember the good old days when we could go there to
compete or hunt, and our Mexican friends could come here. Let's work
to make that happen again.
BTW, much better media coverage than in the U.S.

Posted May 22 2012, 10:27 PM
Sonora points to the Nationals
Sonoran will feature 33 athletes in this discipline to be held in the
capital of Jalisco.
Hermosillo, Sonora - Nueva Dia

A total of 33 competitors shooting (rifle and pistol) will be those
who will see action by the Force Sonora at the National Olympiad in
2012 in Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Cuban coach of Force Sonora, Aurelio Perez Andreu, announced that 25
will do so in the form of pistol and eight in the rifle, in the
categories Pre-Juvenile Juvenile Minor, Major and Junior Elite.
A group of all the team and left for the Perla Tapatia, while the
other will do the selective Monday at 7 pm.
"It will be tough competition, it will be hard and tight, so we
prepared hard for this event is the highlight of the year," said
Perez Andreu.
The native of Cuba strategist is confident that their pupils have
good results as those obtained in previous years, highlighting the 13
National Olympic golds in the past.

Jalisco starts the day with three golds in shooting
National Olympics
The State won the victory in the men's singles category PreJuvenil,
10 meter Rifle 3-Position Match. FILE

The State won three gold medals and two silvers at the start of the
third day of activities of the National Olympiad

GUADALAJARA, Jalisco (23/MAY/2012.) - At the start of the third day
of activities of the National Olympics, shooting, Jalisco began with
good step to achieve three gold medals and two silver.

The category PreJuvenil female team, specializing in 10 meters Match
Rifle 3 positions, Jalisco won the gold medal.

In the men's singles category PreJuvenil, 10 meter Rifle 3-Position
Match, the Guadalajara Sebastian Gonzalez won the victory in
accounting for 491.3 points, leaving Alfonso Marique of Tamaulipas in
second place with 490.2 points, third place went to Daniel Martin
Coahuila with 489.2 units.

With respect to the category PreJuvenil single female in 10 meters
Match Rifle 3 positions, Jalisco did one two with Jennifer Baltazar
who had 495.9 and 478.8 with Erendira Barba points, respectively, so
that the third place went to Fernanda Ortega State of Mexico, who
finished with 477.9 units.

The other silver medal for Jalisco, the team won the men's category
at 10 meters PreJuvenil Match Rifle 3 positions, ending below Coahuila.

EL INFORMADOR / Rodrigo Velazquez

Jalisco does not fail in shooting
The shooting remains one of the strongest teams of Jalisco in the
National Olympiad. MEXSPORT
The blue and gold team keeps pace in the National Olympiad

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco (22/MAY/2012.) - Jalisco continues with good
results, so far is two gold medals, with respect to the team event
shooting a 10-meter rifle three positions (rifle match) manly, and
the same weapon, but in the junior men's singles minor, Carlos Zepeda
took the golden medal.

In the team event with 2615 points exceeded Jalisco to Nuevo Leon,
which totaled 2593, and Chihuahua, which ended in 2541. Shooters
Carlos Zepeda, Erick Cruz and Geovanni Eagle, were responsible for
leading his team to the top.

With respect to the individual test, Jalisco won 1-2, thanks to the
top of Carlos Zepeda, who scored 855.63 points in his shots, and
second in Erick Cruz, who finished with 883.63 units. The third place
went to Joseph Santos of Coahuila, with 883.61 units.

At the moment it does the rounds of the Major Junior Men's category
of rifle three positions at 10 meters.

Inauguration of National Olympiad Shooting
The activities for each category started from 10 am and end at 19:30.
A total of 288 shooters will be participating in the youth event
Four Mexican shooters have their ticket to London 2012
The specialty tournament began today at the Sports CODE Whereabouts

GUADALAJARA, Jalisco (21/MAY/2012.) - As a sub site of the 2012
edition of the National Olympiad, Jalisco receives Shooting Complex
and specialty, located in the Sports CODE Whereabouts was the setting
for the ceremony ceremonial opening, which occurred this morning.

Carlos Prado, president of the board of Jalisco Code and Soberanis
Jorge Peña, president of the Mexican Shooting and Hunting,
authorities were present at the event and those responsible for the

"The shooting is more widespread every day, institutes of sport of
the various states have made a very good job, making things that are
bearing fruit in our country and an example of that is we have four
shooters who earned their right to participate in the Olympic Games
of London 2012; of these four, three came precisely from the National
Olympiad, which is why the importance of events like this, "said Peña

A total of 288 shooters representing 23 states of the Mexican
Republic, are those who will be participating in the largest sporting
youth event in the country, it being recalled that participates as a
sub Guadalajara headquarters of the National Olympiad, which this
year is hosted in the states Puebla and Guanajuato.

The powers of this day began from 10 am, with the category prejuvenil
female and male prejuvenil rifle shooting Olympic break, it will have
its final point 13:00. Later, at 14:30 the junior junior and senior
women's rifle match will have their participation, and its end after
16:30. Later the junior men's minor and major, also match rifle,
start shooting at 17:30, and its end at 19:30 hours.

EL INFORMADOR / Rodrigo Velazquez

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